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05-04-2006, 06:15 PM
i'm a student (md3, i suppose, is the right title) at another medical school down here in the caribbean. the plan has always been to finish the basic sciences, take the usmle, and hopefully score well enough to transfer to an american school close to home.

this past semester i shot myself in the foot (figuratively), and it looks like i need a new place to go... i have four classes left to take: micro, path 2, pharm, and icm. that puts me on a 2 semester plan...

as consequence, the questions are: coming out of xavier i will have an opportunity to sit for the usmle, correct? are there any glaring faults with xavier that should be noted? i.e. is the campus/school going to close shop during my time there? i've seen the who listing news, and that's a positive sign, so i guess i'm just looking for a little reassurance. thanks in advance.

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