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  1. Your Path to Medicine...
  2. Transfer into Clinicals
  3. Transfer Applicants
  4. Step 1 Preparation and Clinical Transfers
  5. "Pay-to-play residency lawsuit adds to Pontiac General woes" - Crains Detroit
  6. St. Martinus in 2018
  7. Beware!
  8. Police came durin school day and took all their signs down
  9. Worst F****** School
  10. Revoked License question to Administration
  11. Off Campus Accomodation
  12. Smufom 2015
  13. Loans for Indian students
  14. 3 Apartments Available from April 15th, 2015. Call 524-5529
  16. International Healthcare Holding B.V. is currently managing SMUFOM
  17. Questions - TorontoGuy (Brian)
  18. St Martinus compared (for prospective students). Please give your opinion!
  19. Vancouver - British Columbia - Canada approves student loans (StudentAidBC)
  20. SMU about to close again
  21. Too many teachers left, they are about to close.
  22. Illinois Core Rotations?
  23. st martinus university
  24. practising Canada and The United States
  25. How to select a Health Insurance
  26. SMUFOM or UMHS?
  27. SMUFOM is amazing!
  28. Clinical Rotations at St Martinus
  29. Licensed in Florida
  30. Incoming July/Sept 2013 Students
  31. CONSTRUCTION PIX at the NEW- St. Martinus University Campus in Scherpenheuvel, Curaca
  32. UPDATE Medical Council of India and St. Martinus University
  33. OSAP Approval of St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine.
  34. New ruling: St. Martinus University students INELIGIBLE to practice in India
  35. Say hi if you are an incoming july/sept 2013 student at smufom
  36. Important immigration notice for prospective students
  37. Important immigration notice for prospective students
  38. Hi guys
  39. St. Martinus gaining popularity?
  40. SMU President NOT Banned from Wikipedia
  41. Stuff to bring in July 2013 semester
  42. 95% Match result in 2013
  43. CMU deletes Loan information for SMU
  44. Loans available
  45. Active Research @ SMU
  46. SMU has new campus......yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  47. Why is CMU fooling around with SMU??????
  48. Information for Indian Students
  49. Congrats SMU team on the Match Result
  50. official match results
  51. St. Martinus president banned from Wikipedia for impersonating ex-CMU student
  52. Designation of St Martinus University for Canadian Student Loans-January 2013
  53. Medical Council of India approval of St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine
  54. Is St. Martinus University actually approved by the Medical Council of India?
  55. St. Martinus REAL TALK
  56. SLFC Private Student Loans for ST.MARTINUS UNIVERISTY Students from the UNITED STATES
  57. Slmf private loans for st. Martinus university students from the united states
  60. Saba or St. Matthews University
  61. Cheapest ways to call Rest of the World from Curacao
  62. Stuff to bring.....................when coming to SMU
  63. is it tough for Indian students to study medicine in Caribbean islands?
  64. Join SMU
  65. SMU is gr8 school
  66. S<U is working fine.................................
  67. Osap
  68. St martinus university : All doubts cleared
  69. St. Martinus getting European accreditation?
  70. Call l SMU directly for queries
  71. 50 students for July 2012 in SMU
  72. Make this a better school
  73. How Did SMU get Prof JG
  74. Why is DR GS around?
  75. Reality Talk bites the dust
  76. One very interesting thing I was told by one of
  77. St. Martinus: Truth be Told
  78. Please continue to do what you are doing
  79. SMUFOM has been approved by Medical Council of India
  80. Come to St Martinus
  81. St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Complaints & Reviews - Fraud
  82. If you wanna talk to a current student....
  83. Words of Wisdom
  84. SMUFOM is one of the ...
  85. No recognized US Clinicals at St. Martinus
  86. SMU is functioning just fine!
  87. St Martinus begins a new research program!!!!!
  88. St. Martinus in court again!!!
  89. Martinus is a wreck
  90. Someone is really scared about SS
  91. SMU Student As Step 1
  92. Have u heard about the research program at smu
  93. Licensure in OK for Dr RM Congratulation
  94. Journal Article Coauthored by SMUFOM graduate Congratualtion JM
  95. So, While Ive been gone I see CMU has upped their post count
  96. SS is fraud
  97. Another fact sheet about SMU...
  98. Medical is no rush, St. Martinus Medical sch give u time to learn an As Step1
  99. Great Island Great School
  100. List of things to bring at SMU - Must read
  101. Step 1 preparation course @ SMU
  102. My pre clinical experience :) @ SMU
  103. SMU students in USA
  104. SMU got me rotations in USA...................yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  105. Explore Curacao
