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01-05-2008, 10:24 PM
Hi guys! I'm a high school student in grade 12, considering to apply to polish univs' 6 year md programs. But i ran into some problems.

1st: My marks for all courses throughout highest school have been fairly stable 90%+, but my science courses are: grade 9 95%, grade 10, 96%, but in grade 11 i didnt study that well, basically screwed around, so bio is 93%, physics is 81%... chem is 80%... But now in grade 12, im confident if i work hard enough i can get 90%+ for all 3 sciences. The problem for me is that im in the process of applying, but my transcripts show only my marks up until grade 11, no grade 12 marks are recorded. So the question is: Should i wait until my grade 12 science marks (hopefully 90%) are updated maybe in may, 2008 to apply? Or is it possible to get in with my 93%, 81%, and 80% from grade 11...

2nd: I have no idea of what the deadlines are for any of the univs, so im assuming end of may? And is it better to apply as soon as possible, or do everyone get the same treatment regardless of when the med schools receive your application?

Thanks for any feedback you guys can give! Thanks again!

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