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03-25-2008, 10:25 AM
I have trouble finding answers on here. I concerned only with Medical University of Lodz. I am an undergraduate in the US.

I know that Lodz allows US students to do MS3+MS4 in back in the US. I understand that AIM says they'll help us set this up...but they sometimes don't deliver? So...I am wondering...is the following possible at all:

Is it possible to gain admission as a US student without AIM and if so is it still possible to do clinicals (all of year 3 and year 4) in the US?

03-27-2008, 06:07 AM
Please read my other posts about Lodz....One word of adivce, AIM will charge you $600 a week if you find electives even if you find then on your own say your electives that u find cost $300...so a total of $900 for example...I dont know anyone who has done all of their 3 and 4th in US cause I have not heard anyone who has done that yet...It's still a brand new program...only 5yrs old...Go anywhere else but not Lodz

04-01-2008, 12:51 PM
Is Aim?


In any case the guy in the link above seems like a meglomaniacal nut , that needs a serious lesson in web design. As soon as I read his site i knew Lodz was out of the question. What university in their right mind would let screwball like this represent them. :shock:

04-01-2008, 06:31 PM
AIM's website is gotomedschool(dot)com

They are all over this website when you look up and down the webpages...Pay close attention and you will see it

I checked out this website imededucation (dot) com that you wrote about...Definitely sounds shady to me...But AIM is not IMEDeducation...It's all over this forum on practically every webpage on valuemd...its written on usually the top or the bottom of this website...Next to other websites that are trying to self-promote their schools...Look for it..You will see what I mean..They(AIM) are another bunch of LIARS.

Amiodarone15 wrote this piece the best:
“dear dean, some students from my class keep skipping classes, without getting any penalty, pls sentence him.” ---so nowadays students will have to pay 1040 polish zloty (367 Dollars) for ONE day absence, to make up the day (to cruise in hospital), before student can sit in final exam. What about if I got cold on that day? Sorry, got to go hospital, to spread virus to those immunocompromised patients. And, I doubt where the penalty money go?? Cuz according to tutors who do the make up class for us, they didn’t get so much money. ----ŕSchool office!!!

read the thread created my amiodarone15 entitled "take a look at this if you plan to go to lodz"

They described very accurately what happened and I couldn't agree with it more.

The above is actually happening at this school...I dont know about others...But that is a RIPOFF...Even if you paid your tuition, it doesn't matter; they (MUL) will charge you(the student) on top of that and they want to suck you out more...They NEVER reported this in the student handbook...Aren't they responsible to do that???....Isn't that illegal???...I don't know but they sure as hell DONT report that in the student handbook or AIM's website....SO what do you do if someone(god forbid its one of your parents that passed away) and you have to fly home or you are sick or you had a car accident or you are disabled or you are physically injured and you had to take time off...THEY(MUL) don't care...You are still required(Forced) to pay the money...If you don't believe me, that's fine but ASK the students that are there and It's a FACT OF LIFE in MUL...It is the reality...I can understand that when we are residents that they dock you pay for moonlighting(At least we are making money)...BUT this is medical school...These are just some of the things I saw and many crazy other attempts to undermine its students and to cheat the students out of their money by AIM/MUL's tactics..DONT go there..otherwise you will face this reality..It is the TRUTH...AIM/MUL will try to discredit this of course but the reality is out there until you(the hopeful future medical student/doctor) face the harsh reality

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