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  1. New Sra Lanka School attached to St. Theresas?
  2. oceania University
  3. New Medical School in St. Kitts
  4. American University of Antigua College of Medicine Files Lawsuit Against US State Med
  5. GC/Citizen, united , we stay together
  6. question
  7. Owners of R3 Education, Inc?
  8. NY state Residency and the 12 week rule
  9. Imperial College-UK to start new medical school
  10. what schools have rotations in miami
  11. Most renowned/famous caribbean physician
  12. AUA or SJSM
  13. Master Classic II vs. Classic II S.E.
  14. Questions about ....
  15. Caribbean DO School?
  16. Yet another SGU versus Ross versus AUC versus Saba thread
  17. just graduating with Assoc in General Science
  18. Are Your Parents Disappointed That You're Going Offshore?
  19. Theory for lack of IMG Residencies
  20. Bankrupt students and transcripts
  21. selection of school????plz rply
  22. Saba or Ross With Respect to Student Support Services (Minimizing Attrition)
  23. How hard is it for foreign grad?
  24. Paying for clinicals in university hospital?
  25. Research?
  26. Since when?..
  27. Salary for Caribbean Grads and US medical school Grads
  28. Egyptian Medical Schools
  29. Time gap between basic science and clinicals
  30. Burnett International University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (BIU)
  31. Foreign Medical Schools are Toast!
  32. Help me to search for medical college
  33. Saba for May/Ross,AUC,SGU for Sept/Transferring & financial issues
  34. windsor vs st martinus vs xavier
  35. Pathology residency
  36. Did AGU buy CMU
  37. Med school questions
  38. Relocating Permanently to Caribbean: Job Prospects?
  39. Transfers to Caribbean?
  40. Tell me what you think!
  41. The lucky 7 islands-in the caribbean
  42. CARICOM's Medical Schools to Consider & Avoid
  43. Caribbean Students and the Match
  44. What are my chances to a DECENT Caribbean Med School?
  45. Medical School - Where to go??
  46. Can a Canadian get H-1B visa faster than others?
  47. drkedar
  48. CSB school announces bankruptcy and closes
  49. English Vs foreign language and residency
  50. English Vs Foreign language and residency
  51. Special master's program
  52. Canadian Experience
  53. Any Good Books Out there?
  54. Med school dilema
  55. can I do MD from india??? I am Bangladeshi..
  56. Stethoscope
  57. Shipping a car to the Caribbean...
  58. Europe vs. the Caribbean - Which is better for a Norwegian citizen?
  59. Need help picking a European School for 2009 or 2010.
  60. transportation to and from Caribbean med schools
  61. American Dream Abroad
  62. Any North Americans applying/studying medicine in Europe? (specifically Romania)
  63. What is the best Caribbean med school that specializes on the Brain (neurosurgery)
  64. Older student Fairy-Tales.
  65. What is the best Caribbean Medical school?
  66. List of Med Schools that offer Pre-Med courses
  67. how much is malpractice insurance
  68. Allied Medical Schools
  69. Help to validate my studies
  70. clinical elective... please help
  71. Party SchooL
  72. Windsor Med or Pre-Med at MUA
  73. Finding a Medical school wit my criteria
  74. Inside the USMLE Event Info, Live Webcast
  75. Admissions!!!
  76. IMG Friendly PM&R programs and Prelim in IM
  77. Medical Limbo - What to do between Med school and residency
  78. Accreditation Confusion
  79. Noooooooooo UCE
  80. IMG OPTION: MD to DDS/DPM Programs
  81. Medical University announces
  82. Stories of discrimination/negative attitudes towards FMG's
  83. can i study
  84. El Tinte de La Fama?
  85. How long. . .
  86. List of accredited schools by the U.S. in Costa Rica??
  87. which caribbean school?
  88. Kaplan lecture notes.
  89. PASS Program
  90. Gross Anatomy is killing me :(
  91. I have been asked by some prospective students:
  92. WARNING: PreMedHelp.com is a scam !!!
  93. what countries allow you into medical universities after 12th grade?
  94. Undergrad applying to 6-year program???!!!
  95. PostBac?
  96. Macy Foundation Report and AAMC Comments
  97. AUA and SMU
  98. Seeking inputs...
  99. Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice - help me to choose
  100. which is more difficult, MCAT or MCCEE? for canadians ?
  101. undergraduate loan deferment???
  102. PreMed Programs
  103. Online bachelors
  104. Recommendations
  105. Accreditation
  106. FMG America is a Fraud
  107. Husband and Wife thinking of Med School
  108. SABA vs. MUA vs. AUA vs. SMU
  109. Sikhs
  110. New Medical School in St Kitts gets immediate accreditation
  111. When is the Best time to apply for Jan 2010
  112. Personal Statement
  113. Science GPA
  114. fmg america wanted by the law
  115. Any body knows about South Affrician Med schools!!
  116. is D a passing grade???
  117. Medical University In Europe
  118. Books For Sale
  119. why do you wanna be a doctor??
  120. When do med schools get added to the cali list
  121. RE: uwi admission
  122. Start Ups
  123. how to end an obeservership?any advice?
  124. english prerequisite
  125. student aid and foreign med schools...please help!
