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  1. Advice Please
  2. residencies for Canadians
  3. Taking a semester off
  4. Need help!
  5. Comprehensive shelf exam stats
  6. Letter of verification
  7. Rejected from a school, should I stoop to a lower school?
  8. Senior in High School, questions about Med School.
  10. Carribean Med school with GPA of 2.5
  11. AIMU American International Medical University
  12. Interested in Caribbean/UK/Ireland/European Schools
  13. international transfer
  14. need pathology syllabus
  15. Guideline
  16. Practing in Bermuda
  17. pls answer
  18. KURSK University in Russia
  19. Medical Colleges In Philiphine
  20. How many schools are approved by ny?
  21. Did anyone watch this video?.
  22. UK/British Students
  23. non-clinical jobs for IMG
  24. Which medical school should i apply to based on my grades?
  25. Help! serious issue pls
  26. how many carib schools are there that...
  27. Med schools in US territories?
  28. caravans for sale
  29. Migration plans of Lebanese medical students
  30. how many fails per session
  31. Caribbean Medical Schools
  32. Questions about international Thai school raised
  33. When you "ignore" someone irritating . . . .
  34. Do admissions committee favor students that are selfpay compared to needing loan
  35. New medical school and hospital in Caymans
  36. Tantrum to maintain status quo!!!
  37. What are the reasons why med school is difficult?
  38. california list
  39. Did I just blow my chances at getting into the top 4 Carribean schools??
  40. SJSM vs AUA for psych
  41. private student loan for university of oradea, romania
  42. question about clinical rotations,
  43. Urgent Help..
  44. Gambia swears in new physicians
  45. Exempting core courses?
  46. Easiest Med Schools to get into
  47. Public schools abroad
  48. Need help.
  49. failed med school now what?
  50. Is there any 5th semester Program in the *NW*
  51. 9 students killed in Somalia at med school grauation
  52. Besides the best foreign schools, what else is good?
  53. Step 3 for Canadian students required b4 residency?
  54. What is the Cheapest Medical School?
  55. Legislation to Allow Foreign Universities Into India May Face New Delay
  56. States in U.S. that prohibit some Caribbean school grads from practicing
  57. What is the website to finding out what med schools abroad are approved by Canada.
  58. New Med School in Albania
  59. Must be able to prctice in CA Suggestion for best Medical School in the Caribbeans
  60. Residency requirements
  61. Xavier University School of medecine
  62. Experience with review courses?? Falcon/PASS??
  63. OB/GYN residency
  64. Are CA approved med schools approved in all 50 states?
  65. Respiratory Therapist Jobs in the Caribbeans
  66. working in Europe
  67. Difference between MBBS and MD?
  68. Manipal University
  69. Need your helpful suggestions
  70. Suck at math
  71. Canadian Boards
  72. New Medical School on Turks
  73. Positive sign for GME expansion
  74. Reputation
  75. Can anyone please advice!
  76. Invitation to University of Toronto's annual International Medical School Symposium
  77. Anyone in this situation?
  78. Studies in Greece
  79. US vs International med education?
  80. AIM-U St. Lucia
  81. MBBS then practicing in USA
  82. Brazilian wants to study medicine in the US.. Help?
  83. Applying for summer student placements
  84. Frazzled and Need Advice Please
  85. What is best option for US Citizen wanting to come back and practice in the US.
  86. Mbbs = md
  87. house job in foreigon country
  88. Map of the world's 2161 medical schools
  89. New 2009 article with Carib school/country usmle stats
  90. longtime lurker, first time poster...
  91. Step 1 in 2010
  92. Cultural Exchange
  93. Buy Brand New Original Unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB @ $350
  94. bad step1 score after good step2
  95. NPs: the future of primary care
  96. Help a Canadian out! Advice for going International most welcomed! :)
  97. Question for Canadians
  98. 6 year medical programs in UK/Ireland
  99. Anyone here going to school in Africa?
  100. West Indies and US medical license, How?
  101. Texas- new law
  102. Australia or canada?
  103. BRAZILIAN STUDENT would like an advice
  104. Does GREEN BOOK mean that...
  105. Record breaking medical school enrollment continues
  106. Residency slots trends
  107. Research paper about Caribbean medical schools
  108. Gap Year Question
  109. Depression among Medical Students
  110. 1/3 of Resdencies are in the state of NY
  111. Quick Question
  112. Distance learning programs for professionals
  113. Serious Advice, Need help
  114. Greetings!
  115. Serious Advice needed please
  116. A Quick Question! Please Help Me ! Won't Take you Long !
  117. 2 years in another country, 2 years (rotations) in US?
  118. Minister L. wants to close all medical schools in Netherlands Antilles
  119. Caribbean: Variability in Medical School Programs
  120. Important question for ALL Carib students
  121. Guaranteed Business Loans
  122. what is the cheapest college of medicine in america or UK?
