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  1. They only care about your money. A disgrace to medical education.
  2. you'd have to be insane to go to st matthews university
  3. Semester 5 - location/ duration
  4. St. Matthews University is a Fraud
  5. Story of another SMU alumni...
  6. Barely anyone finishes this fraudulent school
  7. SMU Alum are doing well
  8. Fraud Bribery and Corruption
  9. How do you contact this school
  10. Huuuuuge scam alert
  11. Reasons NOT to attend SMU
  12. SMU Alumni who survived the school and is a chief resident - honest thoughts
  13. Avoid smu like the plague. Scam school
  14. SMU Acceptance
  15. How many faculties with experience in the USMLE or medical eduaction?
  16. Not what I expected
  17. Fall 2016!!!
  18. Summer/May 2016 Class Anyone?
  19. January 2016 Class Anyone?
  20. Interview at SMU
  21. Texas, Indiana, Tennesse, Kansas...Can we get licensed?
  22. Fall 2015, GTFIH!!!
  23. Questions about Davenport/Financial Aid
  24. Interested in talking to current/former St. Matthew's students.
  25. Fall 15 chances
  26. Online MBA courses financial aid
  27. Do I stand a chance?
  28. Residency and licencing questions
  29. USMLE Step 1, 2 CS and Step2 Ck tutoring available in Chicago area and skype!
  30. Question for current or former students
  31. Fall 2014 entering class
  32. Tips to succeed
  33. acquiring loans
  34. Funding Education for US students
  35. 3rd year rotation experience from current students.
  36. Clinical Rotations
  37. CA Disapproval and Greenbook for Residency
  38. January 2014 MED SMU
  39. SMU Student Life Video
  40. A positive post! My experience at SMU!
  41. Ecfmg
  42. F/S New Apple iPhone 5S Gold Factory Unlocked ...$500
  43. Spring '14 start date
  44. How to decide which foreing medical school to attend
  45. How To Succeed at SMU
  46. Chances of getting accepted as a transfer to SMU
  47. Yes you can succeed!
  48. Questions about SMU.
  49. SMU Residence Suites
  50. SMU vs MUA vs UMHS
  51. why don't students transfer out??
  52. The Truth about Accreditation/Licensing and why Not to join SMU
  53. MD not accepted by UK's GMC. Impending lawsuit against SMU. Looking for similar cases
  54. Incoming Students - Summer 2013
  55. SMU matches for 2013??
  56. SMU Has Deleted All Negative Posts about Accreditation..and cali..wow.coverup?
  57. Do I even have a chance?
  58. Smu officially not accredited in israel!!
  59. Wheere is the thread about the CURRENT Florida lawsuit against SMU claiming fraud?
  60. Accepted Jan 2013!
  61. Looking for SMU graduates practicing medicine in the UK
  62. Order Now Brand New Original Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 32GB....$500
  63. Incoming students for Jan 2013 at SMU
  64. Lawsuit against SMU?
  65. USMLE 1 tutor
  66. Possible Jan/Spring 2013 Incoming Student: Current Student Contacts/Questions?
  67. Residencies requiring ECFMG certificate at interview!!!!!!
  68. student funding
  69. January 2013 anyone?
  70. So they changed The Dentist for Dr. B? You have to be kidding me!
  71. NBME FOCS...Exam passing score changed after the exam was written on 08/08/2012 !!!!
  72. Maps of the School
  73. Moving to Cayman with family
  74. disaster in PD exam
  75. The Almighty Dentist was fired
  76. Chance for Jan 2013
  77. Grad Plus Loan
  78. Thank you saint Matthews
  79. Interview and MCAT
  80. Impressions of this school from a newly admitted student.
  81. New medical school in Cayman
  82. I WOULD go to SMU
  83. SMU Grad updates!
  84. SMU, Grand cayman is a sinking ship with a corrupt basic sciences dean...
  85. Get a life...
  86. NBME FOCS...Exam passing score changed after the exam was written on 04/13/2012 !!!!
  87. SMU tries to control its students, Big Brother style
  88. Greatest Deans in the whole wide world
  89. Orlando rotation housing sublease
  90. Whats the beef with St Matthews?
  91. SMU students from years back
  92. Any information on lawsuits against SMU, a friend of mine mentioned Kidwai V. St. Mat
  93. Student loans
  94. ****Official 2012 MATCH Thread****
  95. Thinking SMU
  96. Davenport Question
  97. Housing and Loans
  98. Will I get accepted?
  99. Two professors abandoned the ship… who is next?
  100. Anyone starting April 2012?
  101. Davenport Networking Thread: Share books, ideas and notes, etc.
  102. "My son, my brother, my wife"
  103. Why to avoid smu
  104. Any opinions on Residence Halls vs. Suites?
  105. A concerning picking and choosing major issue at SMU
  106. Passed Step III !
  107. Open Letter to St. Mathews Veterinary School, No US Student Loans
  108. Orland housing recommendation or roommate needed?
  109. timeline...
