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  1. IAU Medical Students Conduct Breast Health Awareness Themed Public Heath Outreach Day
  2. Student Assignment: Essay on my experience at the student run clinic on Breast Cancer
  3. Transferring to the Clinical Program
  4. Baltimore Clinical Campus
  5. Chicago-South Loop-Studio apartment for sublease or extend the lease
  6. 2 Bedroom Apt availabe: Chicago
  7. Beautiful apartment available in Hyde Park Chicago
  8. 1 Furnished Bedroom available in Chicago from May - June/July. All utilies included.
  9. Room available Shreveport, LA - Brentwood $100/wk
  10. chicago housing
  11. St Lucia Hotels
  12. Med 5 transfer?
  13. Green book rotation issues
  14. Texas! - Can we do rotations or practice?
  15. New York clinical sites
  16. any news from New York??
  17. housing question
  18. Boston residency????
  19. Wait Time Between Clinicals?
  20. New York Rotations!
  21. Greenbook surgery rotation in Chicago
  22. transfer into clinicals
  23. Anyone from iau clinicals?
  24. Peds question
  25. Clinical Situation! Please answer.
  26. clinicals in NY
  27. Questions you need to ask
  28. pass rate for boards
  29. Considering transferring to IAU for clinicals, any advice??
  30. New clinical site!!!!!!!!
  31. Warning for those in clinicals
  32. question
  33. harbor hospital and other things
  34. Textbook list of Kursk State Medical University
  35. Updated hospital list for 2008 please
  36. harbor hospital
  37. Ohio sites
  38. Please add new clinical sites here
  39. clinical sites