  123. International medical graduates
  124. Transferring
  125. SOUTH FULTON CONSPIRACY-ALL students who rotated here please respond!
  126. Financial problem
  127. California Approved English Teaching Medical School
  128. Need advice about shadowing/volunteering
  129. VA Hospital ........
  130. Few Questions
  131. Medical School in Egypt
  132. States and their respective lists
  133. Notary and Apostille for Multiple Schools
  134. If you live in the USA, do NOT go to a foreign medical school !!!
  135. Dixon-Byrd Medical University Saint Kitts
  136. Help! Transferring out of AUC
  137. Which NBME form to take?
  138. Best premed program in the Carribean?
  139. Canadian wanting to apply to american school with lots of non academic
  140. Room in Brooklyn near Wyckoff to sublet
  141. MCATs Question URGENT!
  142. New USMLE Software for Exams
  143. New USMLE Software for Exams
  144. Thumbs down International school of medicine BIG TIME fraud - WATCH OUT!!!
  145. Tropical Storm Erica
  146. Transferring Student to US for MBBS
  147. Length of schooling in Carribean
  148. Is it too late to apply for Jan 2010 Semester???
  149. Tuition comparisons
  150. Terminated / Closing Offshore Medical Schools Pattern
  151. International American Universities
  152. Are there loans for canadian immigrants?
  153. help me please
  154. Burnett International University School of medicine
  155. Singapore govt letter on 'twinning' medical school programs
  156. How many schools in total did you all apply to?
  157. Do caribbean schools frown upon taking the MCAT more then twice?
  158. Question about transcripts
  159. Distance education medical school out here?
  160. Tropical Storm Ana and Invest 90
  161. partener to prepar usmle 2 CK
  162. need some help
  163. Please read.. about Mississippi
  164. Booze Cruise - TV Show
  165. Have loans? No problem!
  166. Pharm.D. Joining Military, Medical School?
  167. Couple of general questions regarding living on the islands
  168. Doctors in Cuba Start Over in the U.S.
  169. Belize’s exemplary but fictional medical school
  170. Hospital Cuts Reversed
  171. Am new member guys!!!
  172. MBA-MPH-MSc Options for MDs
  173. Question about when to take MCAT
  174. What Residency Must You Get To Become a Hair Transplant Surgeon?
  175. Application Process for Carribean Schools-HELP!
  176. Question about residency
  177. Help Me Narrow The List Of Schools!
  178. California the Great
  179. international electives
  180. Universidad Xochicalco 411
  181. Help! Please
  182. MCAT Requirement for "Offshore MDs" as a weak predictor
  183. California Gets Tough
  184. Marks In Medical School?
  185. Found Cheap Tickets For Toronto and GTA Students!!!!
  186. Why is MUA's 2009 match list so much smaller then Saba's?
  187. Cheating In Medical Schools?
  188. Australia vs Caribbeans vs Ireland / England
  189. Free tutoring by 99's, I'm serious
  190. Best school For 90-credit applicants?
  191. Tropical weather: Invest 97
  192. Why didn't I get into AUC and what are my chances in future schools?
  193. BEWARE - Caribbean Offshore Medical Schools
  194. Hospitals to give up 155 billion in medicaid and medicare payments...
  195. If only 40-50% of FMGs match into US residencies...
  196. What do you guys recomend for JAN Clinicals
  197. I am a new member
  198. Med School at UNIBE/Caribe (general questions)
  199. Med Schools with No Classroom Attendance Enforced
  200. Which would you prefer?
  201. Revised Personal Statement - Help With Grammar!!!!
  202. Need Assistance Revising My Personal Statement- Please Help!!!
  203. Best state for FMG residencies?
  204. Can i still apply for Jan 2010 class??
  205. Question about 4-Year Medicine Programmes
  206. Neurology after a Caribbean school
  207. pg in pediatrics in eu
  208. Canadian student line of credit
  209. BOOKS for sale!!!
  210. University of Seychelles
  211. Irish MD Programs: Top Choice for Canadians !!!
  212. University of Guyana wins accreditation from CAAM-HP
  213. UK GEP, DO or Carrib?
  214. NP to MD Transition program
  215. Cost of Clinical Education
  216. New med school in Aruba - IMED listed
  217. comparative chart between different Caribbean medical schools
  218. Caribbean Med School Vs. Other Foreign Medical Schools
  219. best medical universities in poland.
  220. What GPA and MCAT score one needs to get in the Caribbean Medical School?
  221. Can we use Mac-apple notebook in medical schools in caribbean?
  222. Any Que's or other Black Greeks on the island?
  223. Med School with no MCAT requirement and no attendance req.?
  224. free medical calculator
  225. Cry from a desperate mother.
  226. PA 16 years...Carib or DO or No?
  227. Lawsuit filed for defamation of Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara
  228. Transfer hopes--
  229. Indonesia controversy on foreign medical students
  230. UCD or St George's University?
  231. Elective rotations before core rotations?
  232. fms in ukraine seeking to work in d U.S any help?
  233. UCLA gets grant to help license Latin American med school grads
  234. Employment Between Graduation and Residency
  235. Washing state and IMG
  236. Is it possible to transfer to a Caribbean med school from a medical school in Europe?
  237. Funny Experience ;)
  238. No Residency for FMG. Is it true?
  239. dont want to practice in U.S./where should i go to school?
  240. US Med School "Rejects"
  241. URGENT- free housing electives needed
  242. Which school is better ST.George, AUC, or Ross?
  243. Best news ever
  244. Medical Students in Romania
  245. New medical school in Montserrat?
  246. Caribbean Medical Council Association (CAMC)
  247. Elective Rotations and CA
  248. What to do and where to go!!
  249. aprrovel matters or not???
  250. New Sra Lanka School attached to St. Theresas?

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