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  1. Taking a year off after IM residency
  2. Canadian on J-1 visa travelling to Sri Lanka
  3. Need help for fellowship
  4. J1 Visa port of entry and exit
  5. Opportunity for Canadian IMG
  6. Doing Residency with L2 visa
  7. Timeline between step 3 completion and H1B visa for CMG looking for US fellowship?
  8. Health Canada and SoN/J1 for 2016
  9. Residency in Switzerland
  10. want to know the information regarding the CR in USA for non us students
  11. Canadians cannot subspecialize anymore in the US
  12. VISA Method
  13. Changes to Statement of Need Program [Canada] in 2016 / 2017 and in the future
  14. Army MAVNI the fast track to US Citizenship
  15. Immigration & Education Consulting - Permit Made Easy
  16. J1 Visa?
  17. H1B Visa Process
  18. MBBS in Germany
  19. J1 waiver application process question
  20. Help j1 expiring
  21. Statement of Need for J-1 Visa (Canada) for 2015
  22. Postgraduate Medical Residency in Germany - Program 2
  23. Postgraduate Medical Residency in Germany - Applications are invited
  24. Limit of Statement of Need in Specialty - any Canadians?
  25. All about super visa for your grandparents
  26. visa for doing clinicals in usa
  27. Personal Statement for residency with J1 visa
  28. Residency in Romania (Chose the speciality of choice)
  29. Australian or New Zealand PGY1
  30. J1 waiver by having a child?
  31. Free Physician Immigration Seminar/Q&A by Clark Hill w/Roberta Freedman (Sat., Aug 17
  32. Do majority of the residencies in US provide J1 visa?
  33. How about the TN visa for Canadians?
  34. Changes to Requirements for Obtaining a Statement of Need, Canada
  35. Natural vitiligo treatment with Natural vitiligo oil
  36. Residency/Specialisation in Germany- admissions are open for 2013 intake
  37. Help!!! How i obtain letter of need from nigeria for j1 visa
  38. Green Card Approval Pending before Match ?
  39. Immigration work and study viza?
  40. A J1/H1b visa guide
  41. HELP!!! late step 3 for HIB visa for IMG
  42. Help!!! late step 3 for H1B visa for IMG
  43. Visa question for 3rd year med student (canadian)
  44. Does anyone know about Medconnect?
  45. How I got an
  46. statement of need from BC canada???????
  47. What is more preferred- J1 or H1b
  48. how to get visitor visa for step 2 cs
  49. do I need to pass step 3 for J1 visa and/or forH1b visa?
  50. F1 bank statement - how much? PLEase answer
  51. What type of Visa do you get to fly for residency interviews?
  52. 5th year german resident moving to UK. How tough to finish residency in UK?
  53. Visa confusion - Can somebody help? Going with spouse.
  54. J1 research > H1B residency. 2year gap?
  55. immigration china
  56. danish immigration
  57. J1 to be Discontinued?
  58. Question regarding J1 and Statement of Needs for Ontario resident
  59. psychiatry action plan for j1 statement of need in Ontario
  60. j1 visa action plan?
  61. B1 visa for residency interview
  62. where can i acquire information about UK visa?
  63. EM non-ACGME accredited fellowship on J1 visa
  64. for all american citizens and permanent residents...important All US citizens, GC hol
  65. change F2 to J1 research visa, please help
  66. MCCEE for J1 Visa...?
  67. A foriegn graduate with green card needs help
  68. canadian permanent resident for J1 visa
  69. J-1 visa: program sponsorship vs. getting it yourself
  70. fellowships and J1 visa
  71. Statement of Need, Canada, Family Medicine - change in processing
  72. Really need general work visa info!
  73. need advice - how to get F1 visa?
  74. J1 visa waiver & DUI First Offense
  75. What is an IMG friendly hospital?
  76. ecfmg timeline
  77. Question about J1 and Greencard
  78. greencard or residency
  79. H1 visa and fellowship opportunities
  80. Problem getting Statement of Need - Alberta
  81. B2 visa; can children attend school?
  82. so if you marry an American
  83. h1 timeline
  84. From J1 to H1
  85. Tn visa before residency
  86. my solution to the visa problem and US health coverage
  87. After getting the Statement of need.......
  88. j1 waiver for off cycle residents
  89. J-1 and MCCEE Question
  90. J1 Waiver Positions Available
  91. Please help: questions about residency, USMLE and H1-B visa
  92. Step 3 before Graduation?
  93. H1 B visa - please help
  94. Is it harder for non-Canadian or non-American people to become a doctor ?
  95. residency for nigerians
  96. help! from canadians?..will marrying an american get you out of needing J1/H1b?
  97. EU citizen -> US residency
  98. J1 visa application questions for a Canadian IMG
  99. help please with EAD in removal proceedings
  100. About Uk Tier, Immigration and visa information required
  101. J1 visa ????
  102. Do we need our J1 Visa to get a SSN??
  103. visa queries?
  104. Marriage and GC
  105. Getting ECFMG Certificate in time...
  106. Leasing an Apartment without certified J1 Visa??
  107. J1 Visa Limitations!!
  108. H1 visa to Green Card
  109. J-1 visa for Canadians
  110. Action plan for Statment of need for J1 visa
  111. J1 Research visa
  112. Indian student wishing to do post-grad in US.
  113. Scrambling Experience - anyone wants to share?
  114. Does New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn sponsor the h1b or J1?
  115. be careful of physician recruiters
  116. Transitional Year and J1-visa
  117. About UK Immigration and visa information Required
  118. H1 and Step3 - when to take?
  119. J1 two years
  120. when can i travel on a H1B visa?