  126. Caribbean or Asian med school??
  127. University of Science Art and Technology(USAT-Montserrat) MD program
  128. Clinical rotations comparison?
  129. 60 vs. 90 credits premed requirement
  130. AUA, UMHS, St Martinus, Windsor??? Please help!!!! Urgent!!!
  131. UWI acceptance rate
  132. Medicine after PhD in physics?
  133. Question for old timers
  134. LSU roations info
  135. Transferred from McGill Faculty of Medicine
  136. In what countries is a degree from Carib. medical school valid?
  137. transcripts
  138. Transferring to AUA clinicals requirements.
  139. Acquiring EU citizenship through stay during med school
  140. Everyone assumes I want to move BACK to the USA...
  141. Fumc
  142. Non-"Big 4"-Caribbean Schools--vs--Foreign Medical Schools
  143. FMG timeline
  144. More AUA CONCERNS ?? AUA Sold to ME
  145. pathology pdf book urgent......
  146. Entry to med school for older student
  147. wroclaw dental program
  148. Best Carib Option for Peds?
  149. Phony degrees catch up to buyers
  150. Going abroad for my college education, need suggestions!
  151. More Lies / Put-offs from ECFMG, AMA, and Congress
  152. Which states are IMG friendly?
  153. The END of Carib Medicine ??? LCME to INCREASE Enrollment
  154. What would you do if something went horribly wrong with your medical school?
  155. FMG America
  156. Non U.S/Cadian Citizens attending Cariben Medical Schools
  157. Medical School Acceptance. UP or DOWN?
  158. I need advice--windsor and aua
  159. Anybody want to attend med school in costa rica at unibe? 4 year program from high sc
  160. Post grad (general practice/family medicine) in NZ/southafrica??
  161. Are grads "Grandfather'ed" in, or tied to their school?
  162. 20 new doctors graduate in Somalia amongst the bombs and shooting
  163. Electives @ cornell for seniors
  164. Licensing question
  165. FMGs are to blame? Get over yourself US medical system!
  166. canadian dental versus caribbean medicine
  167. retaking courses and chances of getting in
  168. PLease Assist and read
  169. Should i join Medicine at this stage of life?
  170. Caribbean Med Schools - which one!?!?
  171. Question regarding major...?
  172. Destiny...
  173. Definition of USCE... what counts, what doesn't?
  174. what choice
  175. Anyone attending Latino Program at UAG
  176. Lasik
  177. Anyone with experience with Xavier 5th semester-both Aruba ( ATL) and/or Bonair -Ohio
  178. Match Question
  179. Which medical school to go to???
  180. enrollment numbers
  181. another new medical school for St. Kitts?
  182. Caribbean VS European
  183. hoping for Jan 2009-- no MCAT
  184. Need advice for making a decision on Med School
  185. Licensure regulations
  186. Cuts for a Cause in Detroit!
  187. school not listed on IMED?
  188. What Caribbean Medical School can I get in??
  189. Transfer Question...
  190. Caveat Emptor - CMU et al
  191. Uni of Lodz
  192. The List
  193. transfer Clinicals - Ca approved school
  194. Is 5th pathway up and running again?
  195. TERI loans educational??
  196. NEED HELP seriously
  197. Help:Financing future semesters!
  198. Rotations and residency in UK, how will this affect US practice?
  199. States & Green Electives
  200. # Step 1 attempts and chances for residency stats
  201. Will I be under pressure?
  202. Chances of a caribbean MD graduate to practice in the U.S.
  203. American Medical University, George Dewey College of Medicine
  204. 2008 AAMC Study: Ranking Caribbean Medical Schools !
  205. Replacement for WHO directory
  206. 22,000 foreign health care students in Cuba
  207. Two Manipal colleges (KMC/AUA & Manipal)) to be derecognised
  208. PharmD to MD?
  209. International Medical School Symposium @ University of Toronto (Live Webcast!)
  210. US colleges that offer the 6 year B.S./M.D. program?
  211. Quantity of US Clinicals, Latin American Reputation
  212. An update on CMU
  213. Caribbean School Admission Question
  214. Does anyone know about 'Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons USA '
  215. Who admits people after DISMISSAL from US medical school?
  216. Are you looked down upon if you go outside the US to get your medical degree?
  217. AUA vs. Medical University of Lublin
  218. List of caribbean med school or any other foreign schools
  219. Aim-u
  220. AUA,SMU,or MUA???????
  221. University action..my chances at the big 3?
  222. Where the hell should I go to medical school PLEASE HELP!
  223. RE: Disapproved schools
  224. canada?
  225. work in OZ or UK
  226. review to keep federal loans
  227. What would you prefer?
  228. Med schools startin in Jan, Feb, March?
  229. Sending MCAT scores out
  230. Qsn abt ross and SGu
  231. W.H.O.= practice in India?
  232. Please Provide Your Opinion Regarding Some Very Basic Questions....
  233. What about CMU?
  234. Confused, Windsor or Sint Eustatius
  235. Don't have a good cGPA..Options?
  236. other medical schools in antigua?
  237. Medical essay vs Personal Statement
  238. International University - Cambodia... Please Help, Advice Needed
  239. Which med schools are accredited in North America??
  240. Your best bet on knew med schools
  241. BREIF BUT "A must read"
  242. "Attended" Grace School of Medicine. Now applying for fellowships
  243. CS Date Exchange (looking for any date before Sept 6, any center)
  244. transfering question
  245. group study in Toronto/GTA
  246. SkyScape for the IPHONE ;)
  247. How Does this work?
  248. Scandal in Trinidad on medical school scholarships
  249. Questions, lots of questions.
  250. Unsecured Loans for Medical Students

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