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  1. Poland Vs. Czech Republic
  2. Western Schools
  3. NEED HELP!! European Medical Schools
  4. PLAB v. USMLE
  5. PreMed
  6. Americans practicing in the EU
  7. Advice to find a good University for a medical residency in Ukraine or Romania
  8. whats the status for uk citizens with overseas mbbs?
  9. Help with entrance to study Medicine in EUROPE..GURANTEED
  10. What is the Medical School in Belgrade, Serbia like?
  11. For the other med students out there, which text/s are you guys using for Pathology?
  12. Malta Medical SChool
  13. UK Students wanted...
  14. Medical schools in Europe
  15. Finding a job after graduating from EU
  16. Semmelweis University Dental School - Budapest, Hungary
  17. European Dental Schools
  18. how to complete pg in german?
  19. mbt shoes of masai-mbt.com?
  20. Romanian Or Russian Med School?
  21. Upgrade from family medecine to a medical speciality in Europe?
  22. information for postgraduation ..master in surgery .MS
  23. Medical residency in sweden
  24. 3rd yr. SUCH A TORTURE!
  25. anyone going for premedical at the third faculty
  26. Way too burned out period.
  27. Odessa State Medical University Horror
  28. Regarding Polish medical schools
  29. Anyone in Tbilisi?
  30. Dental School in Europe! PLS HELP!
  31. Lviv National Medical School, UKRAINE!
  32. High GPA, very low MCAT..
  33. USA citizens in Ukraine Med Schools?
  34. European options for a US student
  35. General questions about school abroad (RSMU)
  36. Good 6 year programs
  37. The University of Malta
  38. Give me your device ( which i choose ) !!!plz
  39. Medicine in Portugal?
  40. The U.S. sucks
  41. bad grades, any chance of Med school?
  42. Zagreb Uni- Visa information for all non Croatian nationals or Citizens
  43. help! need info about anesthesiology residency in netherland
  44. native language programs recommendations
  45. Medical Education in Ukraine
  46. Ressource to apply to the UK and Ireland
  47. need some help please?
  48. HelloOoOoO :)
  49. hi.hlp plz
  50. Transfers from caribbean universities
  51. odessa state medical university
  52. Eastern Europe MD with UK clinical rotations?
  53. Surgery Summer Camp
  54. Educational attitude
  55. Spanish Medical Schools?
  56. Italian Med School & PLUS Loan
  57. The road to the US
  58. 6 year programs
  59. current HOPE and AIM students in us clinical
  60. Notes to study Beginner Organic Chemistry/ Biochemistry for a soon to be med/pharm
  61. slovakia Medical schools
  62. Any students in us clinical rotaions from AIM or HOPE?
  63. Italian Medical Schools
  64. Planning to return to the US?
  65. BSMU- Bukovinian State Medical University in Ukraine
  66. Few Questions: French Medical schools
  67. Medicine in France?
  68. Romanina Med school application
  69. Medical & dental schools in Europe
  70. Medical school in Germany?
  71. Latvian medical degree
  72. Kaplan's Free USMLE Webinar on Thursday 19th March
  73. Latvian Medical University
  74. Questions regarding the RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)
  75. Russian Medical School Admission Assistance
  76. Need Help Picking a European School!!!
  77. most popular choice for international students in europe!
  78. One month clerkship in Spain
  79. Which European Med School Known in N.America?
  80. entrance test help
  81. Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice - help me to choose
  82. transfer from a uk medical school
  83. Activated Nigella sativa (Original Baraka) is a safe and potent antiviral th
  84. your opinions on LSMU???
  85. what are the requirements to become a doctor!
  86. medical university in europe
  87. need some help friends
  88. Usmle
  89. Can an American attend EU med school, then live and work there?
  90. dissection of cadavers
  91. Charles university or Jagiellonian university
  92. American wanting to work as a Physician in Europe
  93. Any info on SOURCE AMERICA
  94. GT Popa in Iasi
  95. Medical University in Ukraine ?
  96. Could someone please exaplain...
  97. Agents?
  98. getting into schools in europe easily
  99. Studying in Szeged-Hungary
  100. physics in first yr of 6yr programmes
  101. short term admission?
  102. Is it very difficult to learn romanian in 3 years?
  103. Not going to ROmania.
  104. How to apply in Spain.
  105. Medical School in Europe from the USA
  106. Should I even bother?
  107. Belgrade University School of Medicine
  108. rostov medical university
  109. Need names of good universities in europe or russia that teaches medicine in english
  110. Making the decision - help!
  111. Moldova University of Medicine N. Testemitsanu - any first hand experience?
  112. england or america?
  113. In a pickle
  114. Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia
  115. Fees
  116. Med in Austria...
  117. Fake Latvian Internship Certificates And Useless Residency Certificates--- Be Warned.
  118. Impossible Licensing Exam
  119. Books of MD & MBBS
  120. Post Grad courses in Belgium, Bulgaria and Germany.
  121. Help!!
  122. Loans !!
  123. Urgent help for transfer to european med school
  124. Orthopaedics in Germany
  125. In Europe, Russia or Asia?
  126. Applying To Zaghreb
  127. Overseas no guarantee to practice medicine, Canadian licensing group warns
  128. U.S & Canada Students
  129. guys , i've found something weird
  130. What do you recommend?
  131. The treatment information of Liver diseases
  132. what should i do ?
