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02-15-2003, 03:24 PM
by Sarah Louden (no login)

I would like to address all the issues brought up by the forum addressed to me:

1. We submitted our WHO information late because of the death of my father. He was our Dean and basically "The Boss" of everything. He handled all paperwork going through all offices and when he died, he left us with a great deal of "sorting out" to do. I apologize for the potential scare this may have caused everyone associated with Grace and am positive that the awesome students we have now can understand our situation.

2. New York and Texas. This is a weird one. We actuall have practicing graduates whe are in NY. They went through some crazy channels like Reciprocity, Personal Letters from Nevis Officials verifying they were students of Grace and many other ways and means. We have 3 graduates practicing in TX and one in Mexico (on the border). So NO FEAR Guys...it can be done. As far as Rotations, we have to follow the (12) week rule about rotations in NY and we can do electives in TX.

3. CALIFORNIA. There is a wonderful woman named Pat Park at the CA State Medical Board. She has sent me a H U G E packet that takes approx. a year to fill out and return. WE update information on this application frequently and hope to apply next year. As far as the person who says it will take 20 years...dont speak when you dont know what youre saying. If we were to pursue it, it would happen or not happen by the year 2002. Unfortunately, that dosent help us too much now. :( BUT, we do inform ALL potential students of this situation and have never once misled any student into thinking we could do anything more than we could in each one of these states.

4. The 'GREEN BOOK's' real name is 'The Graduate Medical Education Directory'

The following messages are for my students at Grace now, so if youre not, I thank you for your questions and hope Ive answered them fully.

I would just like to now say that I appreciate all the continued support our students have been providing. I know sometimes I can be pretty short with people or on the *itchy side, but I realy really apprectiate everyones patience and understanding regarding my dad. He was an amazing man with a dream I hope to continue. If you guys see me doing anything that could or would potentially harm or set-back any of us, please feel free to tell me. Ive gained alot of respect for alot of people during this whole thing and I want to let you all know that I really love you for it.

Also...CONGRATS to the JUNE 99 GRADS. You all are the "baby" bunch. The ones that have been with us FOREVER it seems. You will make EXCELLENT Docs and I know that my dad is looking down on you all, smiling cause you were little freaky kids when he first laid eyes on ya and now youre big freaky doctors :)

Sarah Louden

In the process...
by anon (no login)

The Director of Admission at PBU said they're working on the application for CA approval. As far as I know, the criteria are fair. It will take anywhere from 2-4 years though. They're being very straight and honest because they said if the foreign medical school isn't approved in Ca, you will NEVER be able to practice in Ca. In addition, Pat Park at the Cal Med Board said if you attend a non-CA approved medical school and later it is approved, you will be granted licensure retroactively. But please note, if you attend a non-CA approved foreign med school but transfer into an approved school, your course work completed in the non-CA approved school WILL NOT count. I hope this helps.

Posted on Jan 4, 2000, 6:22 PM
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To Pat...oooops
by anon (no login)

Ooops....I posted the above message. I was talking to the dean and he said they're in the process of getting ready to apply for an approval. I'm sorry if I didn't state it clearly. He said there are some criteria that must be fulfilled first like the # of students....I was wondering if you could give us more info on the process of getting approval in California? It has always been a mystery to all of us. Thanks for your concern.

Posted on Jan 5, 2000, 8:42 AM
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Please reconfirm
by Rashid Akhtar (no login)

Pat, I want to flaten this out. Early last year around June, 1999 I am the one who contacted you regarding the process of getting our school approved by California. At that time, the name of our school was "George Washington School of Medicine-FSM". You explained to me the process of applying for Ca approval and the time it takes and the length of the application and what you all look for in the school prior to approval and who pays for expenses etc. We had a pretty detailed discussion. You even explained to me that Ca requires the new medical schools to be approved because of the scandal in Dominican Republic.

I was supposed to send you a request for the apps, but we were going thru some administrative changes at that time including name change from GWSOM-FSM to "Pacific Basin University-School of Medicine". We have now taken care of all the admin changes that we had to make and geting ready to contact you to get the apps.

To sum this all up, we definitely plan to apply for CA approval in the very near future, but we don't have an application pending as of yet if thats what people in this forum meant.

