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04-12-2006, 04:32 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum but I follow it from time to time for new information.

There was something on my mind that I felt like sharing since the information on these posts often reaches the people at our school. Maybe they will take notice and make changes.

I have been having problems with certain administrative qualities at the school and felt a little disillusioned. Since this is new school and it is trying to establish itself I am finding myself very surprised.

Dr. G is a fun person and I think he does a nice job with his area. Dr. G and B.G. from New York are the reasons I came to this school. They worked very hard in recruiting and all the credit goes to them in getting me to buy into this school. This school also has a wonderful staff from India that works very hard and is very efficient. Dr. K though a tough love kind of guy, is very good hearted. Dr. S is a class act. The new Dr. S is students' professor.

But there are some professors, administrators/registration staff here who truly need more training in pedagogy and administration respectively.

I don't know, I am venting a bit but I am afraid this school might be headed in the wrong direction. I think some quick success has gotten to its head and some professors and administrators seem more mean spirited now. I have had my share of bad experiences this semester.

I am a hard working student and I do well in my classes but I like to have a nice environment. That's the least I should expect with a small start-up school. You would think with the fact that this school is not approved in many states, has only a few dozen students in clinicals, and no real track record would make it more humble. We as students are taking a risk coming to an unestablished school, and I guess I expect more for my decision.

I have several friends here and also family friends who joined after me. I don't know if I would recommend this school to any more people, the way things are shaping out.

I have attended a US medical school and I know from experience how it should be. Many people might say this is the Caribbean and so your expectations should be lower.

But if a small start-up school begins developing arrogance, negative spirit and lacks organization in many areas, how can that be a good thing for the students or the future of the school?

I like the island of Antigua and most of the faculty and administration but a few bad seeds can ruin an apple. I hope the administration reevaluates the staff and makes some necessary adjustments.

I know most AUA students know what I am talking about. You can always look at the positive side, and it healthier to be focused on the positive but it's just surprising/shocking that a start up isn't more responsible.

04-12-2006, 08:36 AM
It already started??

What's going on with them then?
Can you elaborate for the rest of us?
What kind of treatment did you receive from the staff?
I am a prospect as well, my friend.
Let us know please!

04-12-2006, 08:47 PM
Hi, I too am a prospective student with some concerns and misgivings about recency of school opening and track record and state approval...would you mind elaborating a bit more on what has gotten you disillusioned about the aua experience. if you feel more at ease, you can send me a pm...i would greatly appreciate your sharing your experience. thanks

04-12-2006, 08:59 PM
I am a student starting in May in basic sciences. I would love to know what you are referring to so that I can prepare myself for what is to come. Please reply or PM me. Thank you for your honest and willingness to help others.

04-13-2006, 08:18 PM
I am an AUA student and I do not know what you are talking about. I cannot say that I have had all but positive experiences here and that I have never been worried but where do you get the logic that a new school must be better than an established school. I think this student is referrring to the administrative duties that can sometimes be extremely difficult to deal with. I myself have had some problems I think I have mentioned some of them on this very forum. However, the professors here have all one time or another worked at other more well established schools. Now you could assume that this school is headed in the worng direction because not every professor is going to give you a pat on the back and push you forward but you would be hard pressed to find that anywhere. There will always be those hard professors who you love, like Dr. G and those who go above and beyond the call to make even the most difficult subjects easy to understand like Dr. S. But with that said there are also those who are very smart professors that you can still learn from even though they are not fully invested in making sure you pass and feel good like you are walking on a cloud everytime you leave the room. Some professors here truly go above and beyond to help students, some do not feel every student here deserves it. To be honest I tend to agree with them. Every student deserves a chance but once you are here you realize you don't see some of your classmates until exam time. Do I feel some of these tough professors are not needed? Of course not. So I view it this way. Some newer schools are spending their dollars on fancy interview rooms, projectors, and office supplies to make the administrative duties more "U.S. like" but I for one am happy the main goal seems to be recruiting of some of the most established professors that have been around the FMS for years and made them what they are today. I too would like elaboration that makes these problems unique to this school. I realize you went to a US school but I have shared common experiences with students from many other FMS. It is always a great conversation starter for us to use. I think you need to either ask some older students how much this school has improved since it started, then ask some of the tranfers from other schools whether they ever encountered administrative problems, or finally actually state what makes your experiences unique because without that we are just using vague insinuations without any real form of reference.

04-15-2006, 02:22 AM
Hello again,

Well, I really do not like speaking badly about my school. Atrain, the specific details you are talking about are things that I cannot give. Those are personal matters, and I do no wish to penalize anyone at the school in such a way. I just want them to take notice.

Our school is a very tiny school and any information will make everything immediately obvious.

If you do not know what I am talking about, ask around. The canceling of the Shelf exam was not the only problem. I clearly expect more for my money Atrain. That's all. This school like all others is a business and I am the consumer and I am making a judgement.

Our school is a small school that desperately needs students and their money. So they do recruiting trips and try to go out of their way to find people. I was recruited with many many aggresive phone calls. I felt like they were telemarketers. But they were just salespersons for the school and were just doing their job. Now, if I choose this school over others, I have expectations. That's just me.

We can sit here and talk about the high tuition considering the stature of the school, it not being not approved in California, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, etc. (No residencies and no practicing in those states), no reputation what so ever, you know the deal. Those things don't matter to me if the environment is pleasant. If the environment doesn't feel so good, then you notice all those other things.

It isn't personal in any way. I like most the professors at the school. Actually, some of them are my good friends. I have already spoke of those that I admire.

I am being critical not because the school is not "established" I am being critical because it is shifting many gears trying to become something and might not recognize faulty parts. I'll be in Miami soon, it will be those still here dealing with the changes. Possibly you? And if you are okay with it, then there is no problem. I am personally looking forward to the change of scene.

I'm not going to respond any more. I am quite faithful to my school whether it be a shack or a mansion. So I will not get into what is wrong here. If you spend enough time on the net you prospectives can do your own research. I have found there is generally always some truth to everything on these posts.

I will not post anymore about this. AUA is my school and I want it to be a well recognized institution someday. That's in the best interest of all of us that have invested here.

I have spiritual faith that AUA will be a great school someday.

Best of luck to you all for the remaining finals!!!


04-15-2006, 02:43 AM
well said man....i really respect the way you dealt with the matter. best of luck to you in the future. im sure somehow this message will reach the right ears and someday, the changes will take place. by then you might become a successful doctor practicing in the state of your choice, but when you come across the fact that AUA did something that you had once wanted, even if no one else would you, there would be a sacred satisfaction within you. you are going the right way man....keep straight!

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