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  1. Need information!!!
  2. Moving to Hungary one step at a time
  3. anything about pecs or pecs university
  4. 2 rooms apartment for rent perfact for 2 students
  5. Irish Student heading to Pecs
  6. An entirely non-medical/partly medical school-related question
  7. University of Debrecen Exam + Interview
  8. Flat 3 mins from SOTE library!!
  9. anatomy summer course
  10. Erasmus Semmelweis - Christmas break and other doubts. help please!
  11. Flatmates
  12. Semmelweis age limit?
  13. Semmelweis freshers 2010
  14. No more Direct Loan in Hungary,
  15. exam course fee?
  16. some information pls
  17. Hungary (pecs) racism?
  18. UK and US Students going to study Dentistry in Semmelweis
  19. Just Accepted - Semmelweis Dentistry (LOTs of questions)
  20. Chem being pain in my ***.
  21. direct entry into 2nd year medicine or dentistry at szeged
  22. Erasmus in Semmelweis Uni
  23. Confused and need help
  24. Dentistry Program in Hungary
  25. Help!!! What do people think about studying dentistry in hungary??
  26. Debrceen: entrance exam and interview
  27. Texas Medical Board License for Hungarian Medical Grad
  28. I am looking for a sample of exam
  29. advice on cost of living in szeged
  30. University of Debrceen
  31. Semmelweis University help
  32. planning to study medicine in hungary
  33. Transfer to debrecen?
  34. bachelor degree before Hungary dental school admission
  35. Oral examinations
  36. looking for a part time job in budapest
  37. Hungary medical uni foreign students experiences
  38. Rooms for rent
  39. residency after med school
  40. Quite a few questions please help asap
  41. Can I acquire residency in the U.S. after graduating from Hungary?
  42. Chemistry nightmare, hell ( uni of szeged)
  43. ROOMS & STUDIO for rent Budapest Downtown
  44. How developed those Hungarian med schools?
  45. ERASMUS - Semmelweis?
  46. About using agent for admission for Debrecen
  47. I need help!!!!!!!!
  48. avce science
  49. Need some honest advice.....
  50. Pécs Medical School (POTE)
  51. ERASMUS students are looking for flatmates
  52. American Student Selling Apartment in Debrecen!!!
  53. Info on McDaniel course pre-med
  54. Admision - Agent
  55. Transfer to Hungary
  56. Looking for flat mates
  57. rooms for rent, near universities, Budapest
  58. rooms for rent, near universities, Budapest
  59. Debrecen and student loans?
  60. Student at debreccen?
  61. Pre med course in Hungary
  62. DebrecenHelp.hu
  63. A Flat for Rent in Pecs,, for the Student
  64. How is student life in Pecs for a foreign medical student
  65. Medicals schools in Hungary
  66. Sample entrance exams for University of Szeged,please help me
  67. Kaplan's Free USMLE Webinar on Thursday 19th March
  68. How demanding is the pharmaceutical program in Hungary? Come in here must help me
  69. Interested in Hungarian med
  70. how much physics knowlesge is needed
  71. Mr. A and taking the test in LA please I am worried come in
  72. alternative for those who will fail 1st year
  73. Application
  74. Hungarian entrance exam and schools
  75. Biochem in HU med schools
  76. why does bitterness = SOTE, DOTE, etc
  77. average cost in atending Szeged Univ
  78. pecs university...
  79. Anyone use an agent for POTE.. Esp stu from US?
  80. Financial aid/ programs for US citizens?
  81. Impressions
  82. Physical education in Debrecen?
  83. Simple newbie questions
  84. Simple newbie questions
  85. time for GP spe
  86. possibly my last thread.
  87. Hungarian extrance exam
  88. getting accepted to HU med schools
  89. in over my head..??!
  90. asking for advice on whether or not to apply to a Hungarian Med School
  91. waiting
  92. New group on facebook: Pre-Med Year 08/09 Budapest
  93. transfer frm pecs to semmelweis
  94. Accepted to Szeged
  95. looking for flat mates
  96. Part time work
  97. Textbooks for 1st year at Semmelweis
  98. Do you want to share a flat?
  99. Appartement à louer, Budapest
  100. Scholastic Honor Societies in Sote
  101. sharing a flat?
