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07-26-2007, 11:04 PM
i cant seem to find a schedule of the classes you take in each semester and the number of credits each is worth on the website... is there anyone that has the appropriate link or just the order of classes from semesters 1-5 that can be posted? -thanks!

07-26-2007, 11:23 PM
Semester I

MD 110 Patient-Doctor Skills I 2 credits
MD 132 Embryology 2 credits
MD 144 Histology and Cell Biology 5 credits
MD 165 Biostatistics & Epidemiology 2 credits
MD 168 Gross Anatomy 8 credits
Semester II

MD 210 Patient-Doctor Skills II 2 credits
MD 261 Neuroscience 6 credits
MD 266 Biochemistry 7 credits
MD 278 Physiology 8 credits
Semester III

MD 310 Patient-Doctor Skills III 2 credits
MD 341 Medical Microbiology I 5 credits
MD 342 Medical Pharmacology 4 credits
MD 376 Introduction to Psychiatry & Ethics 6 credits
MD 377 Pathology I 5 credits
Semester IV

MD 410 Patient-Doctor Skills IV 4 credits
MD 412 Genetics 2 credits
MD 441 Medical Microbiology II 5 credits
MD 442 Medical Pharmacology II 4 credits
MD 478 Pathology II 8 credits
Pre-Clinical Sciences

MD 562 Clinical Therapeutics 2 credits
MD 582 Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine 8 credits
MD 588 Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine 8 credits

Barney Rebel
07-27-2007, 08:14 AM
Actually, it will be quite different for incoming students, as they have changed the courses. For example, Biochemistry and Genetics are now together in one class, and I think that they are trying to do the same thing with Embryo and Anatomy. Also, there is a new Behavioral Science course, which I think takes the place of Psych & Ethics.

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