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01-04-2008, 06:58 PM
The answer to the question "why Caribbean?" is easy: because they are easy to get into. Is this also the case for Irish medical schools? Why are there so many Canadians and Americans applying to Irish medical schools? What are the GPA requirements for such schools? Are they big on volunteer experience?

Background: The reason I am asking is because I am covering my alternatives - I plan on applying to graduate school (which means I didn't rack up a superficial volunteering record nor did I write the MCAT), but I am not too sure about a career in research. As a person who has always done well (I've only had one course under 3.9), resorting (my apologies) to applying to Caribbean medical schools is sort of insulting for my high academic ego. Of course, having to apply anywhere outside Canada or the US is a blow, but it is my uneducated opinion that Irish medical schools are considerably better than Caribbean ones (at least in reputation when returning to either the US or Canada). I know, I know, I could figure the answers to all these questions with hours of google research, but what is this site for (rhetorical)?

Thanks in advance.

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