  102. Transfer from Ireland to Hungary after failing 4th year
  103. apartment for rent, Budapest
  104. Szeged university websites
  105. Summer anatomy course
  106. Somebody interested in flat sharing?
  107. Semmelweis University-degree in hungarian
  108. i have a question !!
  109. Quest. about exam system in HU
  110. Debrecen vs. UJPS Slovak
  111. American high school to hungary????
  112. acceptance letters
  113. Stafford loans pulled from hungary?
  114. Szeged Flats
  115. Best time to give USMLE step 1 while studying at Hungary...?
  116. Szeged Uni.
  117. Szeged or Semmelweis?
  118. Summary of contradictory advices on forum - Avoid hungary or take the plunge?
  119. transfering schools
  120. Szeged acceptance
  121. Is Hungary a good alternative to the caribbean
  122. Basic Medicine Program & Moving to Hungary
  123. school dorms
  124. Can you remeber?
  125. Renting in Szeged
  126. paying for classes
  127. Hungary, complete rubbish
  128. Something worth mentioning
  129. Can Anyone Believe This???????????
  130. A Breath of Fresh Air.
  131. got a question...
  132. for those deciding which....
  133. My View On Hungarian Schools
  134. 1st Semester Semmelweis
  135. Age of Debrecen Students
  137. dental school at semmelweis
  138. Biggest problem in HUNGARY! BEWARE
  139. Nice Private room for rent near Semmelweis University, Budapest
  140. How can you satisfy the entire med town?
  141. where in the hell to stay???????
  142. Interview in february for debrecen, need help!
  143. Scholastic Environment
  144. opinions about Szeged (plz don't write about Semmelweis, Pecs & Debrecen!)
  145. Realistically
  146. Accepted!!!
  147. Med school in hungary (szeged)
  148. transfert.. conditions
  149. please delete message
  150. Is It Possible To Spend 5 years in a Hungarian Medical School?
  151. Debrecen Vs Szeged
  152. I need help! I NEED HELP!!! PLEASE SOMEONE!! PLEASE!!
  153. Anyone from NYC in Debrecen?
  154. Texas License for Semmelweis Graduate
  155. Current SZEGED or Semmelweis students? Please read:
  156. Szeged: !!!!Seeking Roommate!!!
  157. Apply To Poland
  158. Any one from Semmelweis University practicing in the U.S.?
  159. debrecen..
  160. Transfers
  161. NEW FMSA Website
  162. debrecen alumni
  163. study options
  164. Hungarian Help for a Newbie please!
  165. pecs or szeged?
  166. Medical Schools And Education In Hungary-debrecen, Semmelwies, Szeged
  167. 4 year program in Hungary
  168. Who Is Heading To Pécs, Hungary???
  169. Canadians/Americans in Debrecen
  170. entrance exams pecs
  171. exams in Hungary
  172. Residency after Hungary
  173. medical studies in hungary
  174. Coming to Debrecen
  175. Oral exam info (Hungary)
  176. Interview - Debrecen, Hungary
  177. Applying to Debrecen (Hungary) directly
  178. Debrecen, Hungary
  179. 4-year programs in Hungary?
  180. Debrecen, Hungary - English language MD program
  181. Entrance Exams in Hungary
  182. Which is a better 1-year MD preparatory course in Hungary ?
  183. testing in Hungary...
  184. Delavari
  185. Re: MD in Hungary
  186. hi
  187. Straight out of high school...
  188. U of Debrecen 6 Year MD Program (Hungary)
  189. sharing a flat in Budapest or Pécs, Hungary
  190. debrecen vs pecs
  191. Any married students and thier families in Hungary??
  192. info about hungarian med school
  193. Pecs in Hungary
  194. Articles on Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary)
  195. Whats the deal with Semmelweis University?
  196. Semmelweis vs. Debrecen?
  199. How about Debrecen, Hungary

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