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  1. Question about Residency Licensing vs Perm Licensing
  2. General Question about Accreditions
  3. Any state that doesn't require visa to apply for license?
  4. How the US shuts out foreign physicians
  5. Hands-n externships Texas
  6. Do any US state licensing boards accept an EU residency?
  7. How can Medical Boards check your Rotations?
  8. Mo contemplating licensing non-residency med grads as assistant physicians
  9. 7 or 10 years limit on taking all steps??
  10. A Ray of Light for California Licensure??
  11. Need a license from anywhere
  12. California's 'Timeline of Activities'
  13. Illinois
  14. AZ backlog on licensing
  15. How do medical boards know about your rotations?
  16. AOA Core rotations vs ACGME rotations
  17. are IMGs considered for patho residency by US?
  18. Current list of assessed Carib. schools by CAAM-HP, the Caricom accreditation agency
  19. transcript evaluation
  20. core rotations in non-affiliated hospitals
  21. Which States don't require Greenbook Cores?
  22. Texas action on training foreign med students
  23. Non-Teaching Hospital Core Rotation? Problem for Illinois?
  24. New Texas law relating to non-citizen physicians practice
  25. Residency/Specialisation in Germany- admissions are open for 2013 intake
  26. Back in the Saddle Again...California Question
  27. Puerto Rico medical exam:
  28. non-ACGME elective please help
  29. Global Accreditation Standards article in AMA
  30. Georgia Residency
  31. Do they ASK FOR UNDERGRAD TRANSCRIPTS at any point in step 1 process or residency?
  32. Non-US citizens - change in Texas law
  33. Texas Eligibility Change - Post Graduate Training
  34. Finland investigating false credentials
  35. ECFMG to require accreditation in 2023 of foreign medical schools
  36. Nevada orders military spoiuses reciprocal licensing ease
  37. How is it that 95% of medical schools on CA recognized list never had a site visit?
  38. clinical rotation in HOME COUNTRY OF MEDICAL SCHOOL nec. for licensure.
  39. how important is this New york state approval thing?
  40. What states ARE ok for Residency (not Perm.Licensure) for a non-CA/NY school grad?
  41. ECFMG Certification and State Licensing Processing Time
  42. Can I hide failed step 3 attempts from program?
  43. Of Interest for those wishing to practice in Texas
  44. california PTAL
  45. State Licensure Timeline following Pre-Match
  46. Illinois License Requirements
  47. Family Medicine clerkship requirement for Texas.
  48. Licensing Question-much obliged for an answer.
  49. 7year rule
  50. Cuban trained MDs failing exams
  51. new law for licensing foreign grads in Saipan
  52. California approval re: AUA
  53. Reporting requirement for Title IV for Foreign Medical Schools loan participants
  54. NY Licensure
  55. name variation
  56. Is my degree accepted in America?
  57. Completing CORE rotations in a non- affiliate hospital ???
  58. Changes in Texas - Number of Post Grad years lowered for IMG's
  59. RCSI Bahrain NUI degree, does this mean its accepted by california?
  60. CARIBBEAN: Medical schools battle to retain US access
  61. What's the status of OUM these days?
  62. Is doing bluebook cores that big of a deal?
  63. California PTAL - L5 Information
  64. OK licensing requirements
  65. Arkansas throw out the blacklist ???!!!!
  66. AK court ruling
  67. how hard is it?
  68. Are FMG's required to do more residency years than AMG's?
  69. North Dakota
  70. Head of India GMC still in power despite arrest
  71. accreditation advice please??
  72. Question About Licensing
  73. Licensure and Unaffiliated (away) Electives
  74. Massachusetts residency and greenbook electives
  75. ECFMG announcement on accreditation requirements
  76. ECFMG announcement on accreditation requirements
  77. ECFMG announcement on accreditation requirements
  78. AMA report on foreign medical education
  79. Pakistan to require foreign grads to do exam
  80. dui?
  81. Accred. of foreign health education programs
  82. explain how license procedure works ??
