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  2. Just preparing for MCAT
  3. Is there anyone that went to school in Bologna and that got
  4. MD after Nursing degree
  5. high school to med school?
  6. Transfers
  7. Grace University Belize
  8. private loans-how's it going?
  9. LCME offshore school (non Canadian) believe it or not
  10. Cornell in Qatar!
  11. inspiring article
  12. Manipal
  13. Cornell in Qatar
  14. Irish med school opening new school in Bahrain
  15. [b]Top 3[/b]
  16. new med school
  17. administrators in medicine meeting 4-28-04 Arlington Va
  18. Why I would choose AUC as a last resort to education
  19. Caribbean students at Dalhousie in Canada
  20. Puerto Rico...
  21. Any hope for me?
  22. Cornell QATAR
  23. USMLE
  24. Anyone know what Credit Reporting Agency MedAchiever pulls f
  25. aism
  26. Canadian landed Immigrant's choices
  27. carolina
  28. loan question
  30. St James or St Matthews
  31. Loan Clauses
  32. WHO listing
  33. SMU is approved in NY
  34. varna medical university
  35. AUC, SABA, UAG. Need an opinion
  36. Anybody majored in Public Health in Medical School?? Can thi
  37. Is ACLS Hard?
  38. stay in USA or go away?
  39. Check this out
  40. Record numbers rejected by medical schools
  41. Couple of questions about Clinical Rotations
  42. what is equivalent about your medical school to a US based s
  43. MedAchiever and TERI loan
  44. Is this rather problematic..?
  45. laptop for med school?
  46. Regional Accreditation Board to be established for medical s
  47. figured out
  48. What about UNIBE's quality of medical education?
  49. Would you agree??
  50. safety of candor
  51. Residency in the UK
  52. Here's my dilemma
  53. Decing between Ireland or Caribbean med school - need to dec
  55. Help for foreign Med Grad
  56. my situation
  58. The Bahamas or Bermuda
  59. New med sch: Medical University of Bahrain - 10/03/2004
  60. Precedent?
  61. About the Medical College of London
  62. After the top 3 (Sgu, ross, auc) whats worth applying to???
  63. Alternate profession after MD+residency
  64. new medical school AUG?
  65. A letter to the administrators of this board.
  66. Connections of these schools is amazing
  67. Letters of Recommendation!!!
  68. got advise ?
  69. Indian Medical Schools
  70. FMG stereotype
  71. outsourcing teleradiology from USA
  72. MCAT and GPA
  73. Got my first rejection
  74. prospective students
  75. Take a Medical Training Survey
  76. Usaim
  77. CAHSU (Belize med school) and St Mary's school of medicine
  78. Hepatitis and Medical School
  79. ABC
  80. rocks
  81. April Newsletter
  82. Research on percentage of foreign trained staff members of U
  83. How do I know I have the intellectual capacity to study medi
  84. kigezi- an excellent education
  85. Yet another medical web site
  86. Atlantic Bridge & Irish Med School Stats
  87. St. George's opening DO school in Cuba!
  88. USLME passing scores for foreign med-school students, is thi
  89. The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine has exchange
  90. Is this real ?
  91. Some Clarification Please
  92. St-Lukes Info
  93. Any Tips on Studying for SHELF exams?
  95. Do Non-US IMGs need higher USLME scores for residency positi
  96. What is reqirement to be an IMG ACTIVE APPLICANT at the tim
  97. Not all doctors back adding Canada to licensing (hawaii and
  98. Medical societies report critical care crisis in United Stat
  99. Forensic Psychiatry questions from the other side.
  100. The Future of Carribean Medical Schools
  101. Does Medical school issuing the MD degree matter ?
  102. licensing issues post closure of school
  103. Foreign med school grads earn less?
  104. Prescription for a fresh start (foreign doctors getting regi
  105. Does age matter in getting a residency spot?
  106. Need advice
  107. MUST University
  108. (URGENT) How many hard copies of a LOR do i need ?
  109. [b]Official IMG stats ??[/b]
  111. St John's School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Montserra
  112. Avoid any university in Africa
  113. Rotations at Wyckoff, King's county, Brookdale, and Catholic
  114. 2004 Match Results--from scutwork
  115. Time dilemma
  116. Shelf Exams
  117. Clinical rotations outside the US
  118. National education private loans
  119. in debt from undergrad?
  120. Strange school this Xavier
  121. Disappering posts
  122. married and both about to attend medical school???
  123. looking for a caribbean medical school with residency in Cal
  124. UK
  125. My story (and maybe some advice) for those with less than st
  126. In at 3 Carib Schools so far.... any suggestions
  127. stafford loan borrowing limit has increased?
  128. The future of Caribbean diploma mills. (In my opinion)
  129. Advise required - MD or MBBS course
  130. Can loans cover 100% of expenses?
  131. what credit score do I need?
