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06-11-2007, 06:10 PM
Anyone out there currently attending this school or know anything about it? I've been reading various sites and threads which suggest that the medical program at this school is not accredited or affiliated with any states in the U.S. or in Canada (even though it states in the website). Can anyone verify this?

06-12-2007, 08:23 PM
You probably have had all the answers to this question by now. This is just an extra.

All Saints University School of Medicine Aruba/Dominica is fully accredited. In fact, to be listed in IMED a university has to be accredited in its own country and recognized by the Ministry of Health/Education respectively coz it is these institutions that are legit institutions to submit names for listing in IMED/ECFMG. While the graduates are eligible to sit for certification exams in Canada to be able to practice in Canada, the realities of the Canadian manpower control within Canada has nothing to do with the accreditation of any individual university. For example, while Canada needs lots of doctors, it is also a reality that there are already alot of foreign trained doctors who are not practicing. Ontario alone has more than 1300 foreign trained doctors some of whom I personally know, are working in McDonald/cub drivers/house keeping in hospitals/etc etc etc etc. Their plight has nothing to do with where they trained. As a matter of fact they are graduates of some of the oldest, well know, and highly respected universites in the world (from U.K. and other countries). I have a friend who who is also a top notch specialist, who has been just asked, from pizza delivering, to be teaching med students 2/7 each week. But he won't be allowed to practice. The only practice he has is imparting his knowledge to those that will be practising in Canada. To cut a long story short. YES "this school", All Saints University School of Medicine is accredited. If you were not allowed to practice in Canada, it would not be because of your pedigree, rather because of the politics of manpower planning & labour abuse.

I hope this is of help.

Magen-MD ( non-affiliated opinion)

06-12-2007, 09:12 PM
....If you were not allowed to practice in Canada, it would not be because of your pedegree, rather because of the politics of manpower control.Ok my dogs have a pedigree - I am not sure what a pedegree is? What are you really saying here? Just curious?

06-12-2007, 09:44 PM
What about in the States? Also where are the rotations completed in Canada? Thanks.

06-13-2007, 11:02 AM
By pedigree I mean one's academic lineage/descent which is well known and respected for instance: As of 'Ivy League Universities lineage"..... bla bla bla..
and so on and so forth...,

I trust this should be of some help.

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