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  23. Facts please
  24. The "New" International University of Health Sciences (IUHS)
  25. Politics of education and social control-who is behind it?
  26. Court ruling on case in UK of IUHS grad
  27. How are you paying for tuition at IUHS?
  28. I am planning on attending
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  30. IUHS has NO connection with UEIMS. It is IUHS only.
  31. Medical Council Of India Vs IUHS students from India at Kerala High Court
  32. Inviting for Suggestion about Chiropractic
  33. Chicago housing
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  35. acupuncture and moxibustion
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  37. Supreme Court Judgment on UEIMS students (Indian) Provisional Registration Internship
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  39. Mentor
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  50. Important questions for IUHS, please answer as accurately as possible :)
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  54. Costs of study in IUHS
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  56. What are my chances?
  57. School is a joke
  58. Dont fall for iuhs!!it is a scam!!
  59. Going or not going that is the problem
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  62. Dentists at IUHS
  63. IUHS Open?
  64. Scooter 150cc 2007 runs better than new everything included
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  66. Does IUHS have a Jiu jitsu Club?
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  69. Will you get licenced? final try
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  71. Online education degree - what do you think of it?
  72. Why this school?
  73. I really need help!
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  75. How to Study Medicine
  76. IUHS and Licensing
  77. Intoduction to IUHS
  78. The University of the Future for Professional Students
  79. Legit?
  80. article on academic dean of IUHS
  81. is there any news recent?
  82. A current opinion
  83. current students/residents/grads
  84. What states will license a IUHS graduate
  85. want to be a surgeon ?
  86. Pls check this site to check up on the iuhs resident working there
  87. What are your thoughts finally a IUHS Resident
  88. What are your thoughts finally a IUHS Resident
  89. Why all the hate for IUHS?
  90. Looks Shady
  91. IUHS Affiliations!
  92. U.K. students beware!
  93. Are there actual lectures at IUHS? or all Internet?
  94. Ueims - Iuhs
  95. How long and how many?
  96. Residency Confirmed
  97. Residency, Licensing
  98. Canada
  99. Hey where is IUHS4 ?
  100. Does anyone have any guidelines..
  101. New GMC ruling on IUHS
  102. HEY IUHS4where is the match list for IUHS
  103. Have any alumni received limited licenses required for residency in Massachussetts?
  104. Improving Online education
  105. Assumptions- READ THIS!
  106. Taking on IUHS
  107. London med school IS IUHS? :S
  108. help help with job
  109. What are "pre-clinical electives"?
  110. Doing the entire basic sciences....ONLINE?
  111. LIcensing
  112. any idea about UEIMS?
  113. Is this place still there
  114. ive been gone for a year but i keep getting phone calls
  115. humm
  116. current IUHS student
  117. All ex students from iuhs
  118. what do state boards look at when applying for licensure
  119. can i practice in Ky?
  120. is this the same univ as UNIV.OF HEALTH AND SCIENCES OF ANTI
  121. Valuable Resource: FREE Laptop, iPod, Archos PVP
  122. To ALL IUHS Students...
  123. What's the real story???
  124. An open invitation to current IUHS students...
  125. Is IUHS internet based program accredited in the US?
  126. what is the latest on iuhs
  127. gpa sucks do I have a chance?
  128. Tropical Storm Ivan
  129. last words
  130. the truth about IUHS from student who was there.
  131. Acceptance of On Line Program
  132. is this school affiliated with UHSA
  133. hello Every one
  134. hard evidence ...ueims iuhs banned in california..
  135. Hi, whats up?
  136. IUHS Forum Users
  137. the wolf might change the pelt
  138. well their web adress must have changed or i got them to clo
  139. New York State Medical Board
  140. Looks like serious students are doing well (is this school I
  141. people duped by IUHS UNITE
  142. iuhs in india....ueims ...facts..!!
  143. Uses Internet Technology to teach medicine?
  144. well people that are considering IUHS
  145. IUHS raises its head again in England with a new website
  146. an open letter to IUHS.
  147. can anyone tell me , in which all states iuhs is banned, wit
  148. is IUHS a scam.............
  149. sorry abut the spelling but damn keyboard sucks
  150. to aLL curent present and past medical students in IUHS. I
  151. Where are the moderators?
  152. IUHS accredited through May 14, 2005
  153. Question about License in Florida
  154. Yoko Ono should visit IUHS
  155. This must be the worst forum EVER
  156. so i guess our mission is done they are out of the scaming f
  157. IUHS to set up casino
  158. IUHS views from students?
  159. How do they know??
  160. London Medical College, part of IUHS
  161. From a Resident
  162. All US states do not recognize IUHS Grads - Do Not be Fooled
  163. people do not be fooled .... They might say that they had a
  164. Hard Questions
  165. IUHS parent company restrained from taking students in India
  167. [quote]i am not lying................i swear to you SCAM
  168. this school is a total scam people do not get fooled
  169. IUHS still open?
  170. IUHS Online Program
  171. London medical college?
  172. any scores
  173. State Licensing?
  174. Good Luck