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10-17-2006, 04:17 AM
I passed, took the test sept 18,19 and got my score today: 204/84!!! First time taking it. Passed all steps first shot. I studied three weeks using USMLE world like a fanatic. Wrote down notes on all the questions I got wrong and from the answer explanations. Did the same for Kaplan lecture notes and exams. Memorized those. Also did CRUSH until I knew it back and forth. Qbank was too easy after doing UW but I still took notes on those questions. I studied about 17 hours a day for all of those three weeks taking a break only the sat night two days before the test.
The first blocks on day one went smoothly. Straightforward, there were questions on it that seemed right off of UW. Maybe five questions per block i had question marks by. Now be warned, time is definitely an issue!!!! Watch the clock and pace yourself. If you are spending more than a minute on a question, put a choice, mark it and move on. Then go back to those question marks and use remaining time to think about them more. I don't know how others are, but with me, i usually narrow down to two answers, and always pick the wrong one first about 80% of the time. So going back and changing answers has always worked in my favor.
Day 2: The blocks were much much harder. I had four questionson macular degeneration alone: one a fundoscopic pic with dresden spots, another an old lady in clinic unable to read lines, and two more clinical descriptions. I struggled on the blocks b/c a lot of the questions did not seem as straightforward and very very nitpicky.
CCS: All my cases ended quickly.
1. Classic MI, however, complicated b/c patient presented with CHF sx. Just went through protocol and order cardiac cath, plus put her on a beta blocker, ace inhibitor, lasix statin, aspirin - the typical drill.
2. Office kid with iron defiiency anemia. Gave him ferrous sulfate and f/u checking H/H which kept going up and he kept feeling better.
3. Office - lady with abdominal girth and pain. Admitted her and turned out to be ovarian adenocarcinoma. Dx by paracentesis.
4. Office - man with painless hematuria. Turned out to be renal cell carcinoma after admitting him doing an US on abdomen and having the mass on the kidney biopsied.
5. Lady with painful thyroid and hyperthyroid sx. Gave her nsaids and propanol then did radiouptake scan. Subacute thyroiditis. NSAIDS!! only
6. Man in ER with opiod overdose. Tx naloxone, sucide precautions, tox screen psych consult. run of the mill
i can't remember the last cases for some reason.
Pretty much my advice is that when you sit down for CCS use the eraser boards and write down protocol all the way down.
For example: admit orders: NPO (that way you dont forget about diet and will it will trigger you to make them NPO before procedures), oxygen (always) pulse ox, cbc, tsh, lfts, type and cross, pt ptt inr - just write all this stuff down and then it will trigger you.
Labs: as above
tests: cxrs, US, ct scans, mri, echo, etc
procedures: chest tubes, caths etc
consults: dont forget - they usually end the case in end stage situations like cancer where there ishn't much more you can do after making the diagnosis
don't forget about pain medications!
So that's all ic an remember. Just soooo happy i passed first shot. Dont with usmle forever!!!

GOOD LUCK Y'all who are preparing! And it IS a very grueling endurance exam. Take a lot of soda, quick sugar uppers. AND, no matter how anxious you are to finish the exam, ---- take a BREAK AFTER every CCS case. It will clear your mind and helpyou move on. Do not forget the eraser board -it's there so use it to your advantage.


10-17-2006, 05:30 PM
Congrats Bluemed & thanks for sharing your experience.

10-20-2006, 02:40 PM
congrats and thank you for sharing your experience, can you tell me specificlly, what books did you read for the exam?

11-07-2006, 03:29 AM
congrats buddy on ur success.

12-25-2006, 06:24 PM
Hi, I am an inturn in Internal Medicine & I failed Step 3 d/t inadequate preparation. Do you recommend Crush, First Aid & UW Q-bank ?



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