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  1. Pet Lizards?
  2. Share interesting games on GAMESBX
  3. Rat Cages on Sale!
  4. Bounty Hunter Reward & grab RS3gold up to 9% off rs2 gold til Mar11
  5. I'm doing some medical research for a story I'm writing
  6. Black mamba negra
  7. Dealing with Culture Shock
  8. good music
  9. Trying to cut down on our expenses
  10. Greetings !! to all
  11. Tofu Diet
  12. financing a dental clinic
  13. Play Video Games? Help us Promote Physician Wellness!
  14. Question about Regulatory Compliance on Medical Device
  15. Take a Break listen to The Universe Review!
  16. Web Scanner
  17. Hop on a Conference Call
  18. Telecom Expense Management
  19. Managing Our Health by a mobile?
  20. I have got some material
  21. I'm Worried About My Sister's Pregnancy
  22. Teleconferencing and healthcare
  23. why electronic prescribing?
  24. decision
  25. Which school did she go to?
  26. why you should adopt EHR software technology?
  27. Electronic Health Record
  28. Buy Real/Novelty Passports,id cards,visas,drivers license, etc.
  29. Very important
  30. trying to contact someone called fosildoc - HELP PLEASE
  31. message to all 2015 and future students
  32. What is infertility problem and its causes?
  33. Proverb
  34. What is the best Masters field for a Physician?
  35. No more embarrassments – buy inner wear online
  36. Graduate From High School
  37. TOP 15 Types of Docs seen in Private Practice
  38. When i should pay off for the dead
  39. God , Church , pedophilia , anti-homosexuality , Međugorje scam
  40. Foreclosure fighting tips
  41. What type of education or degrees does a Chiropractor need?
  42. Obamacare (ACA) "Monumental Headache" "Train Wreck"
  43. ***For Sale: Apple iPhone 5 64GB,Blackberry Z10***
  44. Newbie.
  45. Mobile MRI
  46. Test Link from http://pathtomed.com
  47. Fluids through the lifespan
  48. I need better Asian parents
  49. What do you think of my site for med students? (great for relaxing like you are now)
  50. New Reply
  51. Need suggestion for dark circles.
  52. Get higher education in Ukraine!!!!
  53. Fetal growth percentile calculator
  54. Need suggestions for hair Loss
  55. Need help in hair thinning
  56. Prayers to Boston Marathon victims
  57. Why a St Kitts citizenship can be a savior in an economic emergency
  58. Saint Kitts citizenship for a peaceful living culture
  59. How to make your life better with St Kitts economic citizenship?
  60. Crown Capital Eco Management Stay Competitive by Cutting Energy Costs
  61. Should I become a doctor just for the money?
  62. Start discussing
  63. Oncology book ideas
  64. Usa news: 25 hospitals flunk according to leapfrog evaluation "on patient safety"
  65. Relaxing Lounge but could not find thread that makes us Relax ? Need Admin permission
  66. I Will Change Healthcare
  67. Undergrad GPA
  68. Best medical colleges in the london
  69. relax
  70. I am new in the forum.
  71. hello everyone.
  72. Medical Students - How to recognize them. (humorous read i translated to english)
  73. Medical student abuse study
  74. Village Voice Article
  75. Hello
  76. I'm the greatest talkbacker the Relaxing Lounge has ever seen
  77. skini
  78. We ask for your help
  79. Lysco Chimney....!!newbie here
  80. 30 years old, starting 6 year MD program in 2012... should I?
