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  1. Recent Texas Licensure Committee Action
  2. Medical College Who offer Clinical Clerkship training in US & Canada.
  3. Things to Learn When You Start Your Clinical Rotation
  4. What are the Essential Tips to Make the Most of Clinical Rotation ?
  5. Furnished Apartment for rent in Brooklyn
  6. Fully furnished Apartment for share near Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC)
  7. Housing for Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
  8. Clinical rotations for international medical students in north eastern USA
  9. Infectious Disease Lecture Tomorrow Night with Dr. Noto in Manhattan (Free Book)
  10. Infectious Disease Event with Dr. Frank Noto in Manhattan Kaplan Center
  11. failing a cardiology elective...applying to IM
  12. USCE or Research?
  13. looking for shared accoma near brookdale brooklyn
  14. Interested in an Internship in Primary care?
  15. Best Sites for Clinical Rotations
  16. AOA accredited rotations
  17. Jackson Park rotations
  18. 72 Week US rotation Americlerkship?
  19. Finding Core Clerkships Near North Carolina
  20. Texas Attorney General decides in favor of THECB - AUC related
  21. Non-Teaching Hospital Core Rotation?
  22. Greenbook dilemma
  23. UK med student looking to do elective in US
  24. Research Rotation at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
  25. clinical rotation companies
  26. Family med recommendations
  27. NJ Clinical Rotations
  28. A gynaecological case - some questions...
  29. Clinical rotations / electives & cores / observerships (usa & canada)
  30. Belize
  31. medical elective
  32. Washington Manual Spiral bound versus paper back?
  33. transferring for rotation
  34. Clinical Rotations
  35. question for getting rotations
  36. Constipation a fuss to millions
  37. Pulmonary @ St. Barnabas NY
  38. rotations requirements - how to find out?
  39. Need advice onOb/Gyn electives
  40. California Greenbook Requirement
  41. Aultman hospital housing, Canton Ohio
  42. any experience?
  43. Jackson Park Rotation.
  44. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center for rotations
  45. Rotations
  46. An ECG question
  47. Is ENT considered core or elective?
  48. Can somebody explain me what means ACGME accredited hospitals?
  49. where to find video ultrasonography tutorials ?
  50. VA Hospital ........
  51. Peds Rotation Green book Chicago starts Aug 31st
  52. Greenbook Rotations(psychiatry & Surgery)
  53. What is the difference between Core clinical rotation and elective clinical rotation
  54. best clinical rotations??
  55. Tips For Clinical Rotation
  56. New clinical rotations in ATLANTA
  57. Product Review Plz - The SoMoŽ 650Rx
  58. Core Rotations in the U.S.
  59. FMG friendly hospitals in South for Electives
  60. Clinical student in Surgery
  61. Seychelles or U.S for clinical rotations
  62. GreenBook Q
  63. Weaker doctors?
  64. I cant stand for longer than 4hrs!
  65. Setting up your own clinicals....
  66. Prescription writing for non-patients
  67. institution codes and department codes?
  68. Blackberry vs Palm for rotations
  69. jackson park & michael reese
  70. Peninsula hospital...Far Rockaway, NY...Mistake?
  71. Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students?
  72. Core rotation away from home school?
  73. need advice....
  74. Parkway Hospital NY ACGME?
  75. clerkship in US...... plzzzz help
  76. plsss help.....specializing in the US or UK ???
  77. best option for a worthwhile affordable clinical rotation??
  78. School with best Clincals in the US
  79. Pediatric Electives, Maimonides & Brooklyn Hospital
  80. IMG - Electives in California?
  81. Finding your own rotations ?
  82. Greater Medical Center (GMC)
  83. clinicals
  84. Clinicals in the US
  85. Which of the Big 4 Caribbean Schools has the most hospital affiliations
  86. Clinical Questions - Weighing Options
  87. Medical Electives
  88. observership at Tuft's
  89. UT Southwestern, Baylor or UNC-Chappel hill for electives
  90. Is it possible?
  91. Mind-map in medical learning
  92. christmas break at wyckoff?
  93. NeuroSurg at MIH ANYONE? Help.....
  94. Rotations in many areas
  95. Clinicals in the UK
  96. List of IMG friendly elective rotation sites?
  97. green book rotations outside of country of origin
  98. ? bout acgme participating sites/rotations
  99. Whats the worst case scenario..if you don't attend ACGME rotations
  100. A question about Rotations and licensure
  101. About stethoscopes
  102. Info on books to have!
  103. hello
  104. electives
  105. Help!!! MALPRACTICE INSURANCE problem
  106. First day at wyckoff
  107. questions about the GMCgroup
  108. Requirements for Clinicals..
  109. Clincial Rotations
  110. Clerkships in country of origin
  111. Unaffiliated rotations
  112. Clinical's evaluation
  113. Rotation in nonaffiliated site
  114. Help Help Help Externship!
  115. elective rotations
  116. Tb
  117. Choosing electives and research projects
  118. Rotations Order....?
  119. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  120. Clinical rotations and the USMLE
  121. surgery rotation at Wyckoff
  122. Electives in Japan
  123. How to setup own clinicals
  124. Finding Clinical rotations outside of your school
  125. US ELECTIVE for caribb student
  126. Question regarding electives
  127. Clerkships for Students NOT in Last Year
  128. Question regarding nerves and surgery
  129. research limit?
