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09-13-2006, 02:57 PM
Hey ppl,
I am thinking of transfering to AUA in jan 07. I have talked to the school about a lot of stuff. Asked them the questions i had.

But i wanted to talk to the current students and ask a few, get their view. I know you guys are buys with studying but if someone can find few min to answer my question i would really appreciate it! thanks in advance... so here it is...

HOw are the prof?
HOw are the classes? the program? and the students? how is the housing? how is the island? the crime rate? do you use a car? would you need a car? they are easily available? would the loan amount cover everything?

Thanks guys....

09-13-2006, 04:43 PM
The professors seems pretty dedicated and well paid and happy to be here and I personally heard my Anatomy professor say he was the type of person to not be happy until we felt happy with the material. And while I frankly sometimes feel like I don't understand anatomy lol.., it was still good to hear him say that. Most professors will make a political promise like the one he just made, but when you heard him say it this morning, you could believe him.

The classes are long and sometimes you'll find urself marathoning through the notes in lecture, but u'll soon find that I think any med school can only do so much for you in lecture. Other than that it is probably upto you to realize that you do a lot of guided self-study for medicine in general.

The program is rigorous and I can only imagine will push us further than we thought we'd go with a caribbean med school. Leave your baggage about what you may or may not feel about what you're worth is as a med student by going to a med school in the caribbean at home, because its only going to be you who I believe ultimately will decide what kind of doctor you are going to be.

The students seem alrite here..I mean they're students. I feel like some folks here like to meet folks, others are kinda standoffish, and its kinda pretty good student body overall. Personally, I think the kind of attitude you bring with you is important. Also, upper class folks are kinda interested in helping out underclass folks. Walking into Anatomy lab today, we were introduced to TAs who were upperclassmen who earned grades at the top of this school and frankly national american statistics for Anatomy. It was good to see that at least they would take out properly managed time with us to help us.

The housing will probably depend on where you live and how close or the type of environment you want to live in. Personally, I think this is a beautiful island with very animated and lively people. Sure, they may take a moment to get through to because they see you as a foreigner, but you soon find they can come around to getting to know you. At the same time, you have to get around to even skim the surface of getting to know them and you just might find that you and them are the same person. I don't want to get into a philantropical discussion about this commonality among human beings, but I'll answer your next question. The crime rate here is pretty low from what we hear compared to the other islands. Compared to the other islands, this island is BETTER.

There are 365 beaches on this island and what i've discovered is that my housing is right on the beach. It takes 5 steps to the beach from my own personal patio. Even with 365 beaches, I'll tell you that i personally fell in love with this one and am perfectly content. The housing is a lil rustic and mite be an older buildling, but you have a landlord that some would pillage, kill, and steel for. The only bad side to this location is that its right near a salt pond so one side of the hotel has an interesting odor. But I mean you need to see some of the other housing locations and what they do or don't have or what else they pay for and find what it is that you think you will like or enjoy.

No car. Frankly, I didn't come here to practice driving around the island on the left side lol. It just seems like it will be harder in terms of the type of driving the island does here. The left side is one thing but you are cm. away from the next driver on smaller roads here and if you get used to that it wouldn't be a bad idea for getting a car.

Would you need a car? Well, I'll tell ya rite now. I'm from NYC and we never needed a car and as long as you factor in transport costs in ur budget, I don't think it should seem like having a car is that essential. Yes, its nice bc you don't have to rely on the public school transport and taxis to get around, but I don't see a lot of cars on campus honestly. If you wanted one though, I see folks renting and getting them on the island...not sure about prices though.

I feel like if you budget accordingly, then your loan amount will cover a lot. In fact, when you apply, take the full amount for your first time. Then, if it works out for you, save some of the money you don't use and take out less for your next loan. The truth is you can be the only one to judge what amount of money you will need or don't need. In terms of what they give you in the loan, there is more than enough to cover your basics.