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02-15-2003, 04:10 PM
Not a loophole!
by Pat Park (Login PatPark)
Forum Moderator

As a California Medical Board employee, I'm uncomfortable with your portrayal of federal service as a "loophole" around California state law. The fact is that federal facilities are exempt from the state laws of the state in which they happen to be located. It's as if the federal facility has "diplomatic immunity" from the state's laws. A federal facility can follow or not follow the local state's law as its administrators see fit. As you stated, if a doctor working on federal soil in California under another state's license wants to practice on civilian soil (or is required to practice offsite, as part of the job's current or future duties), the doctor who can't qualify for California licensure is going to be out of luck. They will NOT be able to practice offsite without being subject to arrest for unlicensed practice. Working on federal soil in a "house-arrest" sense is not likely to appeal to someone for their entire career. People's career needs change over time, and their family's needs change over time. I just don't want graduates of California-disapproved or unrecognized schools to misunderstand and think that there's some sort of "loophole" for them to relocate to California, and I don't want Californians who might be sitting on the fence to misinterpret this "loophole" concept as justification to enroll in a disapproved or unrecognized medical school.

Pat Park, Foreign Schools Liaison, Medical Board of California

Posted on Aug 11, 2001, 11:11 AM
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You're all mixed up.
by Bones (Login val931)
Forum Moderator

RESIDENCIES! Think of how many residencies are in CA. Also, New York is really picky on the schools they allow to practice in their state. Eliminate those 2 states and think of how many residencies your losing. "protectionist, right-wing viewpoints"? Since when did California become a conservative bastion? California is unquestionably liberal and will be so for generations to come. Almost every kooky law dreamt up in California is by some left-wing democrat. Can you say Barbara Boxer? Over 50% of CA is minority, hence the title "minority-majority state". There's nothing protectionist about the state, just look at all the immigrants they've let in there. Have you even been to CA? Lastly, Pat Park is just stating facts for our benefit. If you don't like that's fine, but you're going to have to face up to it some way.

Posted on Aug 12, 2001, 11:40 AM
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Pat Park/California
by Milo (Login milom)
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Once again Pat Park gives great advice in an attempt to clarify the California rules. Some points that have been explained before:

1. Your medical education must ALL have been at a California approved program. For example; if you start at one school and at some point transfer to a California approved school and graduate from the approved school the first school must also have been approved for you to get a CA license.

2. If you graduated from a school that later becomes California approved you then can apply for a CA license. For example; if you graduate from UNIBE this year and then UNIBE applies and gets CA approval a couple years down the line you would then be able to apply for CA license.

3. If some or all of your medical education is at a California non-approved school and then you get a residency at Harvard and then do a Fellowship at Mayo clinic and then get double board certified and get licenses in 25 other states you still will not be able to get a license in California. SO if California is important to you,,,,go to a California approved school!

If any of the above is incorrect I hope Pat Park corrects it.


Posted on Aug 13, 2001, 7:45 AM
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Pat Park and CA Board Disagree Phil
by Saba 3rd Semester (no login)

I have placed a call and the application is in and being reviewed. While they may have gotten behind on the schedule, Saba followed through. I have never had anything but candid answers from Bernice but let's never really believe the admin Phil-look at the MATCH results and USMLE pass rates-that tells all. I'm thoroughly satisfied and proud to be here.

Posted on Jan 22, 2002, 10:03 AM
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by Anonymous (no login)

Please allow me to clarify something to all. The passing rate of and score mean of any school in the Caribbean is issued by NO ONE else but the school. NO other intermediate body like the ECFMG or any other board that you can think of give that information. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to believe the statistics and manipulations that goes into those stats that you talk about. For some time there was a big migration of students who were failing out of AUC and about to be academically dismissed by AUC to Saba. And everyone knows this. The biggest lie is that saba according to that Bernice you talk about has a passing rate of above 200 and that they accept no one easily because they try to maintain their high passing rate. I was on the island of st. maarten where dr. fredrick came down to meet with over 20 AUC students, talking to them about Saba and Nevis. Please stop your lies.

Posted on Jan 24, 2002, 10:43 AM
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by Anonymous (no login)

wHEN I had visited AUC jan. 1999 I heard the same thing from some students. SABA was trying to convince AUC students to leave. It seemed to be sleazy the way they did it.