  81. Anyone else feeling cynical?
  82. Kathie Lee Gifford asks Martin Short about his relationship with his dead wife
  83. Thoughts about medicine...confused :(
  84. Drugs Are Illegal Because Certain Groups Get Rich By Keeping Them Illegal
  85. Hydrogen Peroxide
  86. Trayvon Martin
  87. Is America Prospective For Trained Physicians?
  88. Graduating Class 2012
  89. The Great California Exodus
  90. Hi Friends
  91. The same things are reason for infraction for me and not for devildoc8404!!! Got it?
  92. How do you keep from getting sick yourself
  93. ValueMD "warned!" me about using the term "loser" :))) have a guess why really???
  94. They will always be that way.....
  95. They will always be that way
  96. A snapshot from history.. made me roll on the floor :)))
  97. Recommended Residency Books ?
  98. Introduction
  99. Make it count - watch this video
  100. Histoy of the guy who invented residencies
  101. Make kony famous
  102. What if you could never escape from poo? :)))
  103. An Ad
  104. Democrats Resort to Magical Thinking on Ocare
  105. A Legal Trick To Get Around Excess Baggage Fee :)))
  106. A University Entrance Exam
  107. One more jerk, one more beauty sleep for France
  108. Young MSM Are at Risk for Syphilis and HIV Coinfection
  109. Journal of Medical Ethics March 2012 - After-birth abortion:why should the baby live?
  110. The AAP's paper on "Ritual Genital Cutting of Female Minors" 2010?
  111. I wonder...
  112. Dizzling, breath-takingly beautiful :)
  113. Mandatory Contraception: The real issue is excessive government regulation.
  114. Are there any other recent studies linking Obesity and Christianity?
  115. This Polish is a whole tongue twister language :)))
  116. Med students selling sex to pay off their loans
  117. To lace your shoes on street lamp.. how can it be possible :)))
  118. Our morning and evening heights are different as much as 3/4 inch
  119. The Best Movies For Doctors And Medical Students
  120. Military Scholarships Warning from a Veteran Physician
  121. Not relaxing but scary article about Rape on St. Kitts
  122. What do you call a Soft Drink?
  123. Joint commission international
  124. If nurses want to practice as doctors, they should train as one.
  125. Sleeping beauty while the program was on the air :))
  126. Blues/Physics blend
  127. Doctors cheated on exams
  128. 1 of 2 chickens we eat are sick
  129. "Lèse majesté" laws in Poland
  130. SAT Biology book is worse than Medieval Age tortures :D
  131. The Craziest Conspiracy Theory Ever
  132. Mission Accomplished
  133. Current US Attorney General tied to OKC Bombing
  134. You Gotta Love Marines
  135. A must-read concept and book for the doctors to be
  136. Lets laugh a little :)))
  137. Mama Capitalism got hungary again
  138. Quitting med school? Social anxiety?
  139. A girl in Afghanistan
  140. Watch and eat it up guys :)))
  141. Unlicensed practice in Libya?
  142. Are the egos of your teachers high?Does it have inhibitory effect on your success?
  143. omgomgomgomg.. when did i become a senior member :)))))
  144. 183 instances of Waterboarding...
  145. how to use Netflix abroad
  146. What is the last thing you lived beautiful :)
  147. Some Statistics About Turkey
  148. Steve Jobs cancer story
  149. How foreign doctors save lives in rural America
  150. out if curiosity .... do all carib grads decide to go back to their country of origin
  151. How can greed suck our bloods?
  152. Docs, listen to your patients (I love this guys talk......)
  153. The legal problems of MDs in US?
  154. Murder & Gun Crime Plummet In Chicago / DC After Bans Were Eliminated
  155. Amazing new ABG Application on Android
  156. Which country is better for practicing medicine?
  157. ahanda some countryside people of my country :))))))))))))))))
  158. Why does Lublin lean on Philippinos and why do Philippino med schools send a lot of
  159. Fresh graduate ducks' fate :)))
  160. Look at this guys.. rafting in Dalaman River :)
  161. Why did we evolve? :)))
  162. Like an FMG :)))
  163. Do you, too, have trouble with accents :)))
  164. I wish I could be an idiot
  165. Like a joke, but its real
  166. 9/11
  167. Study with some music :)
  168. :-/ a goodbye...
  169. article on foreign med education
  170. any med students/graduates looking for work to make some money?
