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07-27-2007, 12:11 PM
I am contemplating looking at studying medicine Poland.
Please can someone provide me with the following information.

1. What is the reputation of Warsaw like and how is the training for North American Students?

2. How easy is it to get back into Canada / North America once done the program?

3. What exams or steps must be taken to be able to apply to return to North America? How difficult (academically) and is there a lot of hoops to jump thru that you would discourage pursuing medicine in Europe.

4. If is it difficult to get back to North America where can I practice worldwide (english speaking country) with a medical degree from Poland.

Thank you

Eye of Newt
07-27-2007, 02:33 PM
1. Warsaw - Reputable school. All medical schools in Poland are recognized in North America with Warsaw, Poznan, & Jagiellonian being the most recognized. North American students have the same opportunity to succeed in the medical profession from these schools as does any other student from any other university (US & Canada included). These are still fairly recent programs and their resources are not as full as other more establishing English language medical schools, but they offer you a wonderful medical education. As the years go by, these program grow in stature and prestige, as does Poland's place in the world.

2. Back to North America. Well, considering that other people have done it, even more disadvantaged than others (not speaking English for that matter), it clearly CAN be done. Difficulty, of course it is difficult to get into any system while competing with the natives, but not impossible and some extra road-blocks stand in the way. As far as I understand, USMLE and rotations in the North America, and you are guaranteed residency placement somewhere.

3. Pass the USMLE and do rotations in North America, apply for the match or whatever the Canadian equivalent is and you should be fine. People would not be attending English language medical schools in Poland if there was no light at the end of the tunnel and they were destined to become losers. Many people even get very selective residencies in various specializations i.e. neurosurgery, derm, ortho, etc...

4. Poland is a civilized Western country in the EU. These degrees are accredited throughout the entire EU, Canada, & America. Similarly, Australia, South Africa, and other medically English speaking countries also recognize Polish degrees. It is up to you what you do with a medical degree from Poland, if you get one. I am sure that there are plenty of foreign doctors practicing in Canada as there are in the US. The only trick is getting a degree and learning what you are meant to learn in your time in medical school.

Good Luck.

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