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10-13-2007, 10:25 PM
I was wondering if anyone else here is thinking of applying to Ireland straight out of high school, or if anyone here has.
I definately know that I want to persue medicine and Ireland's six-year programs just seem to suit me perfectly. I have always been in accelerated programs (IB) so i've grown overly accustomed to an intense workload. I was wondering if anyone here applied directly out of high school? what's the admission process like? I am really hoping to get into Trinity but if they only accept like 12 high school students i figure my chances are pretty low...somebody...help?

10-14-2007, 01:36 PM
i think no one can give you reasonable advice here. we're talking about a major life decision if youre a us citizen. im sure someone can help you with the admissions process, but better yet, call the school. the bigger issue really is your decision. i have to admit to being skeptical of a high school student thinking such a program will "suit them perfectly". most people have a hard enough time grasping what is involved with medical currics to begin with
For instance itsin no way an intense program. The european style of higher education is just different (i have family who are irish and have taught and graduated from these schools and I know quite a bit about them) and just doesn't involve a full undergrad workload in the US style. Dont fool yourself: this isnt an "intensive" program.
What you are talking about doing is depriving yourself of the collegiate experience, leaving the US for at least 6 years, and potentially effecting your prospects of practice later on in your career. Dont trust anyone on the net to answer those questions for you, but you do need address them seriously if you havent. Good luck.

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