  171. Practical delights for students
  172. The importance of good communication with your patient while getting consent...
  173. Private schools applicants plunge due to economy
  174. Who was Flexner as in the Flexner Report?
  175. Hard Doc's Life
  176. A 'Hi' from Lindsay.. I am new to the forum.
  177. A real-life O success story
  178. Have you ever?
  179. FOX News censors Texas Congressman RP
  180. Health-Law Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional
  181. Facebook friends a no-no for doctors
  182. The R P Effect
  183. Competition as a way to better medical care
  184. Virgin Oceanic attempting to send humans to the deepest depths of the sea
  185. Riots in London
  186. hOW ONE SMALL town solved it physician shortage
  187. H.R. 2472: Health Care Professionals Protection Act of 2011
  188. New Jersey AsianGirl was Stabbed to Death by Muslim Student at Curacao Medical School
  189. Residency Interview Fashion Tips
  190. O Admin: Insurance must provide $0 copay for all birth control
  191. Reminder: Free Med School Webinar Tonight!
  192. Pros and Cons of applying to offshore medical schools
  193. Classified report: Russia tied to blast at U.S. embassy
  194. just saying hello.
  195. Best Medical Schools in the World
  196. G'day
  197. lockout professionals, for all your needs!
  198. NY Times article on new MMI program
  199. 6hr. energy shots and chest pains
  200. it begins!
  201. great article
  202. Happy July 4th
  203. Government's getting desperate
  204. US Government to start spying on Doctors to ensure they aren't discriminating
  205. US Government provided guns to mexican drug cartels in "Operation Fast and Furious"
  206. Massachusetts health reform didn't cut ER visits
  207. happy father's day!
  208. Researcher develops a mirror that measures vital signs
  209. Stem-Cell Therapy Works Wonders for Race Horses; Are Human Treatments Next?
  210. 1.9 Million Fewer Americans Have Jobs Today Than When O Signed Stimulus
  211. great article on being an older doctor from CNN
  212. docs and nurses in trouble in bahrain
  213. Natural Orifice Transgastric Endoscopic Surgery -- effects on Surgery and GI?
  214. Going to Med school in Andromeda?
  215. Research project on applicaton behavior of US MD/DO and foreign med student applicant
  216. help guys
  217. Uganda starts new HIV/Aids vaccine trials
  218. The Google Pharm Case
  219. Desperate Americans Buy Kidneys From Peru Poor in Fatal Trade
  220. best movie of the year
  221. Foreign Medical Graduates as answer to doctor shortage article
  222. Wikileaks founder claims Facebook is sharing private data with US Intelligence
  223. Osama Bin Laden Dead
  224. President's speech at White House Correspondents' Dinner.
  225. "The Wicked Work of Medical Patents"
  226. Internal Medicine speciality
  227. medical software
  229. Foreign Trained kept out of practice in US
  230. Cisco?
  231. Ahhh irony and hypocrisy all rolled into one tasty Congressional hearing...
  232. Part-time Caribbean medstudent driving cab in new york runs down passengers
  233. "NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life"
  234. Hilarious youtube video by BCM students
  235. Please don't lie to medicare...
  236. Playing action video games makes you a better doctor?
  237. New high-resolution method for imaging below the skin using a liquid lens
  238. HPV from oral sex now the leading cause of throat cancer
  239. The U.S. Government is funding sterilizations in Rwanda
  240. A Stroke on Live TV?
  241. More unethical ** at Windsor
  242. NASA puts chance of Apophis asteroid hitting the earth at 1 in 250,000
  243. Yale Medical School Graduate falls from grace (murder for hire conviction)
  244. Apple Cider Vinegar?
  245. Synthetic meat
  246. Climber survives 1000 ft plunge with only minor injuries
  247. Stick a Fork In It.....It's Done
  248. FDA review indicates possible association between breast implants and a rare cancer
  249. visible tattoo
  250. Bath salts becoming a growing drug problem

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