  121. GREEN Card/US Immigration
  122. this is really confusing...some1 please help
  123. PGY1 going PGY2 - J1 to H1?
  124. Any Indian IMG please help!
  125. H1B processing
  126. H1B (on J1 waiver) if I marry can I apply for green card
  127. j1visa statement of need letter
  128. H-1B after residency, what happens?
  129. J1 research visa
  130. confused canadian
  131. World Wide Visas Information
  132. how long to upgrade from H1b to Green Card
  134. immigration advise and something else..
  135. Anyone know of FGM that got usa residency or HB1?
  136. transfering from hungary
  137. any indians with J1
  138. Green Card questions
  139. HPSA Directory for J1 Docs
  140. Sponsorship for PERM / I-140
  141. please help
  142. quick q
  143. j1 to h1
  144. H1B and fellow program
  145. J1 Statement of need
  146. OTO/ENT Opportunity Full time/Permanent
  147. visa for 5th semester in miami for SMU international students
  148. Do we need ECFMG certification before Match?
  149. B1 Visa for Canadians doing Clinicals in US
  150. J visa help needed
  151. Documents for H-1B
  152. H1-b visa timeline
  153. what's a canadian to do, waiting for H1B?
  154. Any Canadian permanent resident applyning for J1 visa
  155. help for L2 visa holder
  156. H1 from spouse?
  158. F1 student wanting to study in Caribbean
  159. indian FMGS applying to CARMS 2007
  160. caution for DV Lottery
  161. 2008 Diversity Visa ("GreenCard") Lottery!
  162. J-1 to H-1B after being on J-1 for 1 yr and 4months
  163. Job in Canada after US residency??
  164. Residency in US after MBBS in INDIA
  165. what do i do?????????
  166. EE exam date for 2007 match
  167. EAD,GC,H1, what's best for me?
  168. Third year J1 residents
  169. J1 Research visa Waiver to Residency....
  170. J1 to H1 B
  171. J1 waiver
  172. UK/EU graduate in the US?
  173. visiting fellow
  174. J1 to F1 visa
  175. transfer to american school
  176. Green card lottery( DV2007)
  177. Green card lottery
  178. important issue
  179. Candian in a US Medical School
  180. Earliest allowed date for H1B stamping in Canada
  181. Dumb Canuck
  182. H1 Visa
  183. Ob/gyn Subspecialties And J1 Sponshorship
  184. Realistic timetable..can anyone help?
  185. Help-Hospital does not sponsor H1!
  186. can we apply in more than one speciality
  187. Does doing US residency as a Canadian on a J-1 guarantee you a job in the US
  188. Immigration Law Firms
  189. IMPORTANT J-1 visa issues for Canadians wanting to practice in US - please help
  190. USAVISANOW are they trustable?
  191. j1 resaerch
  192. Question for Venus
  193. Whoa, Is This True??
  194. help for visa!
  195. Is it possible to graduate and start a residency in the same year?
  196. B1 Requirements for clinical?!
  197. img for radiology........
  198. H-1B Visa Appointment Date and Location Question
  199. can i apply for other non IMG friendly programs with an EAD
  200. Other IMG friendly lists
  201. Business Visa(B1/B2)
  202. iran
  203. returning to the US with as an Indian citizen
  204. H1 for 4years then to medical school and Residency
  205. work permit and residency
  206. Ead
  207. j1 research and research waiver
  208. H1B sponsoring hospitals
  209. J1 Statement of Need Problem
  210. Is it possible to trade on H1 visa?
  211. H1 visa
  212. buying a house on OPT... possible??
  213. H1-B cap increased
  214. J1, married to a US citizen
  215. B1 Visa
  216. Greencard
  217. H4B vs residency
  218. Canadians and J1 Visa
  219. need information..is anyone is such a situation.??
  220. When Do I Need to Get Married for Greencard (Canadian)?
  221. permanent resident wanting to study abroad
  222. What are the documents have to be sent --
  223. Question about J1 visa etc. for HealthCan ProgAdmin
  224. Visa Stamping In Matamoros Mexico/cts
  225. Time factor
  226. J-1 visa or H1-B visa
  227. What about getting greencard 1st and residency after?
  228. Visa for clinical rotations for Indian nationals
  229. h1 b dealine
  230. Visa for clinical Rotations???
  231. australian immi for foreign doctors
  232. who all can sponsor GC
  233. Pls help
  234. Do we need to take CANADIAN EE to be able to apply for J1?
  235. visa
  236. Hospitals that will sponsor H1B??
  237. h1-b visa stamp for tcn
  238. J2 VISA EAD
  239. NOC for J1 ( India)
  240. Did You Get H1B Visa ?
  241. Canadian graduates of carribbean VISA/green card issues
  242. Visa for clinical rotation
  243. TN Visas
  244. applying for greencard during residency-is it possible?
  245. H1B visa Y/N- Help
  246. Step 3 Visa
  247. H1-B problem
  248. j-1 or h-1
  249. research
  250. Are public hospitals (non-profit) - exempt from the H1-B cap

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