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05-12-2006, 09:53 AM
about the people in AUA's NY office. Most of them have been downright rude when faced with tough questions. I'm curious to know what other's experiences have been especially when it comes to financial aid.

--Stafford loans. Apparently these are available for the clinical sciences phase but not the basic sciences phase which IMHO makes no sense at all. I expect to get my tuition bill from the same people 1st semester as I'll get 6th semester. Why on earth would the "processing" be different.
--if in fact it is a question of location, which i'm guessing it is, why not just tell me? i'm going to find out eventually!

--Financial aid in general. No application, no need to even submit any type of financial info. Apparently they just need to know you're a citizen? ??????
Again, any questions I asked past this were met with rudeness. This is the part I don't understand. Are questions bad? I need to know! I've never had this experience with a financial aid office before. I guess all the nice people are in the admissions office.

Would any current students like to share positive experiences in dealing with financial aid? I was very confident about attending this school until now....I mean they seem to be hurting for money! i.e. cashing my application fee check the day they received it, and now asking for a deposit in order to secure my seat when I just received the letter in the mail a week ago! How do they know the check isn't already in the mail? And is a strongly worded email the way to ask *at this point* I could TOTALLY understand the tone if it were a couple of weeks or a month without getting anything.

05-12-2006, 11:29 AM
I can speak on a far different tone, as to when I was dealing with NY office in securing my loans, the officer even coached me on what to do and how to get help with financial aid. The officer whom I was assigned to even helped in applyig for my aid and took care of some necessary document, because I had problems to expand my possibilities on getting a loan in the future. I don't know who you were dealing with, but many folks I spoke with, at the office in NY, were quite good to me. They always returned my calls and my emails in a short period.
Just make sure you let them know you are not kidding and you really are planning to attend the school.

I wish you all the best.
Sorry to her your tasteless experiences with FA at NY.

05-12-2006, 11:50 AM
financial aid and staffords- they use another school's code (shady) through a twinning program in which you attend class at AUA but the loan is disbursed to KMC in India. Supposedly through stafford title IV you are allowed to take 25% of your classes for a degree at another school as a visiting student. my non legal interpretation of the wording was that you had to be enrolled at the visiting school and be taking classes there. what aua did was to form a twinning program by simply stating going to either school is the same...

licensing and the future-wether that is illegal or they found a great way to help students is up in the air. cali said they will not accept recognition of AUA through KMC for anything, licensing boards are a big question because AUA has no licensed grads so it is not known how the boards will deal with AUA students who supposedly were KMC students for fin aid purposes but all transcripts are from AUA...so for fin aid you are a kmc student but you did not spend any time on that campus..how will that be looked at? i don't know but if it were me i'd stay away from any 'innovative' set ups until the first batch of students has gone through residency and is licensed.

you also can't use the time they have been doing this as proof that it is kosher.. you are dealing with the federal govt and a relaitve small amount of money on their budget so it may not get picked up for a long time. however if they decide its not ok then they can demand full repayment of all loans in 60 days...no repayment plan or grace period...

maybe they don't like being asked tough questions?

lets see... can you help me fill out paperwork? can you mail me a form? will you 'counsel' me on what to say to get a loan? are quite different questions than the OP was asking.

maybe mdrx can aqsk wether the twinning program is legal and for any proof from the DOE, why are they using a school in india to get stafford loans when they don't attend class there? why were they previously using a polish school's fafsa code?

to clarify, i am not bashing aua's teaching, facilities etc those are all subjective measures and as long as you like it that is all that matters. i am pointing out things that just don't seem right after years learning about foreign med schools you just start seeing a pattern of innovative teaching, promises of facilities, groundbreaking for facilities, and so on that more often than not leave students hanging while the owners and admin spend your cash....

05-12-2006, 03:25 PM
Maybe you are playing the "I don't know how to read what was previously posted," or you are just ignoring the facts that they don't do that loan stuff anymore. By now, you should just jump off te horse or appreciate the ride of saying it over and over again. Things of the past please!

No one was being coached on what to say to get a loan. I was coached on how to repair my credit and take it as it may come. But I was not dealing with no State bargain or sider pealer to obtain a loan. The school has established a program through private lenders...you just have to cope with the high rate that is associated with taking such a loan with a poor credit. There is no, I mean no involvement of whatever you have been basking in, the KMC stuff, since I have been reading your comment about AUA. Just go back to those answers Shree gave about that same stuff your are so much dwelling upon. Got it? I don't have to ask any question pertaining to KMC and AUA. Both school exists as seperate entities.

How many students have come here and said that they are obtaining a deal through KMC anymore? Just read between the lines, pal! You are a physician, dammit!

The twinning program??? Let it take it course and let the board speak for itself and not you for the board. You are not MEMBER OF SUCH.
I will not say that you are bashing AUA...maybe you would have to know AUA before you even try to do so. As a matter of fact, I am there now and witnessing the whole. So you can't bring me the spoon without the salt at all.
I do value, with all my heart, any given advises from you and many other great folks at Value MD, but when there are evident proofs to cover the untruth, one must just ignore the rest.

By the way, I am just a student at AUA :)

05-12-2006, 11:33 PM
a transfer student emailed me, or at least claiming they were, that they were still using other school's fafsa codes for certain students, that they got federal funds for clinicals, and that the twinning program is still going strong. if that was a lie i apologize as i have no way nor time to confirm any of this.....

if they aren't using fafsa codes how can they get staffords for clinicals?

you are right i have no clue what is going on there aside of what little i read...i am just posting questions that potential students new to the school probably need to be aware of and all that makes the twinning program riskier than the regular program...nothing more

i am not on a medical board which is why i would wait until grads of the twinning program go through full licensing..if they succeed then it is another avenue for us that didn't get into US schools to take but until then it is a risk you shouldn't have to take if you can get into any established school....

05-12-2006, 11:41 PM
how many students have come on here about kmc? not many you are right, they are posting on the asian med school forum

if the schools operate as seperate entities how can one issue credit or certify financial aid for work done at the other?

all i need to know about AUA is that it is another of the 30 start up carib schools dying for students which translates to doing innovative things to get them and that it does have things the 30 others don't..an experienced admin, a dean with great connections, and that they are canabilizing other carib schools for faculty and students.... how many "informational" meetings have been held on st marteen lately?....hehehe

some of the things the schools does just don't make sense but then again law and business don't usually follow common sense.

ok enough semantics...bust your **** at any school and you will suceed, at least on paper...now back to surgery

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