  106. gr8 newzzzzzzzzz
  107. New addition in SMU
  108. SMU students have done it
  109. Meet the pharmaceutical giants @ SMU
  110. I got Clinicals in USA through SMU
  111. RestaurantWeekCuracao is on next week!!
  112. BANQUET MED 4 CLASS of MAY 2012
  113. Misuse of Valuemd
  114. Misuse of Valuemd
  115. SMU is not shutting down
  116. Stop the rumors
  117. USMLE review
  118. SMUFOM is offering board review classes starting Sunday 27th May
  119. St. Martinus sued by students!!!
  120. New St Martinus ends third semester on a high.
  121. Internal Medicine/Psychiatry/Family Medicine Residency Spots for SMU CMDA Members
  122. Internal Medicine/Psychiatry/Family Medicine Residency Spots for SMU CMDA Members
  123. Unbelievable!!! Martinus revealed
  124. Unbelievable!!! Martinus revealed
  125. Clinical Rotations
  126. Rotations of SMU
  127. More courses offered @ SMU
  128. Dual benefits for SMU students
  129. SMU only active site for CMDA in caribbean med schools
  130. zero attendance & still grade A @ CMU
  131. TOS Violation in Title
  132. Rock the party
  133. SMu has clinicals in USA
  134. Voluntary Research is happening for real...................
  135. mdCur also needs to be treated like other CMU students
  136. Gratitude to SMU family............................
  137. Rumors
  138. Any news on student housing
  139. SMUFOM will be like SGU in couple of years
  140. mdcur is he md209
  141. Comprehensive Basic Science Exam Challenge
  142. Grade 'A' not for sale
  143. SMU Strength lies in its teaching/training
  144. Disappointed with fake critics
  145. Breaking news
  146. Party time
  147. Board review at SMU
  148. Welcome to SMU for Research
  149. Clinical experience in Curacao
  150. Associations
  151. My Experience with SMU
  152. CMU also has clinicals in Curacao
  153. Ranking Professors
  154. SMU will be like SGU one day
  155. Call or email SMU directly for any queries
  156. Best facilities at SMU
  157. Visit SMU campus
  158. SMU is not closing in next ...........yrs
  159. Rotating Student
  160. Clinical Exposure
  161. SMUFOM vs CMU
  162. Summary for LieWire
  163. frontotemporal dementia of LieWire Jack
  164. Lie Number 3 by livewre
  165. Facts About Clinical Rotations
  166. The reason Livewire went to Diploma Mill
  167. Request
  168. Prospective Students
  169. Professors
  170. Lower Fees
  171. I will defend my school
  172. Trolls are out
  173. Spreading Rumours
  174. More Testimonials by Residents
  175. Testimonial by Resident
  176. Testimonial by the resident
  177. Approval by VA
  178. Reserch AT SMU
  179. Bbbs
  180. Cmda
  181. What is happening with OSAP
  182. Research at SMUFOM
  183. My experience in SMUFOM
  184. White coat ceremony
  185. Student Life at Martinus
  186. SMU Academics
  187. SMUFOM Infrastructure
  188. Living on the island of Curacao
  189. TA Opportunities
  190. Martinus Sailing Club
  191. Curacao regatta 2012
  192. CME Continuous Medical Education
  193. Big Brother Big Sister
  194. Smufom amsa
  195. Warning - St. Martinus will close AGAIN
  196. Martinus vs CMU
  197. SMUFOM marketing
  198. Dr D is Gone
  199. Balance view on SMU
  200. Road to USMLE Part 1
  201. Zimdoctor - R you talking abt real SMU????
  202. Visit to the Clinic
  203. Pictures from the Sailing
  204. How was the Easter Dinner?
  205. Sailing
  206. Visit from Nederland
  207. enemigo
  208. Dissection
  209. CMDA Meet/Fellowship on 5th April 2012
  210. More Facts about SMUFOM
  211. Facts about SMUFOM
  212. Smu should close!!
  213. Windsor Univ School of Medicine or St. Martinus?
  214. Is SMU a tri-semester MD program?
  215. Dorms? Housing?
  216. Help!!!
  217. USMLE STEP I---- Pass Rate
  218. SMUFOM has been approved by the VA for their Doctor of Medicine-MD Program!!!!
  219. Opportunity to study MD in Jan 2012 or May 2012
  220. Family Med resident visting SMUFOM
  221. Students : Culinary week in Curacao happening NOW!
  222. Direct flights from Toronto to St Martinus!
  223. Smufom campus visit
  224. Only smufom
  225. Is it true ?
  226. Roomates?
  227. Free tuition for writing an essay?
  228. Curacao in full Jazz Swing!
  229. did you know?
  230. People who post on value-md/bump only negative things up
  231. Tuition deferment??
  232. What to do if you are coming from India to attend SMUFOM
  233. SMUFOM Recognition & Accreditation
  234. 24 food greatness
  235. Students incoming from Asia (incoming from India+U.A.E.+Pakistan) *PLEASE READ*
  236. I see dead people at smu!
  237. Smufom is a part of facebook and twitter
  238. Please report any TOS violations
  239. *****aka Chaturthi 2011
  240. Smufom please reply
  241. Need Moderator for this Group
  242. Smu follows six people
  243. Potential incoming international student from india
  244. Smufom wonderful technology
  245. Why SMUFOM?
  246. SMUFOM White Coat Fall of 2011
  247. Pictures from the White Coat Ceremony
  248. New students JAN 2012
  249. Real school - real students
  250. A happy Eid mubarak to U all !

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