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IMG Reality
12-27-2007, 10:50 PM
To my understanding there are two different administrations for both the Aruba and Bonaire campuses. What is the reasoning for having two campuses under the same name with different administrations?
I am curious what this means in reference to obtaining things such as state approval. Say for instance, NY does a site visit at one campus would they automatically do a site visit at the other? I realize there are different charters, but it almost seems they are competing against each other. Why not just become two independent schools??

Also, do faculty members move between the two campuses?

Do both campuses use GMC for placing students in clinical rotations? I know the Aruba campus uses GMC, but if Bonaire doesn't how do they rotate students?

12-28-2007, 09:29 AM
I think All Saint and Xavier are Franchise medical schools. I guess they want to be the McDonald's of island medical schools. IF someone has a better explanation - we would love to hear it.

01-03-2008, 02:16 PM
aight here we go.......

Xavier University started off in Bonaire, it was in direct competition with SJ. SJ ended up losing most of its faculty and students to Xavier..and some of whom still teach or work for Xavier aruba now..(like Dr.G who is anatomy teacher and dean, and Dr.C who is worthless and sits in ATL..and many more. So anyways things happend where Xavier got bought out and decided to move to Aruba, because of better facilities and a partner in Aruba Mr.K (who also happens to be a minority owner of Bonaire). The majority owner of Xavier Aruba is Dr. B, who also happens to own GMC of Atlanta (people arent suppose to know that..but yeah they back each other and give preference to Aruba). Why did they move, something to with charter issues...this all was going on during the St.Chris Meltdown,..non related of course

So how did Xavier Bonaire come to existence...well when they got bought out and left thier facilites..Dr F came into the picture and bought the existing buildings bonaire...Mr.K is still has a minority stake in Xavier bonaire...thus the link. Also when you open a new medical school its impossible to get loans for your students...a school has be in existence for a certain amount of years to be eligble. So there is this twinning program...where you open a school and use another schools loan ID...thus Xavier Aruba and Xavier Bonaire...as a bonaire student for our loans we would apply as Aruba. The schools both back each other, but are completely different entities, completely different administrations. Its like going to University of Cali in LA, but you decided to take a class at University of Cali in San francisco...so there is inbetween links like that..but they operate independantly.

So now moving forward what is going on between them...well Xavier bonaire does do rotations in ATL thru GMC, But you can also do rotations threw other groups in Chicago and so forth. Aruba students are exclusively at GMC. Also Bonaire has been growing in numbers and has been taking potential students from Aruba so there is a bit elbowing , and low blow shots going on...just sibling rivalry...

regardlessly i have exp both administrations state side for clinicals...Aruba's admin is not friendly at all!!!!!!!!!! it takes forever to make contact with them, they take forever to reply to you, they dont give you full information, and they are not to willing to work with the students and help them out..so i make the statement they are not friendly, plus they have alot of unnecasarry beauracratic red tape (i know i spelled it wrong). However the Bonaire admin states side is amazingly friendly and willing to go out of thier way to help thier students and are very intuitive to thier students needs. Easy to contact, quick to reply, they followup, and help in anyway possible outside of what they are suppose to do. Aruba admin has hard time fullfilling what they are suppose to do. I see that as a big problem.

I can go on ranting about their dean Dr.C...who never passed his boards, never worked in the states....and so forth but thats another post.....oh wait one more thing...he is dating one of his students.lol its true freinds of mine rotate with her, and they went out to meet her bf, who happens to be the unlicensed Dr.C

IMG Reality
01-13-2008, 02:42 AM
Thanks for the insights.. i'm sure both admins have their pluses and minuses my only concern and i'm sure the concern of others is where the school (both campuses) will be in say 5 years.

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