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02-21-2004, 07:03 PM
My husband has 20+years experience and is licensed in Michigan so do any of you know if he were to do "under the table" work for the students would he get hassled for working without a work visa?

We are leaning toward AUC because of the beahces for the kids and schools although I heard SABA has good schools for the kids. I have also heard that AUC places student in clinicals in Michigan where all our family is located. Also I don't think I can afford SGU and SABA doesn't have Stafford loans so I am leaning toward AUC. Anything else I should be considering beside the obvious like education quality, USMLE pass rates and such?

Thanks again!

02-24-2004, 07:50 PM
Because I'm so happy here at AUC, it's hard to give an unbiased opinion. I can tell you that as far as families go, AUC is a great place. Walterowe just visited both AUC and Saba, attended classes, met students, etc... so you sould PM him to get the scoop on how his visit went.

As for the mechanic husband... I don't like to recommend working under the table, but a lot of people do it. The truth is, we are here on student visas and legally we agree not to work, however, the island is unorganized and the only way anyone is really 'found out' is by being turned in. So don't make anyone mad! I know a lot of students that are hoping a certified mechanic would show up here. So to sum this babble all up...we aren't supposed to work, but there really won't be any trouble if you decide to. Besides...who says helping me with my car is work...you're just helping out fellow friends at school, right?

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