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01-06-2007, 10:44 PM
I just graduated highschool and have discovered Xavier Bonair and the 4.5 year MD program. I was just wondering is it worth it, will i be able to come back to Canada, will i be recoginized as an MD and be able to practice in Canada.

I just feel a bit discouraged because everyone in med school here thinks its a joke, iam a i really setting my hopes up to high, I just need some reassurance.


01-06-2007, 10:59 PM
your best bet is too go to XUSOM-aruba since it has its world health orginization recognition, the bonair campus will have its problems soon.

i know two of my friends that are now in third year and from toronto who did what u are adoing, yes canada will recognize you, and yes if you kow french your chance of gaining residency is 1000 times better.

Xavier University "XUSOM" School of Medicine (http://www.xusom.nl)

go to the website talk to Aaron he will tell you excatly what to do next.
you will love Aruba.

01-07-2007, 01:02 PM
dude are you crazy? goto college, enjoy your life, study hard, party hard, get into a canadian or u.s. school, if not, goto ross/auc/saba/sgu, then consuder mua/smu, then consoder the other schools.

01-07-2007, 02:39 PM
that way is also a very good way

01-07-2007, 07:45 PM
Getting the full university experience is always a good idea before you do anything. The undergrad courses in Canada are harder so it is worth trying. Being done sooner is not always better. I see some of the premed kids here and some of them are 18 and they're not ready to be doctors and there are alot of other premed students who are doing well. Honestly, getting the full university experience is better for yourself. I'm 25 and I went to Ryerson and I went to Waterloo and got my degree from Waterloo before I started med here. I don't regret it.

The premed program here is ok but you have to remember with this school they don't have the time to teach you EVERYTHING. They can prepare you academically for the USLME but alot of is disciline and self studying. If you think you're ready to be a doctor then by all means apply here.

The school is growing alot and there are still alot of kinks in the system but this school has alot of support so eventually it will be on par with the other caribbean schools.

YOu can practice in ONTARIO after graduating from here and writing teh USMLE but you have to write other exams if you want to go to another province. That is my understanding but you can call Aaron and he will give a straight answer to all your questions.

01-07-2007, 09:47 PM
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02-21-2007, 12:36 AM
I'm a medical student in Myanmar.I'm a Final Part 1 student.Next 2 or 3 years I will become a doctor.I want to go on my further studies in Newzealand . Can anyone tell me some information about what facts or language skills I will require?

03-04-2007, 04:33 PM
well, you should look into the NZ schools, not Xavier which is in the caribbean.

you should do at least 3yrs of undergrad before attending a carib med school IMO. you will learn not only about school, but about life. also, licensure requirements of different states require an undergrad degree/90 units of undergrad training...

08-25-2007, 11:18 AM
hey this to the people here and after reading their thoughts....... i m guessing we all are either 4m us or canada and ofcourse the undergrad courses are better and a safer way to go...... but hear me out the second highest rate of doctors and engineers in the world is 4m india not to boast or anything... the reason i say this if u were to go to pakistan and india and study in the medical schools u basically do 5yrs after two yrs of college....... which is the same as carrib schools but the studies there are very different and the english courses not the best yet still majority of the desi graduates pass the licensure in first attempt......... i see many of the members give advice on the forum dont go to the Xaviers the best four are less risky i think all these schools take there time to come up and lets keep in mind these carrib schools use a US based books and curriculum so i think we are way better off....... if the graduates 4m a third world country with a curriculum such as theirs can take a licensure and pass the USMLE then we have a much better chance .... and last of all i think most the people here are just arogant and full of bull crap.......

let me tell u this do ur own research and ask ur self if u want to do this cause if ur having second thoughts then its u thats the problem not the schools...... every school the stands here is a business and wants to be the very best in its kind so they can be known and attract more students which in terms is really good 4 them...... if i owned a school why would i be messing around with my business.... aruba may be expensive place to live but who knows down the road this school will be in demand and there4 mcat will be required........besides not every genius has comes from harvard.......

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