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01-09-2008, 10:29 PM
Hi i'm just wondering if anyone has interview for poznan at NY on 1-26? And if anyone has been through the interview process, what kind of questions do they ask?

01-10-2008, 03:23 PM
The interview for me was pretty straight forward (it was in July 07') ie. What kind of doctor do you want to be? Pretty basic questions. I'll admit that I was way over prepared. To be honest, my interview was rather shorter than others for whatever reason, but I think the best part was that it was a relaxed atmosphere. There was a panel of 5 people including the Rector but no one tried to test my nerves. I would say that most people were in there for 20-25 minutes. However, that's not to say that what I've written are clear cut expectations.

01-10-2008, 04:18 PM
My interview was pretty much like AniaL it sounds. Don't try to prepare, just act normal.

01-11-2008, 12:38 PM
hi all.

i hope all is going well with everyone wherever they are in the med school apps process.

i am a post-bacc student. i recently submitted my application to poznan med school. i am in the process of finishing up the second portion of my science courses (organic2, bio2, etc) this spring. i was told that you can be considered for the fall 2008, even though you have not yet finished your courses. of course, this is provided that you finish all of them satisfactorily before you commence your med school studies. :shock:

my query is whether there were people interviewed already, without yet having finished their pre-med coursework (finished partially). is this possible? the lady at the ny office told me i have to forego the january interview until april of this year. i don't really understand that part because i will not have my final transcripts with my final grades in april, so why does it matter if i interview in january or april. i am thinking that time is of the essence, and it would be better to gain acceptance sooner than later. i do not know whether there is someone else over there that i can talk to so that i can get an interview sooner.

please let me know if you have any info. much thanks!

01-30-2008, 08:50 AM
I interviewed and was accepted in late June 2007 and started courses in August. Don't stress about the interview. Make sure you know your facts and are comfortable with any interview process. Dress nice. Be professional. If you have any questionable information (grades, family issues, etc) make sure you can clearly answer any of the questions they have for you. I had read rumors on here that right after the interview you find out if you got in or not, and it was true. I interviewed for about 25-30 minutes and then waited about 15 while they discussed my application. They called me back in and I was accepted. Be confident and you will do fine :) So for the other person wondering why they have to wait until April instead of January- don't worry about it. I know you are stressing, but if you have your credentials or will have them soon, just interview in April. That will still give you plenty of time until August. I also suggest sending them a current transcript even if you don't have your grades for this final semester. They want to know what you have taken and are taking. If you have midterm grades on the transcript, bring that. Good luck!! :)

01-30-2008, 05:50 PM
Great info guys :) However I'd like to know a bit more about the questions from the professors/PUMS representatives. Do they ask questions regarding medical dilemmas (euthanasia, abortion, etc.) or more academically challenging questions like "Which of the following compounds is more soluble in water?", or more personal questions like "Tell us about yourself" etc. :confused:

01-31-2008, 12:01 AM
All mine were personal questions, 4 years ago. Think it depends on you and your application. The post above yours is dead on.

01-31-2008, 04:02 PM
Trust me. They wouldn't ask questions about science.

02-01-2008, 06:20 PM
thanks guys really helpful stuff

03-23-2008, 11:23 PM
Can anybody please help with poznan interview questions, can you please tell me the exact questions they were asking?

Also what was the style of interview, was it aggressive with multiple people asking questions at the same time?

And finally did you take mcats or did you just apply without mcats?

03-25-2008, 06:10 PM
nobody from poznan here?

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