Posted on Jan 24, 2002, 3:15 PM
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Go Bother Another School Phil
by ProudIMG (no login)

I've never seen AUC publish a USMLE pass rate or a list of residency spots for the graduating classes. That does not mean it is a bad school. We have our lists of grads and residencies at Saba in black and white and we are so small that is is very easy to track our peers. Chill out man and concentrate on passing your boards, we are all in this together

Posted on Jan 24, 2002, 6:40 PM
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Step Back for a Sec
by Anonymous (no login)

Okay, you got the message across...yes we know, SMUis corrupt...whatever. But have the class of not screwing matters up for the students that are there as we speak. There are over 500 students with SMU. If you want to say they were fooled into going there, then fine! No disagreement. But by putting up post after post and bashing the school, you are indirectly hurting the well being of those poor bastards that did invest their "life savings" going there. Pat Park of the Ca Med Board reads these forums and occasionally posts material herself. By putting up all the garbage that you are, you are giving a radically negative view of the school and even jeopardizing the minute chance that the school might get approved.

I am not opposed to you posting your material, but do it, in a well constructed manner and get on with it. This is a forum for discussions, not topic bashing. Your point has been well made, so just step back, sit and watch what other people have to say.

Best of luck to you in whatever your field of studies are as of now.

Posted on Feb 12, 2002, 7:54 AM
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Your point is well taken, but....
by Anonymous (no login)

It is never a good idea to leave unexposed corrupt and shady business practices. If people remain silent, you can bet "Billy Bob Thornton" is not going to be telling people the true state of things at SMU. Therefore, more unsuspecting people could fall into the same trap as those already stuck there. Furthermore, if this school is not providing quality education with qualified and knowledgeable faculty, leaving the current students in a state of self-deception at a price tag of nearly $8000 a semester is not going to do them much good. Worse yet, it would be even a bigger disaster if they get a diploma with "Billy Bob's" signature that's not worth the paper it's printed on! So exposing the scam will never hurt anyone even though it may appear to be so at first glance.

I'm not much concerned about jeapordizing SMU's chances of California approval and I think Pat Parks and the rest of those folks in California are shrewd enough to realize that something stinks at SMU. I dont' hold much hope for this school to ever be recognized by California or anyone else, whether we post messages about it or not. The good practice always is to be honest, up front and let people make their own informed decisions. This is the only way to do business.

Posted on Feb 12, 2002, 9:37 AM
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Fair enough, but...
by Anonymous (no login)

Okay, so you have made your point. You have also demonstrated that you were at one point or another, or are currently a student at SMU. So why the obsession? I see your posts on a daily basis on multiple forums. Why would someone of your cliber be so focused on putting out the "truth?" It would leave even the average reader to believe that you have either an unresolved matter with SMU or you have something to gain by the downfall of SMU. Are either of those possibilities correct?

I again stress that I agree with you on your views on SMU, however not with the extereme nature you are taking it to. Also, again, you are screwing the students that are with SMU. I am one of them and trust me I don't find out the so called "truth" you refer to by coming to these forums. Word of the mouth, calling the med board, and basic common sense gets me as much truth as I need.

As for quality of the education: Their teachers do SUCK! But as with any other place, the bottom line is the student. The material is given to you one way or another and it is YOUR responsibility to do what you want with it. I had the substandard teaching at SMU, but I did bust my *** and studied for USMLE and beat the mean. Am I going to be a lesser MD than a US grad?


Posted on Feb 12, 2002, 11:23 AM
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Re: Fair enough, but...
by Anonymous (no login)

Sorry you and the other students have to be in what sounds like a sinking ship. You state that most of what is said is true. You admit to substandard education.
Why shouldnt potential students be warned. Wouldnt you want to be warned if you had to do it all again? Lets be fair and realistic. Again I'm sorry for you. You put in a lot of time and money and want things to be right. But dont drag anybody else down. Good luck

Posted on Feb 12, 2002, 2:57 PM
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by Anonymous (no login)

Thanks for the reply, but care to answer my questions? That would be the first few ones asking you whether you are/were a student, and why sooooo obsessed with SMU?

And, yes I do admit to THEM giving substandard teaching, but I do also admit that I busted my *** and that I know just as much as the next student be it foreign or American!

Posted on Feb 13, 2002, 9:28 AM
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Re: Thanks!
by rrod (no login)

I'm glad people post all, I was accepted to AUC, SMU, and a minority program at UI and after reading all the posts my choice has been made clear, if UI in the states does not work out then AUC here I come!

Forums of discussion should not be moderated or censored everything should be allowed to be put up and let the people make up their minds. Like the earlier posts by Neil C he posted up a bunch of stuff some people thought he was a recruiter then he backed up his claim that he is only a student so you can most likely trust that his opiniones do not have an alterior motive. So in the end the truth does come out so post freely!

SMU forum sucks, there are many posts from last week complaining about the move and its already been taken off!

Posted on Feb 13, 2002, 10:18 PM
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