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03-04-2007, 11:12 PM
I became aware yesterday that my son had an account on Myspace.com (without our permission)so I got his user name and password and logged on. The site was filled with pictures, videos, surveys and a whole lot more. As I clicked on the related sites of my son's friends, I saw that pornographic sites have the abilility to enter kids' sites under the guise of being a friend and that website redirects to a webcam or some pictures of and videos of "live teens".

I've have known about the danger of myspace if we all especially our kids and teens, not be careful of it. Read articles here (http://www.profilepitstop.com/articles/myspace/are-your-kids-in-danger-4.php). The most important is talk to your teens, explain to them the extent that what might could happen to them and guide them not to make such wrong decisions and give them constant reminders.

03-11-2007, 10:37 PM
Danger One: the written content on MySpace.
The MySpace pages aren't censored, and it shows. The language on most of the pages is colorful to say the least. But it's not just the swearing that's problematic, it's the subject, too. Many MySpace pages talk about drinking and drugs, and references to "adult" subject matters abound. Worse still, some pages have very dark undertones and talk about suicide and self-harming. Danger Two: the images on MySpace.
Many of the images posted on MySpace are sexually suggestive. Even if your child hasn't posted a lightly clad photo of herself, you can safely assume that she has seen countless such pictures of other people. Videos are posted, too, and sometimes these are graphic enough to frighten young children - it only takes a minute to find a video of mistreated farm animals, for example.
Danger Three: MySpace predators.
Because many children and teens post a lot of information about themselves, MySpace is a haven for sexual predators. Anyone can do a search for their local high school and see the details of dozens of girls. Hobbies, interests, date of birth, hair color, friends and much more is often listed for anyone to see. If your child were to post that she's going to be somewhere at a particular time and date, it would be frighteningly easy for someone else to wait for her there.
Danger Four: unsuitable friends on MySpace
The people your children meet online do not have to be criminals or predators to be unsuitable. In real life, you tend to meet your children's friends, giving you the chance to decide whether or not they're the kind of people you want your children to spend time with. On MySpace, they could meet anyone at all and you have no idea. Do you want your 12-year old daughter to have 18-year-old male friends, no matter how innocent she claims it is?
Danger Five: bad behavior on MySpace
Sometimes, the problem isn't other people - it's your child. Imagine if your son were to threaten to kill someone online, and they then happened to get hurt? Or if he bragged about wanting to burn down the school? As a parent, you need to ensure that this isn't taking place, because if the worst were to happen there could be legal ramifications.

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