  132. is this timeline okay?
  133. Any advice for students about to start clinicals?
  134. Med School research requirement as requisite for state licen
  135. need some input
  136. Foreign medical schools
  137. Canadian MD moving to US
  138. Graduate Degrees and US Residency
  139. Solomon Islands says it hasn't approved new university (ano
  140. PM&R Residencies
  141. Glossary of Important Terms and Organizations
  142. Practising in Germany with US residency
  143. Kigezi students
  144. non-traditional students--some inspiration for you
  145. Happy Drs Day!
  146. A simple UNIBE question
  147. Kigezi School of Medicine Academic Calendar 04-05
  148. Gray's Anatomy
  149. Fast tracking?
  150. Are USMLE scores more important or medical school you choose
  151. Residency
  152. Supplements
  153. US Residency as an IMG: Is there a future in all of this?
  154. Harvard touch to Dubai's doctor training regime
  155. St Luke university school of medicine
  156. STATES Requiring ACGME core rotations?
  157. SGU best???
  158. MUA degree can not be used in the state of oregon.
  159. State of Oregon lists AAIMG as fraudulent...
  160. HELP PLEASE, 31 one year old wants to go to med school
  161. qusetion of interest
  162. IM Subspecialties
  163. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  164. Vaccinations
  165. It works now.
  166. READ THIS
  167. IMG issues upon returning to US
  168. Canadian student with 2 years university looking to attend p
  169. Medical schools aim for diversity
  170. No Residents, No Physicians
  171. here's a new one
  172. LCME duration requirements for medical degree
  173. Countries Determined to Have Comparable Accreditation Standa
  174. a medical makeover---an article about the texax medical boar
  175. Medical School Fraud in India
  176. Problem based learning?
  177. step 1 scores and GP
  178. masters in medical sciences
  179. source for information about matching residencies and IMGs
  180. please help..information needed
  181. Nicest website...
  182. Would it be appropriate...
  183. Broadband Phone Service
  184. Rotation in U.S.A. for European 6yr programs
  185. Should I even bother applying to med school w/ a dui on my r
  186. POLAND vs. AUC
  187. Difference between US med system and Australian/NZ med syste
  188. NYC Core Clinicals/Residency--SGU/ROSS/AUC/SABA--ANY OTHERS?
  189. IMG Friendly Cities
  190. 80% attendance rule
  191. The IMG "Stigma"
  192. How can Gay marriage help IMG's
  193. IN at AUC, IN at SABA... Going nuts trying to decide!
  194. UNIBE application form
  195. Loan Question
  196. Passed my boards ( whew !!!!! )
  197. What is the best PDA?
  198. UNIBE
  199. internationals in US med school
  200. ValueMD Shenanigans
  201. MUST Read books!!!
  202. I could use some advice.....
  203. Timing issues?
  204. King's University on Solomon Island
  205. Any Students From Latin America
  206. accident
  207. Gulf Medical College
  208. Irish Medical School site with available info on schools and
  209. any other universities
  210. SABA? or another?
  211. What counts for US clinical training?(hope not a silly quest
  212. "Great Spirits..."
  213. Download our Newsletter!
  214. Info from Residency PDs
  215. Stop the Nonsense
  216. US govt office sets up 'fake UK' medical school to test stud
  217. STUDENT LOANS and Foreign Schools-Assessing Risks (US Govt.
  218. Anybody heard of Jordanian University of Medicine?
  219. University of Guyana for school leavers/Graduates/people tra
  220. Request to ECFMG credentials committee for clarification on
  221. I have a serious questions
  222. now the wait begins...
  223. Career Change?
  224. Join The Law Suit Against Windsor
  225. How come no one mentions Italian med schools or even U.K. or
  226. Radio Show on Carib. Med Schools today at 12 noon East Coast
  227. no worries
  229. new website for IMG news and information
  230. It's very intresting-->http://www.hindu.com/2004/02/10/st
  231. Letter to state medical boards/license testing programs
  232. 2.46/24, any ideas for schools?
  233. SonsofJafeth and Vader.......
  234. dealing with anxiety and depression while in medical school
  235. St. Martinus University Curacao
  236. Class action against Windsor...
  237. Long-awaited medical school to open doors (antigua)
  238. What are the chances?...
  239. new med schools in Bonaire and Aruba?
  240. University of the West Indies
  241. I just dont know....
  242. AISM any Info????IS IT REAL?
  243. Doing some thinking....
  244. usenet group and faq about medical school
  245. Medicine Places for Poor Students
  246. Hospital/School Affiliations
  247. Poland
  248. Proposal to allow medical profs 5 years to pass tests irks d
  249. Before I slit my throat and die.....
  250. AISM any Info????

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