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06-19-2008, 03:41 PM
Due to 100% pass rate and success, Dr. Trishul Reddy workshops are now available in the tristate area and Florida.

The workshops are given on weekends, from 10am to 5pm with one hour lunch break. In general, We usually prefer to take 2 to 4 students per workshop, which is perfect for training.

The workshops are mainly focused on practical aspects of clinical case taking than theory. The students are grouped in pairs immediately after a brief introduction and proper demonstration. We practice cases from each system. Number of cases practiced per day depends on each individual. On the second day, There is a full CS exam simulation with timing along with proper clinical case documentation training.

With proper guidance, two weeks is adequate time to prepare for step 2 CS. The coaching mainly focuses on communication skills and interpersonal skills so it will be a good idea to read the cases and know the differential diagnosis before hand.

If you need further details, feel free to contact me or my associates.

Trishul Reddy M.D
Medical Correspondent
Manhattan, NY
[email protected]

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