View Full Version : Polish Schools? GOOD OR BAD? Better than other central european schools??

06-14-2008, 05:06 AM
Hey guys, I'm currently studying in the Charles First Faculty of Medicine, Prague and I was considering to transfer to one of the Polish schools because I've heard that they're quite good and that they have a more objective system of grading...Is this true?

Can someone answer these questions for me:
1) How is the education system there? Do they oral exams for finals?

2)What about accommodation? Is it in the vicinity of the university? Would getting an apartment be a better choice?

3) Are there a lot of transfer students or exchange students? (We had a few from Poland this year)

4) How are the professors? and their command of English when teaching the subject?

5) How are you able to cope with the Polish language?

6) And which are the best universities in Poland...so far I've heard that Jagiellonian and Warsaw are the best but I want to get more opinions regarding this.

7) Finally how is the living expenditure there? As in is it too expensive? And is there a lot of diversity in the university?

Thank you so much guys. I appreciate it a lot.

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