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08-14-2007, 12:32 PM
I have been accepted for Dentistry program this sep at Charle's university. I am from North America,,so I don't know if this is the wise things to study dental program abraod or not, Also, is there anyone here planning to do dentistry program there or not, and how's the program there.......... by the way I want to work in Canada or US.

Zut Alors!
08-22-2007, 11:41 AM
Honestly, it's not really that wise. The way medicine works, is if you do well on your USMLE step 1, and you are a citizen of the US, it's very easy to come back here and practice. You don't have to take anymore classes.

Not so with dentistry, however. After you do your 5 or 6 years in Europe, you have to get accepted all over again to dental school in the US. A foreign DDS is not valid in the US. US Dental schools only accept a handful of international dental grads per year as well. So let's say there are 25 dental schools, and 6 of them accept int'l dentists. Each has 4 spots. That's only 24 students accepted each year. They look at your GPA in dental school, research, etc.

Competition is fierce. A lot of dentists from abroad end up going into dental hygiene programs so they can work while still applying to US dental schools. So going abroad to study dentistry is a HUGE gamble, and won't save you any time really. Medicine is a hassle to study abroad as well, but nowhere near as bad.

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