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  1. END of the GEM in Poland !
  2. Questions about test and interview for D.D.S. program
  3. Pums 2020-2024
  4. Incoming Students Facebook group
  5. Interviewing Feb 2019 for PUMS
  6. Accreditation in US?
  7. Some questions about the interview/entrance exam (2018)
  8. 2018 Applicants
  9. Financial Aid
  10. Interview/Entrance Exam 2017
  11. PUMS PharmD - Questions
  12. Accepted into PUMS. Question: Should I go there? Suggestions?
  13. PUMS vs MUW
  14. London Interview
  15. Transferring money overseas
  16. 6 year M.D. in October. Class of 2022
  17. 2016 interviews
  18. How much does the science test weigh into whether or not we are accepted?
  19. Poznan 4 year MD Interview Fee 2015
  20. Need opinions on applying!
  21. PUMS is greedy
  22. What are my chances of being accepted for the physiotherapy program?
  23. PUMS PharmD program
  24. Renovated 3-rooms apartment for rent in Poznan
  25. Waitlist Questions
  26. Current and former students
  27. Dorms
  28. 6 Year MD starting this upcoming October
  29. This school is garbage
  30. Question concerning clinical classes
  31. 2 Bedroom Apartment for rent near PUMS
  32. For prospective DDS students. DO NOT GO TO POZNAN!
  33. Chances? 6year medical
  34. Basic Questions
  35. Furnished 2 bedroom apartment on Ułańska street, close to PUMS
  36. books for sale from first to 4th year.
  37. Furnished Apartment for Rent on Wojskowa
  38. Chances of acceptance
  39. Where to get? How to ship? Do I need them all?
  40. Book list 2014
  41. Erasmus as an International Student
  42. PUMS vs Lodz vs Semmelweis
  43. securing US elective rotations
  44. PUMS Incoming class 2014 Facebook Group
  45. question for 4 year medical students
  46. Canadian students studying at PUMS - OSAP
  47. 4 year MD can you come back and work in the UK or has GMC accreditation expired!
  48. Room for rent near PUMS .
  49. PUMS DDS Incoming Class of 2014
  50. PUMS DDS Incoming Class 2014
  51. Transferring to Poznan and Direct Loans
  52. If you have any questions, let me know! :)
  53. High School to Med School
  54. poznan general advice
  55. interview & written exam
  56. Applying with Misdemeanor
  57. Transferring to Poznan rm within Poland?
  58. Quick rant/warning against the school
  59. Life at Poznan University 4 year Med Program?
  60. What is the earliest I can take my final exams?
  61. 4-year MD program- interview
  62. Pre-Study Course 2013/14 and Booklist
  63. Chances of getting into medical prog or physiotherapy????
  64. PUMS Incoming Class of 2013!
  65. Poznan vs. Jag?
  66. Poznan University of Medical Sciences - 5 DDS Acceptance Letters
  67. PUMS interview and also about multiple choice questions
  68. Looking for an apartment in poznan
  69. Beko WMB 51231 PL PT Washing Machine For sale
  70. Status on Federal Loan Approval
  71. Accepted to PUMS 6 year MD program class of 2019!
  72. New 59 square meters appt for rent 5 Wojskowa street.
  73. PUMs DDS 2013
  74. Interview Fee
  75. Ice Hockey in Poznan
  76. Poznan OR Gdansk
  77. Poznan interview 2013-2014 (need your help pleeez )
  78. my experience at PUMS 1st year/4MD
  79. Accepted for 4year MD, starting August 2013
  80. Apartment to rent close to Medical University.
  81. Which site is the real one?!
  82. Interview Questions
  83. Hours of classes?
  84. Poznan University - Interview
  85. Where can I purchase a weighing scale?
  86. Apartment to rent close to University on Wojskowa street
  87. living expenses at pozman
  88. Kantor
  89. Buying a Galaxy S III in Poznan
  90. Are there blacks at pozman
  91. 6 Year MD Freshman
  92. Freshmen Pub Crawl
  93. Help!!!!
  94. Re: Looking for Accommodation to rent in Poznan
  95. books for 4md 6md program;histo, biochem,anatomy,neuroscience, patho, pathophys
  96. 6 Year M.D accepted for 2012/2013
  97. Room for rent near pums
  98. Any advice for an interview ??
  99. looking for potential roommate
  100. Apartment for rent for Students located close to PUMS (Poznan)
  101. Re: A question on lectures
  102. School Is Not Putting Through My Student Loans?
  103. Uk students applying to Poznan?
  104. Entrance Requirements PUMS
  105. Entrance Exam :/
  106. 3 room apartment close to Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  107. PUMS lost FAFSA due to low USMLE?
  108. Anyone else going to medical interview in Chicago at the end of February? Any advice?
  109. Future PUMS student looking for apartment
  110. Room for rent near Medical University.
  111. Harassed By Administration At This University?
  112. El questionisto.
  113. First Year DDS student here! If u have any questions i should be able to help
  114. Acceptances for the year 2012/2013 6 Year MD
  115. Can I do my clinical rotations in Canada or the U.S. if I join Karol Marcinkowski ?
  116. How did the interviews go for the people who took it in December2011?
  117. when will we know anything about FAFSA?