  130. Lenox Hill vs Long Island Jewish
  131. Lenox Hill Hospital
  132. St. Agnes, Baltimore Surgery Rotation - Advice and Information Please
  133. Syphilis prophylaxis
  134. jaynura
  135. Infusion therapy
  136. New group to set clinicals rotations!!!
  137. Which Carib. schools offer clincals in US after basic sciences?
  138. Which Carib. schools offer clincals in US after basic sciences?
  139. shadow a physician
  140. Rotating from Europe to States
  141. peds rotation
  142. I Found The Ultimate IM Handbook - Now I'm looking for Peds
  143. where can medical students from India do thier clinical rotations
  144. Pediatric Shelf
  145. Clinicals Georgia
  146. what is the 5th pathway?
  147. Cores and Electives in Detroit/chicago
  148. ever heard of USCTS???
  149. stand up for your right to practice
  150. Pennsylvania Medical Board Ban
  151. Are rotations at a VA
  152. Clinical Rotation Hours
  153. HELP!! clerkship or electives??confused
  154. Harbour hospital Baltimore
  155. anesthesia/psych rotation?
  156. Heart Sounds..
  157. Which skill?
  158. plzzzzzzz help!
  159. Axim X51 520MHz pda
  160. does anyone know the policy for hepatitis B as praciting doctor?
  161. Pathology elective
  162. Does anyone knw a cheap malpractice insurance carrier?
  163. what happens if someone fails a clinical rotation?
  164. Acmge Required
  165. CONVICTIONS and clinical rotations
  166. Rotations in Philadelphia
  167. Clinical advice prior to starting
  168. Resource for 4th Year clerkships back in the US
  169. need advice: Anesthesia rotation!
  170. core rotations in doct. office
  171. observership or externship
  172. Does Anyone Have Any Idea What Kind Of Rotation Gmc Group Provide?
  173. teaching during clinical rotations
  174. GMC Group for core rotations in Atlanta!
  175. Videos in Clinical/Physical Examination
  176. ? for those on loans
  177. Anyone from India who has done clinical electives in US?
  178. is this normal (clinicals)???
  179. Preperation prior to clinicals
  180. 4th year electives NYC?
  181. Getting USCE while I'm still a Medicine student
  182. Clinical Clerkship
  183. does anyone ever fail clinical rotation?
  184. imp question
  185. Clinical Externships in Neurology
  186. taking time off before step 1
  187. internship programmes
  188. no rotation site in uk
  189. any one heard obout GMC GROUP
  190. cluless about clinicals...
  191. Hospitals in the Caribbean That Provide Clinical Rotations
  192. people who finish in june
  193. clinicals before step 1??
  194. Do electives have to be grreenbook as well?
  195. SUNY Buffalo electives
  196. Rules for doing Core Rotation in Canada??
  197. Starting Rotations next month - advice/questions
  198. Question about American Internal medicine wards
  199. Dress Code
  200. GMC Medical Group???
  201. getting residencies on your own, in your hometown?
  202. What are Electives?
  203. core clerkship in USA! Help!
  204. Malpractice?
  205. Malpractice?
  206. clinical electives and residency in same med school
  207. Selectives & Residency
  208. Clinical Rotation Question.
  209. Kings IM says which Washington Manual ?
  210. Radiology
  211. Chicago's Jacson Park Hospital
  212. How hand on are clinicals?
  213. OLM and WCMC Clinical rotations
  214. Info about Our Lady of Mercy and WCMC???
  215. Best books to prepare for NBME Shelf Exams
  216. order of clinical rotations
  217. need help guys....
  218. Need info from SGA, AUC, and Ross students about core clerkship in usa!
  219. splitting up a rotation?
  220. Clerkship hours per day??
  221. Mal-practice insurance needs?
  222. What is a typical day in a clinical rotation in IRELAND like?
  223. Help please(arranging U.K. Core rotation)
  224. I need help to allocating electives clerkship in USA!
  225. Baltimore - Internal Medicine rotation
  226. Surgery in NY
  227. greenbook rotations
  228. Harvard clinical electives
  229. Immigration issues
  230. Green Electives?
  231. Need Electives
  232. VCU allows no electives from Carib. schools
  233. Are the foreign Medical Students still allow to do rotation in Jan
  234. clothing to be worn during clinicals
  235. 4th year electives
  236. California Rotations
  237. Rotations in West Virginia
  238. IMG Rotations
  239. Subinternship???
  240. hi
  241. psychiatry at st. johns episcopal
  242. Clinical Rotations & Electives?
  243. Clinical Rotations & Electives?
  244. Arizona Clinicals?
  245. Canadian IMG requires a VISA to start rotations in March 2006...
  246. time off after basic sciences.
  247. Applying for Clinicals?
  248. question...bit confusing!
  249. UK Clinicals
  250. Call abreviations? q?

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