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05-01-2007, 06:17 PM
Well, I dont know if anyone will respond to this because it looks like this forum is not no active, but I will post anyway :)

Are there any wives that have been through the whole caribbean med. school experience w/your husband and he is now practicing? Or husbands that have a wife practicing?

My sweet, loving, and adorable husband is about halfway through his 3rd year(core rotations) and we have literally moved EIGHT TIMES in the three years we have been married and he has been in school.

He is always stressed out during clinicals working 100hr weeks and we move so much (so he can have all ACGME rotations) that I cant get any steady jobs or get to know people for very long. Loan money runs out fast too.

I feel like I am just holding on to sanity by a thread. I am patient and supportive and do not complain to him because I know he cannot help it.

I was just wondering how it is after core clinicals? For carribean students, will we be able to be in one place at least for electives? And what about making the match and then on to residency? what is all of it like from a spouse's point of view? We have not started a family yet, so it makes it easier, but when will the gypsy life stop?



05-03-2007, 06:15 AM
A lot depends on if you are at a place where you can get the final clinical rotations done at one hospital.

05-14-2007, 09:38 AM
hi there.

i have been with my husband since undergrad. we have three young children...and it has pretty much sucked. the whole process of this journey, that is.

yes it is hard...and sad to say, it will only get harder. when my dh (dear husband) was doing his rotations we were able to stay put in baltimore. even tho we did not move, it was still difficult. i did not reach out to anyone...refusing to leave friends behind yet again. i dont work, choosing instead to stay home with our children.

we are almost thru with intern year in ob/gyn and we have lived in our current home for almost a year. to date i have three friends. two of them are interns. so...it gets a little better on the friend front, but it it takes time to meet people. also, intern year...no matter the specialty...sucks. its a very lonely place to be.

hope that helps a little. PM me if you want.

take care.

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