  110. BUSN520 text book for sale
  111. Nbme
  112. Is SMU an accredited school? Nope.
  113. Why no updated information on SMU???
  114. SMU Spring 2012 Incoming Class Facebook Group
  115. So... why is everybody leaving?
  116. where to buy NMBE shelf exams
  117. Shelf subject exams
  118. How many SMU sem. can one utilize Davenport ?
  119. Step 1 Experience - SMU Students
  120. Best Strategy for 5 semester
  121. USMLE Step 1/2 Forum
  122. Employment Options during Clinicals
  123. Credit Issues for SMU students and Alums
  124. Best Cities in the US for SMU Clinicals
  125. random question
  126. Is there an incerase in requests for Clinical rotations in the UK
  127. What did you get in with?
  128. Starting January 2012
  129. An SMU Alumnus checking in... (visiting dorms today!)
  130. BUSN520 textbook needed
  131. Am I competitive enough for AUA, SMU, SJMU, MUA, ROSS?
  132. How big is the fall incoming class?
  133. Do not apply to this school
  134. allowed to practice in california
  135. Title Deleted by Super Moderator
  136. Licensure in Europe after SMU
  137. AUA is about to get approve in all 50 states!
  138. Title IV loans
  139. Important: State Approvals
  140. Do not go to SMU please
  141. Blackberry users
  142. Transfer to Clinicals
  143. News for UK and foreign students that want to practice in the US.
  144. do i have a chance
  145. SMU's accreditation
  146. 1st semester books and housing? Please advise
  147. Any ideas for loans for US students??
  148. Opinions of the Dean @ SMU
  149. Dr. S Pharmacology
  150. tribute to Dr S.K the Dentist and SMU in general
  151. GMC ban fiinally lifted
  152. January 2012
  153. Does anyone have any St. Matthew's 1st semester books to sell?
  154. Canlearn
  155. New Student in May
  156. So which TA is extorting students to not denounce them due to the use of what?
  157. Aside of shady Dr. S, what other "professors" give NBME Shelf questions?
  158. August 2011
  159. any updates on california?
  160. Osap
  161. Housing new website and programs
  162. SMU - Cayman Islands No longer disapproved by the GMC
  163. No Faculty in Office
  164. How can I find out REAL STEP 1 passing rates also future of SMU
  165. licensure question
  166. Saint Georges Value MD advertisement
  167. Motorbikes on the Island
  168. ***** official 2011 match*****
  169. Email sent to SMU Administration
  170. New York looking to follow GMC and pull SMU approval ????
  171. SMU Class size
  172. Smu officially disapproved by the gmc in the united kingdom...why???
  173. Smu officially banned by the uk
  174. Defer to August
  175. thank you SMU!!!!!!!!!!
  176. Please help, need advice about real admission questions
  177. SMU Dress Code
  178. About Green book for SMU
  179. Need Information About St. Matthews University
  180. Questions About St. Matthews Univeristy
  181. Cali disapproval + things that are still wrong with SMU
  182. SMU's STEP 1 passing rate (REAL NUMBERS)
  183. Need some guidance on funding/financial aid for SMU.
  184. SMU School of Medicine: Is it worth it?
  185. Basic Science Curriculum
  186. If you need help getting your credit score right like I did (+700) to get loans .....
  187. Interview at st matthews tomorrow...some tips please!!
  188. Excited about Starting SMU in the Summer....
  189. Problem at SMU?
  190. SMU Residency- Specialties
  191. SMU or ST. Eustatius
  192. Fall 2011 Starting Class for SMU
  193. No Loans?
  194. NY Approval?
  195. Graduation ceremony should be here on island
  196. Are old exams available?
  197. Cheap hotel for parents near smu please ???
  198. Economical hotel near school!!!
  199. Any way to get loans
  200. More practical exams not just PD
  201. something to know about SMU
  202. What are my chances
  203. St Matthews Experience
  204. Applying for the summer 2011 semester
  205. how does being on a disapproval list affects the school
  206. Dr. S allowed to arrive late every semester‏
  207. Was at Kaplan with lots of St. Mathhews students
  208. Is there still a uniform/dress code?
  209. Buying a new computer..
  210. Colorado
  211. Need Acct 510 books
  212. residence hall
  213. What states can you apply to residency?
  214. Shipping Car to the island
  215. Accepted for the May 2011 semester
  216. Positive SMU News!
  217. California? Website? usual rant
  218. SMU vs Ross vs SGU
  219. SMU grads in NC?
  220. January 2011 Basic Science
  221. grade curve in SMU
  222. Medical news that explain a lot
  223. what is the lowest stats that got accepted
  224. This school sounds really good, I'm still deciding if I should apply
  225. When will SMU reapply for cali approval again?
  226. I got some info on cali disapproval
  227. St Matthew's vs MUA???
  228. Chances...high MCAT low GPA
  229. Frustrated Parent
  230. Vonage or Magic Jack
  231. PD supplies for 2nd semester?
  232. SMU MD admission. Has anyone?
  233. Still need more loans!
  234. SMU basic science
  235. AUA vs. SMU
  236. Hotels near Residence Hall
  237. What is the MCAT Requirement?
  238. Selling books, stationary, leaving the island
  239. Which medical supplies needed?
  240. IM/FP dilemma
  241. Grad/Shelf Exams
  242. davenport
  243. School's payment plan
  244. Anyone Muslim for Fall 2010
  245. want PEDS? i have one to trade
  246. Canadian student loans.
  247. How are people funding their tuition?
  248. SMU has most successful Match ever:
  249. Shipping to Cayman
  250. SMU USMLE Step 1

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