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  1. Transfer
  2. Applying for a polish medical school
  3. PUM or UMB or WUM?
  4. JAG 2019 Application Cycle :)
  5. Do not study medicine in poland if you are a non eu citizen
  6. Polish university (obscure) vs. Ukrainian Uni (well known)
  7. Possibly transferring from Warsaw among other questions
  8. Gdansk or Jagiellonian medicine
  9. LDEK /LDEP -Gdansk, Jagiellonian, Lodz, Lublin, Pomeranian, Poznan, Silesia, Warsaw
  10. LDEK Questions - LDEK/LDEP
  11. pre-med in medical university of Gdansk
  12. Lek
  13. Advice for Poznan Medical College for 6year MD
  14. Polish language exam for foringer doctors
  15. 4yr MD program: Help a confused & desperate soul
  16. Ldek
  17. Has anyone attended Polish or other EU schools with family?
  18. Lodz University - good or bad?
  19. How to fund my studies?
  20. Poland or Romania?
  21. Please Help
  22. F.S New Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB [email protected]
  23. 2015 Alerts/Warnings: Study medicine / dentistry in Poland in English
  24. Europe Trip: Poznan, Warsaw, Jagiellonian
  25. Are the English 6 year medical programs in Poland good?
  26. Where can you get some sample tests for the exam at JAG uni?
  27. Any students from Romania at JAG University?
  28. US Citz + Polish Med school = General Surgery
  29. We are looking for 50 plaintiffs with similar LEK/LDEK complaints
  30. 6 Year Medical School In Poland after College Classes.
  31. Discrimination & humiliation of non-white students by Polish professors at Med Uni
  32. Poznan Vs Warsaw ?
  33. I'm a Canadian stuying at PUMS 6yr MD. What are my options?
  34. Wroclaw Medical University English Division 2014
  35. Any news on FAFSA for schools in Poland?
  36. US Clinicals at Jagiellonian University
  37. Has anyone studied dentistry/med in Poland and decided to stay in the EU?
  38. 4 year vs 6 year
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  40. Anyone applying through Hope Medical Institute?
  41. Specialist training in Poland or Bulgaria
  42. transfering from masaryk university to poznan or lublin medical school
  43. If you are considering Poland look at this
  44. Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz
  45. medical books for sale
  46. About pre-reqs for admission to 4 year MD program
  47. Did any school that is eligible for direct loans get the loans yet?
  48. Electricity
  49. Going back to the US after Poland
  50. Poznan interview!!
  51. Problem with racism in Lodz and Bialystok for Arab and any dark skinned students!!
  52. 1st year textbooks Wroclaw
  53. How is Wroclaw?
  54. Unconditional admission
  55. Studying at Polish Med. School and NOT returning to US (Staying in Europe). Advice?
  56. Which of These Universities Have Entrance Examinations?
  57. Gdansk is back on the FAFSA/Direct Loans list!
  58. FAFSA loans list
  59. If you have questions about the 6 year MD program in Poland...
  60. Direct Loans Question to All Americans in Poland
  61. specialist training in poland
  62. Wroclaw 2012/2013 Serious Issue! regarding fees
  63. Wroclaw 2012/13
  64. Polish Schools and Stafford Loans
  65. Language classes and student loans.
  66. What Will Happen If I Graduated Without Internship Year ?
  67. Weather of Poland, may it be harmful for health?
  68. Is this much Polish sufficient to communicate?
  69. help plzzz .....is there any PG medical course in english medium ??
