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06-24-2007, 11:06 PM
Any medical school will remain unproven until such time it can provide an example of a graduate with an unrestricted medical license to practice in the location of interest.

06-25-2007, 11:10 AM
That is interesting! It confirms many posters who did a site visit and many posters concerns in the past about the St Chris connection. Thanks!

06-25-2007, 12:11 PM
NOTE: Please verify as the info below is both hearsay and personal experience.

Xavier University "XUSOM" School of Medicine (http://edu.xusom.nl/Xavier_Offices.shtml)

FYI: Xavier was once affiliated with the infamous St Christopher's College of Medicine when it first started. Infact, it has been reported that the initial business set up was done in consultation with P.L. and company. Also, the first class of Xavier students were registered as St Chris. Students for the first semester until Xavier got its charter from Aruba. Also, J.F. of St Chris. fame who now reportly runs a medical consultation company was seen touring Xavier last semester with the Atlanta owners. (Please refer to the St Chris forum for background info). The chief operating officer is the Xavier business owner on the island of Aruba, and I believe Bonaire too. He drives a really nice new mustang, although the campus could use some improvement too. He also has a sibling that is the day-to-day business manager where you can get ripped-off when buying the required uniform and other desk type services. The housing and immigration department consists of a father/son team; with a suggestion that there are kickbacks on rents and car rentals, etc. that they arrange. The dean and registrar are a married couple that keep the school together running day to day (probably the only real people who care and have any competence; if they leave the school would be screwed). But, they also have their 2 children teaching. The rest of the faculty are very transient of varying competence.

The Aruba campus consists of 2 small rented buildings, and the 2nd floor of another 3rd building consisting of a locked computer lab for ESL (Xavier School of English), and a classroom. The main building houses the admin offices, the 2nd houses a lounge and a non-functioning library of out-dated, not cataloged books that just look the part but rather useless. There is very limited space for study (max. 20 ppl in the rooms they allow to stay open), and no computer lab, but there is wireless internet. There is no bookstore and a limited dry-lab with a dozen microscopes for looking at slides in a room the size of a walk-in closet. The anatomy lab is at the hospital's morgue (very tight squeese to fit more than 6 students) and there is no real affiliation with the hospital other than for the rented space. English is certainly NOT used often.

My experience is the island is pretty cool if you could get rid of the locals. But that wears thin early. The islanders are only really interested in the 2 week vacationers (those they love at a cost to the visitor), all others (students, hotel workers, etc.) are considered intruders and are not really welcomed. This even includes the dutch, and the dutch marines stationed on the island. Infact, the family members of the dutch marines can't get their visas either. Nor can Valero Oil workers, or the hotel workers. I guess Xavier is low on the list for that since most students run their time on the island without ever getting a student visa in time, but run the risk of deportation.

Well, I guess you can say: "You get what you pay for."

I remember when Xavier had their first website up and I (and others) found relationships with St. Chris. I personally looked at the html source code of the webpages and found the same author(?) names in them as the St. Chris.

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