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05-12-2006, 05:35 PM
Hi, I had problems with CCS portion of the test on the second day. (that is after I took mcq section on 2nd day all in a row) the computer frozeup onme, and nothing except a restart could restart my exam.
In anycase, I failed the test, after a month, I get this letter from fsmb saying..."Although we believe that your performance was inferior in other sections of the exam and that we are not changing your score, should you decide to retake the test we will offer you a fee waiver".etc etc.,
Honestly I am not sure if this is an option for every step3 taker with computer problems(and fails), or an exception because the problem I had had erased significant amount of data that they couldn't quite determine the cause for.
FYI!I failed short of 7 points in 3 digit score. (translates to how many wrong mcq?) did I really fail short of knowledge?(I am not smart enough yet!) or that this computer problem caused to shift my score to a different location on the scale? Also, I had serious problems in solving ccs cases ( i know everything but timing was not right for all cases), I did poorly in ccs portion compared to mcqs where there were no contests!(felt like did well for sure)
Take care all!...j

08-11-2006, 05:35 PM
I got the same letter from fsmb and they are giving me the option to retake ccs cases or full exam without previous result report.I got the problem during ccs cases.I would really appreciate if you drop ur e-mail so i could discusss the problem in detail.my e-mail is [email protected]

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