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01-12-2004, 11:31 PM
This forum dedicated to IUHS seems empty of opinions, reviews, and impressions from actual students in the IUHS on-campus or "ELP", distance-learning programs. Hopefully, that means that you are far too busy studying! Are there any former or current students from either program who are able to provide some insight into the following questions?
(1) How many students are on the island campus?
(2) How many students in the US are participating in the ELP?
(3) How many different professors/instructors conduct online, ELP lectures, chat rooms, forums?
(4) Where are and how would you rate US-located clinical sites?
(5) What is the real or assumed, USMLE Step 1 pass rate?
(6) Would you recommend the on-campus program to others?
(7) Would you recommend the ELP basic sciences program to others?

Can anyone from the ELP answer: In the ELP, do any instructors from UEIMS (India) or from the online catalog's list of "Visiting, Adjunct Faculty" ever conduct or participate in the online lectures or chat rooms?

Thank you for your participation. Those of us who regularly visit this forum will be able to recognize posts by real students (past and present) from the fakes and plants from other schools. GOOD LUCK on the boards!

01-20-2004, 08:26 PM
will not aloow them to post. The admin has them scared that if they post here they will be expelled. i dare anyone that is there to post anything that contradicts as follows:

1 School is just a house with yard and gate. First floor is the receptionist second the kitchen and there is a room with about 13 books that are so old I belive that museums are after them.

2 Profs there are as follows Just 1 and then once in a while there will be some doc from the island that gives a guest lecture for which he has no idea what he is teaching bc they dont take the school seriously and they are never prepared.

3 there is a nice restaurant and hotel near bar called OTI and that is the only thing IUHS has going

03-05-2004, 04:23 PM

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03-05-2004, 04:37 PM
Here is another index of the way IUHS students have been treated in the past
Can anyone tell us if things have improved?
Fri, 16 Nov 2001
To the IUHS community,
I am a Block 8 student who appealed to Dr. ****** on several occasions to make the lectures more amenable to copy and paste operations to enable me to more easily create notes for my own personal study use. I am a student who needs to highlight and boil down lecture material to its essence to be able to retain the important aspects as I am not blessed with a photographic memory. I was told that due to the fact that these lectures were IUHS intellectual property, the system was designed to prevent students doing that. I was chagrined to find that this prohibition was not made clear in any way. In fact, the reason I chose this school is due to the fact that I learn almost exclusively from materials I read and attending auditory lectures is pretty much a waste of time for me.
I have struggled since September with the .pdf, .zip, and self-propelling powerpoint lectures that made every learning session difficult and not adapted at all to my learning style. In addition, I have found the reading assignments, though excellently written, very duplicative of the study resource assignments (also excellently chosen) which makes it all the more difficult to boil down the material to the essence of what really is important as the take-home message for each disease state and the scientific underpinnings. Since I specifically chose the online method because of its promise for ease of access and adaptation to my specific needs, I have become very discouraged. This week I asked a few questions of Dr. ****** about specifics posted in the IUHS case on HIV, pointing out how out of date that content is. Rather than simply answering me, he referred me to my mentor and my study buddy. I explained my mentor like most other doctors in Boston are busy running their practices. In my case, my mentor also has students from BU and Tufts school of medicine in the office so orienting to the IUHS curriculum is not a reasonable expectation - and certainly not one I could impose.
From very early on, I made Elpida Artemiou aware that I was unable to find sufficient time to struggle with the technology (which is also very poorly documented) and do the necessary learning. I asked if I could convert to part-time. Over the past several weeks I have repeatedly asked for guidance about how to accomplish a conversion to part time, addressing this both to Dr. ****** and to Elpida and was assured each time I could do so but was never told how it could work. Three days ago I conversed online about this with Dr. Neame and told him about these difficulties and that I was now considering withdrawal. I also told Elpida that this week. I was referred to Kris Anderson to find out if I could receive any refund if I were to withdraw.
Three days ago I had to make three phone calls to obtain a current phone number for Kris Anderson. I left voicemail messages and received no reply despite being at my desk at work all day every day this week (with voicemail capability). Two days ago I e-mailed him and still have not received a reply.
In view of the communication to which I am responding, and in view of complete lack of response on the part of IUHS officials to my repeated requests for information about how to accomplish part-time status and the financial implications of withdrawal, I hereby tender my formal letter of resignation from IUHS - publically. I thanked my mentor for her support yesterday and told her I would be discontinuing my medical study at IUHS.
I bid you all farewell and all the best in your pursuit of knowledge and the ability to practice a noble profession. If IUHS is an honorable institution it will respond forthwith to my request for refund of the balance of my tuition for this semester. Since they will almost certainly cut off my access to the listserve upon release of this message, I request that those of you who feel similarly reply to me directly so we may remain in touch if there are any further legal implications to the charges that were made today.

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