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03-02-2006, 06:42 PM
Score: 81/198
USMLE World score: 59 ( completed 1000 questions )
Study time: 10 days
Materials: Crush step 3 and First Aid
About the exam: The first block was very tough. 31 questions I was not sure of the answer. Recovered in the next, only 11, I was not sure of. On the whole was sure about 55% of questions. About 5% had no idea. The rest was able to narrow down to last two choices. After completing all blocks including day 2, had some hope, I will pull through. Took my lunch break, returned for CCS and the nightmare started. There was one weird Peads case, though got the diagnosis right, the sequence of entry I found it very difficult on the software. In all, did not do well in 3 cases and the rest was okay and only one case ended early which means only for that particular case I have entered everything the software considered adequate. In the end, as so many people have mentioned, the real weight age is MCQs and do them well. USMLE World is an absolute must both for MCQs and CCS. In particular CCS and all my exam cases were in it. Practice very well on the USMLE cd and that is the key.
The exam itself is certainly not easy. I am so glad I am done with it. This exam is doable and my best wishes to you all. An incredible journey in the world of USMLE has come to an end on a happy note for me.

03-02-2006, 06:45 PM
congrats on completing the steps!

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