  133. anybody wanna share their med school experiences so far??
  134. Transferring back to the UK
  135. Medical schools in Germany, and Berlin
  136. Malta
  137. help please
  138. What Do I Do About This????
  139. Should I study in Europe?
  140. Hungary vs. Poland in calibur of education
  141. Questions For All European Schools
  142. 4 year med programs
  143. Medical School Ranks
  144. Medical Schools In Spain Who Teach In English
  145. Lsmu
  146. oh students please help your co-student...!
  147. Wroclaw(wroclaw medical university) or Szczecin(Pomeranian Medical University)?
  148. Hey .. situation to be solved here..
  149. Help.. on Moldova State University of Medicine and Pharmacy N. Testemitsanu
  150. wich school should I choose
  151. United States Residency.
  152. Greek Schools?
  153. Canadian Students wanting to stay in Europe
  154. Help!!
  155. Your Opinions Of Your SCHOOLS...
  156. Calling all Irish Students
  157. Med Studies in Italy and France?
  158. Medical Studies in Spain
  159. Hungary versus Poland
  160. Orthopedics in Europe?
  161. German Med Schools
  162. Purose of boards? Easy admittance or euro-desire?
  163. German med schools
  164. When to apply?
  165. What european countries accept an american residency degree for fellowship education?
  166. I work at a teaching hospital.....can/should I use my connects to get a clerkship?
  167. Western Europe Doctor Shortages
  168. Medical Studies in France
  169. Medical Studies in France
  170. Which Schools allow students to return back to the US for Clinical rotations?
  171. Where can I discuss surgery?
  172. Information About Wroclaw Medical University Please Help!!!
  173. So many questions
  174. looking for universities who teaches post graduation in english
  175. Help!!- U of Zagreb - new English Med program
  176. paediatric residentship in paris
  177. How is Odessa State Medical university
  178. Transfer information needed
  179. Irish student looking overseas
  180. Inquiry: MCAT during Medical School
  181. Surgery Residency in Switzerland
  182. difficult situation-all advice is welcome
  183. Residency in Europe
  184. European Ph.D equivalent to US fellowship??
  185. wanting to go to european medical school.
  186. YES!!! got through
  187. Germany or Eastern Europe
  188. Need an advice
  189. Anyone heard of NIS University in Serbia?
  190. information for transfer from polan
  191. Transfer...The best option is?
  192. Elective info for Austrian med students
  193. ATTENTION: med schools in Europe, then what's awaiting?
  194. ATTENTION: Med schools in Europe?
  195. Looking for English Language Programs....
  196. classants - france
  197. zagreb medical school
  198. What should I do?! Help please!
  199. Calling all PAVLOV Medical school students- english medium medicine
  200. cardiology specialization
  201. Charles or Semmelweis?
  202. Stay in Prague/ Come back to U.k
  203. U. Zagreb SOM
  204. Canadian Loans for EU?
  205. why did u pick a European School
  206. Do MCAT preps prepare you for the A levels?
  207. An Exception to the Rule About "Evil" Brokers
  208. strange - hello
  209. What happened to NeilC?
  210. student loans
  211. Matching Results
  212. Which is the best option?
  213. newbie needs help
  214. 6-Year Programs in Eastern Europe?
  215. medical licenses
  216. acceptance into 6 year programs
  217. Couple of Questions from a newbie...
  218. European Clinicals
  219. UKRAINE .... for Post graduate studies
  220. Are there any people that attend Latvia Medical School
  221. Prepatory course?
  222. summer electives
  223. Berosh drops - need help!
  224. Hello! I need help
  225. In need of advise
  226. Eastern European Medical Schools
  227. Quick Question
  228. Best schools in Eastern Europe for General Practitioners
  229. Descision Making Please advice
  230. MD salaries in the EU?
  231. What eastern/central europe med schools are 4 yr programs?
  232. Looking for med schools in Netherland, France, Italy, Switzerland taught in English
  233. Ukrainian Medical Universities
  234. Crimea S.M.University, Lugansk S.M University
  235. rotation questions please
  236. Need Some Advice PLS!
  237. want to meet the current students in Prague and Budapest
  238. tablet PC in Europe, usefull???
  239. Caribean or Eastern Europe for med school??
  240. 6 yr vs 4 yr
  241. Medical degree age limit????
  242. Erasmus
  243. looking for Hope
  244. What specialties benefit from a EE school rather than US PBL
  245. Medical degree for $1300 a year!
  246. medical school probs!
  247. living in the EU...
  248. Italian medical schools
  249. Accepted to Hope Medical Institute (HMI) / Questions
  250. ive been reduced to a what are my chances thread

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