If anyone has any questions about our school's plan to seek CA approval, and want to know a definite answer, they should contact me directly at 1-800-414-0535 rather than discussing this in the forum.

Posted on Jan 5, 2000, 11:20 AM
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Are you Crazy?
by Anonymous (no login)

What are you talking about? There is absolutely no relation between GWSOM & PBU. Watch out!

Posted on Jan 5, 2000, 2:41 PM
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Are you crazy
by Rashid Akhtar (no login)

Seems like you don't have enough knowledge of what is going on. PBU was previously called "George Washington School of Medicine-FSM". We changed the name to PBU last Oct'99. You can call WHO and ECFMG and confirm.

You need to look at it from factual point of view rather than emotional point of view.

Some months ago another school chartered in Nui Island (close to NZ) also called itself LLU George Washington School of Medicine and PBU definitely has NO relations with that school.

Little knowledge is dangerous knowledge...you need to get all the facts before communicating in public. With solid knowledge you don't have to communicate as Anonymous.

its amazing all these complete ***** going to these new schools.headed for disaster
by Anonymous (no login)

this is so damn dangerous. there is literally a new school opening up every week. this has to be stopped.

Posted on Jan 7, 2000, 6:22 AM
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Actually, people are working on stopping it by...
by Missionary Doc (no login)

Actually, people are working on stopping it by making such schools that cater primarily (50% or more) to US students go through a seperate authentication process.

Posted on Jan 7, 2000, 2:33 PM
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Please reconfirm
by Pat Park (no login)

How can PBU be in the process of filling out the application for California approval? PBU officials have not contacted me to obtain the application form and instructions. Pat Park, Foreign Schools Liaison, California Medical Board.

California objects
by Pat Park (no login)

Excuse me, but California law does NOT recognize distance learning programs. With respect to "accelerated" programs, California law requires that the medical education program be 4 years or 32 months in duration. If schools offer accelerated programs that eliminate long vacation periods but are at least 32 months in duration of on-site instruction in the required subject areas, then that's acceptable, as long as the school is one that the Medical Board of California already recognizes. The two schools you mentioned are not recognized in California and have not applied for recognition. Hope this information is helpful. Pat Park, Foreign Schools Liaison, Medical Board of California.

Oh, I see only we look bad
by Doctor Grim (no login)

Let's revisit some of your previous posts, shall we? "You have no idea who you just pissed off" Well, that certainly is a mature thing to post. Being a U.S. trained physician, we certainly don't want to upset you. I bet Pat Park, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Anderson, AMSA and the rest all think you are a swell guy, and are surely proud to have you as their messenger. I'm sure they look forward to your posts with great enthusiasm, since you do such a fabulous job of spreading the message (BTW, what message is that?? Shouldn't a messenger HAVE A MESSAGE?) As for proofreading, you have certainly made your share of errors in the past, but since I am not taking high school english anymore I don't pay attention to things like spelling so much, because nobody is grading my posts. (You should certainly take care, as this will be on your SATs.) Also, I don't proofread my posts. I am not the best typist in the world, so you can expect some typos. If I am not mistaken, Pat Park has something to do with California, I am on the opposite coast. Don't get me wrong, I think it is very kind of her to answer people's questions here. She certainly seems like a kind person. You are a real egomanic to believe that all those "important people" read your posts on this forum. Remember, you don't know who you are dealing with either, that is the beauty of anonymity and the internet. As for the PA thing in Florida. I think it is a good idea if there is a need for spanish speaking PAs (and there is). It is fine with me. I think in general people on this forum have a good impression of me. I take my time to respond to questions when I can. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback so far. What kind of feedback have you gotten? Oh, wait....I already know. G

Posted on Mar 24, 2000, 8:32 PM
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dpm/md program
by beware (no login)

be very VERY careful. To take the USMLE, you have to have 4 years of attendance in a WHO listed school. And unless I am mistaken, podiatry schools are not listed in the WHO catalog which might give you future board registration problems. In addition, check with the Medical Board of California about their position regarding licensure upon completion of the entire process (ask for Ms. Pat Park). I did, and that is why I wouldn't even consider the program. Check it out for yourself.

Posted on Mar 25, 2000, 6:46 PM
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