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Associated with radiation to the head or neck.
Genetic predisposition.
Gross appearance:
Firm nodule on the thyroid.
1. Follicular 2. Papillary 3. Medullary 4. Anaplastic
Follicular type:
Small uniform, follicles filled with colloid.

Metastasizes to lungand bone via
hematogenous spread.
Papillary type:
Comprise 75-80% of cases.

Papillae of cuboidal cells.

Metastasizes to local lymph nodes.

Orphan Annie nuclei.

Psammoma bodies.

Has a good prognosis.
Medullary type:
Derived from C cells.

Nests of cells within amyloid deposits.

Secretes calcitonin.

Associated with MEN IIa and IIb.
Anaplastic type:
Small anaplastic cells.

Pleomorphic giant cells.

Spindle cells.

Has poor prognosis.
Clinical Manifestations:
Nodule of mass in neck.
Dysphagia (due to tumor mass compression)
Hoarsness (due to local compression)
Thyroidectomy or lobectomy.
Radioactive thyroid treatment.
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