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  1. Atlantic University School of Medicine St. Lucia
  2. Great Medical School!!!!!!!
  3. Important information from ecfmg that impacts you
  4. What is going on
  5. Interested in May 2017
  6. http://bodyprohealth.com/lorevive/
  7. Which states can AUSM grads secure residency in?
  8. Clinical rotations in New York & Connecticut
  9. Any other schools that don't require USMLE's?
  10. Transferring to AUSOM
  11. Male Roommate for Next semester
  12. Adventist health care system rotations
  13. Integrated curriculum????
  14. Clinical rotations in Connecticut
  15. Female Housemate for December / January
  16. Ausom sept 2016
  17. Female Roomate for September 2016
  18. Male Roommate Needed For September 2016 Semester
  19. PM Fall 2016
  20. Online degree programs offering Financial aid
  21. Perfect Opportunity To Assure Hit With Admission Essay Writing Service
  22. Looking for a roommate for winter semester- Jan 2016.
  23. Chicago-South Loop-Studio apartment for sublease or extend the lease
  24. Best review program in the US
  25. MedAppRx - Residency Application Editing by Doctors, for Doctors
  26. September PM1
  27. MD1- August 31st 2015
  28. Question on overall class schedule
  29. Clinical Rotations
  30. A Note of Thanks to AUSOM
  31. Looking for other MD 3 students
  32. Photos of AUSOM and Rodney Bay Area
  33. Suggestions for MD1 student??
  34. May 2015 Students and Housimg
  35. Transfer Student
  36. AUSOM vs UMHS
  37. Practicing Doctors from AUSOM
  38. Looking for male roomate for january 2015 semester
  39. anyone around? about to submit an app
  40. Seeking advice on apt rental
  41. looking for roommate for september semester
  42. current premed 2 students
  43. housing help
  44. Room mate
  45. Some Basic Questions For ALL CURRENT AUSOM Students.
  46. For MD 1 students starting May 2014
  47. May 2014 MD
  48. Ausom
  49. Curious about MD5 in Chicago?...Read on..
  50. Ausom or iau or cmu
  51. Applying for May2014 PREMED Program .
  52. Housing
  53. Free health clinics
  54. Roommate
  55. Private loans or funds for medical students.
  56. Thinking about transferring
  57. anyone need a roommate
  58. Major dilemma
  59. Current Student at AUSOM...
  60. More successful AUSOM students reporting back to us
  61. Hyde Park, Chicago- 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT FOR RENT
  62. Jan. 2014?
  63. I heard we are going to NBME exams for finals?
  64. What are my chances?
  65. Residency update
  66. STOP defaming my daughter
  67. Killer path exam today
  68. New student starting Sept 2013
  69. AUSOM Facilities
  70. Wow, what an upgrade.
  71. What I don't have to deal with anymore at Atlantic University SOM
  72. Get Your Facts Folks!!
  74. Current Student looking for someone to rent an apt with.
  75. Students taking classes at Davenport, please open!!!
  76. Planning on a transfer to AUSOM
  77. Atlantic university school of medicine thank you
  78. Want to come to AUSOM?...Trust me..you WONT regret it!
  79. Want to come to AUSOM?...Trust me..you WONT regret it!
  80. Are You About To Start School In St. Lucia? (Please Read Below)
  81. Affordable Student Housing
  82. One Bedroom Apt. for New Student December 2012
  83. Are Books Used for Class?
  84. anyone resuming for jan 2013 semesters?
  85. advice for incoming students
  86. Housing .... Things you should know about housing in St. Lucia before you come
  87. Housing
  88. List of Things to Get for School
  89. Housing Advise / Airport Transportation for May 2012 students
  90. Is There Really a Campus?
  91. Things you should know about housing in st. Lucia before you come
  92. Australia
  93. Is ASUOM accredited by the state of California?
  94. Quick Overview of the school from a new MD1 student
  95. Quick Overview of the school from a new MD1 student
  96. Housing for now
  97. New Students january 2012 semester please open
  98. Studying Tips for students
  99. HOUSING for JAN2010
  100. After the 5th semester
  101. Housing information
  102. On sale white Samsung:Galaxy SII (I9100)-Apple Tablet iPad 2 64GB,Iphone 4s 32gb
  103. Tax on books
  104. MD1 January 2012
  105. New student
  106. Costs advice from those there
  107. Anyone starting MD-1 in SEPT 2011?
  108. What's happening at AUSOM
  109. Number of students
  110. Usmle Step 2 preparation
  111. an observer
  112. Is this school for real?
  113. Anything New?
  114. 5th semester?
  115. St. Lucia Debates on Location of US Medical School
  116. Opposition leaders youtube video on offshore schools
  117. AUSOM housing and cost of living?
  118. Atlantic University School of Medicine AUSOM
  119. Omg
  120. AUSOM is Not Being Upfront
  121. st. lucia approval???
  122. Starting class of May 2011
  123. To All The Haters
  124. Do not go to Windsor.
  125. anyone been to this school for more than a year
  126. General warning to all posters in the AUSOM forum....
  127. A Chiropractor's story.
  128. Open House - Feb. 26-27
  129. The best decision I ever made....
  130. AUSOM school
  131. Do not go to Atlantic