  118. Accidents happen
  119. Interview December 2011 6 Year HSMD
  120. UK applicants need SAT?
  121. PUMS Application - SAT Score
  122. What are my realistic chances ?
  123. Poznan, a good idea? Application/Admission questions
  124. how are You doing med1 ??
  125. 5year DDS program
  126. 6yrs medical program
  127. Medical Books [for sale]
  128. Computer repair in Poznan
  129. Magic Jack in the dorms
  130. Anyone going to be in Aspirynka--4yr md?
  131. Travelling within Poland
  132. Tell Your Loved Ones How Much You Love Them Day On Monday
  133. 4th Year Rotations Question
  134. Hotels in Poznan
  135. Inquiry About Dean's Office Vacations
  136. MCAT scores
  137. loss of eligibility for direct loan program
  138. Poznan or Gdansk?
  139. On average, when do Poznan students take the USMLE Step 1 for 4 year program?
  140. Research Positions
  141. Questions from an new student, 2011
  142. Health Insurance
  143. Payment Options
  144. Pre-Study Course, 6MD
  145. Beware
  146. Two questions regarding Dentistry at PUMS. Please help.
  147. When is it too late to apply for Sept. 2011 class?
  148. taking a year off..?
  149. Questions regarding studying Dentistry at PUMS. Please Help!
  150. Residency placement or clinical elective agreement by pums
  151. Books
  152. NORWEGIANS living currently in Poznan wanted for voice recordings
  153. facebook group
  154. Documents for Official acceptance letter
  155. Poznan interview science questions
  156. Pre-Study Course Books
  157. Waiting list
  158. Apartment for Rent 5 minutes from Collegium Anatomicum
  159. interview ...
  160. Questions for current american students.
  161. 5 year DDS Poznan
  162. Anybody know when is the last day of classes before christmas break?
  163. Long Term Student Visa.
  164. Looking for female flatmate in Poznan
  165. Poznan Interview for 4 year MD on June 13 2011
  166. Health Insurance Enquiry
  167. Poznan 2015 - 4yr program application/interview
  168. electives
  169. 6yr MD PUMS Questions
  170. Where did you send your applications to in the US
  171. Applying to PUMS two questions.
  172. Is anyone going for an interview in May?
  173. Dormitory suggestions for Poznan
  174. Congrats on being accepted....
  175. Questions about Gross Anatomy
  176. Ranking dormitories.
  177. Acceptance Letter Thread
  178. Advice With Dealing With Administration
  179. Which edition of Clinically Oriented Anatomy to get?
  180. School is
  181. Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants,... information
  182. Is there internet in the dorms?
  183. Room for rent for next year!!
  184. Polish Intentionally Sabotaging Students?
  185. Who is admin on this site (like works for the school)?
  186. Have The Wages Of Polish Doctors Increased Above The Norm?
  187. Where can I find the semester start dates?
  188. A question to those who were interviewed recently...
  189. average stats of those admitted
  190. deferment
  191. Warning: Transferring Out
  192. How does it work for PUMS students?
  193. ISO Advice on picking a phone service.
  194. Interview on March 20th
  195. 2011 match results?
  196. interview
  197. PUMS Interview - 6-year Program
  198. Increasing Tuition Fees
  199. Orientation Information
  200. Looking for advice on travel.
  201. SAT and other info.
  202. Who does the interview?
  203. [PharmD] Getting Licesned in order to return to USA/CANADA
  204. Are you comming?
  205. Who is responsible for admissions?
  206. Background Check On The Admission's Council In Order To Improve Chances Of Acceptance
  207. Stafford Loans Being Cut
  208. Whoever got accepted into Poznan, what were your high school grade averages?
  209. How do you prepare for the Poznan interview?
  210. Failed Interview?
  211. nbmes and polish laug course
  212. Poznan University of Medical Sciences Interview Questions?
  213. Why Are Polish Doctors Underpaid?
  214. Do Background Check On Administration In Order To Increase Employment Opportunities?
  215. To Anyone who Recently Applied...
  216. Background Checks? I noticed something weird.
  217. Flight Records Access By Doctors?
  218. Does the Dean Report to the President of Poland?
  219. Which U.S hospitals does PUMs medical students do their 16 weeks clinical electives?
  220. 6 yr or 4 yr program?
  221. Health Certificate For Poznan Application
  222. Apartment to rent clos to PUM Poznań
  223. How about MCAT??
  224. An appartment for PUMS students
  225. transfer students
  226. Come To PUMS Ladies!
  227. Is anyone here....
  228. Cracow or Poznan ?
  229. Poznan entrance requirements
  230. coffe shops in Poznan?
  231. Current PUMS students
  232. No More Loan Forgiveness For OSAP, sorry Canadians
  233. Interview results
  234. Some things to be aware of before coming to Poznan...
  235. 4-year MD Program Requirements
  236. Have a Hospital summer internship in Poznan!
  237. Did anyone receive there loans for 2010-11?
  238. Quiet?
  239. Polish for foreigners
  240. Cost of Attending
  241. New Blog
  242. Fellow Applicants...
  243. Poland vs Puerto Rico MD Schools
  244. December Interview
  245. December Interview
  246. Poznan DDS
  247. How many poeple are accepted?
  248. Transfers?
  249. Anyone here applying?
  250. I heard a student caused the student rep to drop out?