  83. Medical Licensure and Greenbook vs Non-greenbook/Bluebook rotations
  84. License
  85. Shortage of IMGs
  86. Fellowship in Skeletal Radiology
  87. fellowship/subspeciality training
  88. Was your doctor educated abroad?
  89. Practicing in UK after MBBS in another country
  90. GAO article on foreign medical schools and loans (GOOD INFO FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS
  91. California Greenbook rotations
  92. Mrs. Meyer is retired from Texas Medical Board
  93. Is Medicine A Waste Of Time?
  94. Acgme rotation question
  95. Only 16 weeks of AOA rotations??
  96. Article on research on med school applicants
  97. required hours for clinical rotations
  98. 5th pathway announcement ends 2017
  99. Interesting what happened when Veternarians tried to get Mexico accredited
  100. Dr. Lynn Eckhert of HMI speaks on Carib. medical schools
  101. NY/NJ ACGME vs. AOA doesn't matter
  102. Expert greenbook question
  103. Confused about licensure and rotations
  104. STEP 3 requirements?
  105. Arkansas SMB to meet to discuss reversal of california rule
  106. U.S. State Requirements for Licensure
  107. Old DUI coming back to haunt me
  108. AF-MED form for illnois license
  109. Illinois resident license
  110. states requiring greenbook rotaxns
  111. Georgia Adopts the California List
  112. VA requirements for medical school approval
  113. Fcvs
  114. Europeans Doctors credentials questioned
  115. Missouri Licensing
  116. CA License requirement
  117. Failed medical school spoils students' dreams
  118. Investigators want to know if the quality of offshore medical schools justifies the c
  119. 7 yr rule
  120. Medical school group in Asian
  121. DO and FSMB concerns on St. Kitts actions
  122. Tennessee
  123. Texas board meeting of November 5-6, 2009
  124. Pennsylvania Lisensure vs. California Lisensure. Please help!
  125. much needed advice
  126. Misdemeanor & Licensing
  127. VA hospital
  128. VA Hospital ........
  129. Mississippi overturns rule
  130. Clerkships in Florida
  131. residency requirements for licensure
  132. Changes in Texas
  133. Saudi's say distance learning bogus degrees are not allowed
  134. CA allows online law school with no site visit
  135. Need volunteers (DC's who are becoming MD's)
  136. Accreditation background power point
  137. Is that foreign med schools "Bachelors" degree valid?
  138. CAAM reviewed list of medical school in Carib
  139. Puerto Rico Revalida
  140. Mississippi Medical Board Deadline July 23rd
  141. Canadian Applying to American Medical Schools - Help
  142. What happens if all states follow CA approval list?
  143. NY residency licensing issue
  144. Michigan Residency license requirement
  145. Object to Mississippi ruling
  146. State of the States: Physician Regulation 2009
  147. Legal case involving falsified transcripts in Carib
  148. New Pennsylvania rotation requirements
  149. TEXAS LICENSE- Senate Bill 616 needs your support-call Governor Perry
  150. NVAO actions in Netherland Antilkles
  151. Ross gains full accreditation from CAAM
  152. Wisconsin license?
  153. Three fellowships for licensing , please help
  154. Taiwan cabinet to review foreign med grad licensing laws
  155. PTAL (CA letter) question
  156. Sri Lanka approved foreign medical schools
  157. Arkansas medical Board of unapproved schools
  158. USMLE and swine flu article
  159. AUA sues Arkansas board
  160. School Closing
  161. Michigan Residency license question
  162. Action in Canada on loans againust All Saints-Aruba
  163. Taiwan proposes new rules on licensing foreign trained docs
  164. Administrator calls for global health credentialing
  165. Bogus medical certifications being sold to foreign doctors
  166. Licensure question
  167. Criminals in Medical School
  168. Mississippi Proposed Rule Change on licensing foreign medical grads
  169. Guyana to monitor medical schools after 200 students ripped off
  170. Taiwan will not recognize Chinese medical educations
  171. Rules on Clerkships in Florida
  172. Florida Rules on Clerkships for Foreign Medical students
  173. Lawsuits and CA List
  174. Rule Change by State of Oregon on recognized medical schools
  175. Ca license - 4 months General Medicine?
  176. Info about California licensure
  177. whats the next caribean med program to be recongnized by california?
  178. ROLL CALL! Any NEW Licensees??
  179. Question concerning licensure/moonlighting
  180. Arizona State License
  181. St. kitts Cabinet vows to maintain high accreditation standards
  182. Sweden forbids licensing of murderers
  183. Georgia is considering using the CA lsit
  184. whoa whoa.. do states want to know about your pre-med grades?
  185. What are the rules about sub-specialty electives?
  186. Caribbean Association of Medical Council email to me on accreditation
  187. FSMB document on accreditation/offshore schools
  188. texas licensing; time to contact your congressman is now
  189. Licensing Question
  190. Israel to make immigrant medical licensing easier
  191. Licensure regulations
  192. Pat Park, CA Medical Board Email?
  193. Important webpage!!
  194. Boycott the CA Approved & Unapproved Lists
  195. ECFMG results by Carib. grads article
  196. Netherlands Antilles catches medical school forging IMED document
  197. Working as an MD in California in alternative stuff
  198. Netherlands Antilles speech I ran across
  199. same rules
  200. BBC article on fake degrees including medicine
  201. Situation of Netherland Antilles Schools in terms of Recognition
  202. NP getting doctoral degrees; scary thought
  203. General License Question
  204. Step 3 and NY State Licensing
  205. Liscencing Timetable
  206. florida license?
  207. PTAL without SSN?
  208. CAAM Receives Formal Recognition from the UK Government
  209. states that follow CA list - updated 2008
  210. Arkansas adopts CA list - how sad
  211. Arkansas to institute new banned school list of offshore Carib. schools
  212. sad organization called jcaho: joint commission
  213. Licensing Issues in ther US without a degree
  214. opt out/prohibit pharm reps from viewing your prescribing data
  215. CA question from an SMU student
  216. Missouri License Application-Help!
  217. state medical boards need oversight by state legislature
  218. Universite Picardie
  219. dr edited for names is cause of difficulty with tennessee licensure
  220. do not work for rediclinic in any capacity
  221. questionable tactics forcing changes at texas medical board; donald patrick resigns
  222. What exactly are the licensing issues with transferring?
  223. Advise Needed From Practicing MDs
  224. Ptal??
  225. Texas
  226. Help needed! (Physics and State Licensing)
  227. why do federal overtime laws not protect doctors also
  228. Pre-med program in Caribean
  229. Great News for Georgia Hopefuls!!!
  230. Unable to find answer(licensure)
  231. Virginia Licensure Requirements?
  232. California Liscensure post residency
  233. how state medical boards are dropping the ball
  234. Do any states have odd electives policies?
  235. Inter-State Physician Licensure System to Be Recommended
  236. Quick Licensing Question
  237. Which caribbean schools allow you for licensure in Texas?
  238. Does your state require Green Book-by-specialty?
  239. Greenbook requirements by State
  240. medical licensing difficulties for west indies grads
  241. Advice needed !!
  242. MBBS licensing i need some clarifications
  243. Anyone have licensure issues with substance issues?
  244. Liberia reaffirms closing of St. lukes
  245. California Letter
  246. tx med board president perjury/fraud investigation
  247. AMA House of Delegates 2007 Meeting - IMG Section
  248. No Bachelors-- Advice
  249. Arkansas Medical Board split over foreign med school recognition
  250. Licensing loophole?