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04-20-2008, 02:33 PM
Hey, Canadian here currently in a international primary health care school. I'm really interested in going to Ben-Gurion since it seems to have a large focus on developing Nations (which is what I am currently working on). However, with a substantial loan required to partake in the school I obviously have some reservations. Does anybody know if Canadians are able to work back in their home country after completing their residency, or must they redo their residency in Canada before they are eligible to work back in Canada?

What about working in a country like UAE - in more progressive cities like Dubai? Will the MD be of any use seeing as this is a muslim country (I don't believe that they recognize the state of Israel, but I could be wrong).

On the financial side of the school, are there any Canadians that would be able to give some insight on their financial situation if they are in the middle of their schooling or have done their schooling at Ben-Gurion MD? Is $40K per year a reasonable estimate for everything (tuition, living, travel etc) - thus a combined med school expense of roughly $160K for the degree?

On a final note. How would you rate the clinical portions of the school in a foreign developing nation (such as Peru or India)? Was this an asset experience to the medical school, or a hindrance to your studies?

There is a lot there, but I am deeply interested in the school and would love to get a feel for it before I invest 4 years and a large sum of money into it.

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