  70. Hope Medical Institute - Be Careful!
  71. English Nursing Degrees in Poland?
  72. Looking for apartment OR Roommate
  73. National Medical Licensing Scores for Polish Medical Schools 2012
  74. Sweet and Interesting Stuff About Poland
  75. Poland vs Hungary
  76. Is Entrance Exam Mandatory for everyone?
  77. Credit for my basic sciences courses at Jag for 6-year program?
  78. Chemistry and Bio Requirement
  79. Tutor for Entrance Exam (UJag, Gdansk, Poznan, Lodz)
  80. Poland student visa
  81. Poznan
  82. Ju or Poznan
  83. Dentistry at Jagiellonian
  84. Question about entrance requirements!
  85. Admission requirements
  86. ANY HELP AT ALL PLEASE, medicine/dentistry
  87. Anybody heard of the University of Varmia and Masuria in Poland?
  88. 4 year medical programs
  89. Insurance for spouse?
  90. Racism in Lodz
  91. English speaking spouse coming to Poland?
  92. Clinical rotations in the US through HMI?
  93. residency training in Poland for foreigners
  94. Gamsat
  95. How long do i have to stay in poland
  96. transfer to the 6th year
  97. Applying for the 6 year MD program in Medical Uni. of Lublin
  98. What's the min GPA requirement for PUMS and is 30 yrs old too old for the 6 yr progra
  99. Racism in Poland - Some inside info
  100. Warsaw Medical University is a really great uni to study at!
  101. British Undergraduate Student applying to 4 Years Medicine in Poland- HELP!?!
  102. Wroclaw Medical and Jagiellonski Dates
  103. 4 year programmes in Poland???
  104. Polish citizens and dual citizenship holders can study at medical university of lodz!
  105. Wroclaw Medical University vs. Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  107. anyone knows something abt english license exam in Poland?
  108. Wroclaw Medical School Accreditation
  109. 4 Year MD Programs Not EU licensed?
  110. Does anyone know anything about the Wroclaw school in Poland?
  111. My story. I need advice on getting prepared for, and getting accepted
  112. 新加的空白文章6
  113. January
  114. Which Polish schools will qualify for US fin after 2012?
  115. Am I too late?
  116. 4 years medical program
  117. tuition cost?
  118. Dropout rate
  119. Chances of getting in
  120. Clinical rotations. Where?
  121. Agencies to MD English program
  122. Clinical rotations in the USA for International students
  123. MD in English in Poland
  124. Limited recognition of english programs by st. of CA.
  125. Any hope for Hope Medical Institute?
  126. Students from UK...
  127. any 4 year dentistry program in Poland
  128. Krakow or Poznan?
  129. Looking for school - bit of a different field
  130. Is 27 too old?
  131. Opinions!! Please!!!
  132. Questions in relation to Canadians attending the 6 year M.D. programs in Poland
  133. Medical studies in poland
  134. Canadian Students Experience
  135. Most cost-effective Polish schools?
  136. Can Anybody help me with questions about Poznan?
  137. Any Russians coming to Lublin?
  138. Quality, Racism, Women, recreation…
  139. Any Irish people
  140. Questions about HMI and The Medical University of Lublin?
  141. Americans in polish medical schools ?
  142. clinical rotation in Poznan vs Lublin??
  143. The HMI get together thing
  144. Kaplan's Free USMLE Webinar on Thursday 19th March
  145. Czech vs Polish Schools
  146. GRADUATE STUDY IN polish med unis
  147. alternative for those who will fail 1st year
  148. Picking a school
  149. which polish univ has the most international students
  150. minimum grades?
  151. Rank of Polish Schools
  152. How are the polish schools in comparison to the Czech and the Hungarian schools?
  153. Does FAFSA Loan Covers HMI Initial fee? & How much Initial Fee is for Lulin?
  154. Anyone applying for Spring 09 semester?
  155. Comprehensive data on Polish schools.
  156. what're my options???
  157. Attention all existing and incoming pums students
  158. Residencies from polish med school
  159. Has anyone got a us residency after a 6 year polish md program?
  160. Transfer from Ireland after failing the 4th year
  161. Citizenship
  162. State Examination of Medical Doctor (LEP) in English
  163. Can you do all your rotations in another country and still get a us residency?
  164. Practicing Options
  165. PUMS interview
  166. Any Polish Med students out there?
  167. Diploma with Polish translation
  168. edited...
  169. Polish Schools? GOOD OR BAD? Better than other central european schools??
  170. post graduation/residency in poland
  171. For Those Of You Who Willingly Chose Poland Over The US...
  172. Dental schools in Poland
  173. I've got a dilema...
  174. Medical Polish Book??
  175. About driving in Poland.
  176. Wroclaw medical school residency placement!
  177. UJ and PUMS 4 year MD prerequisite courses
  178. Question to those US students in Polish schools
  179. UJ and Poznan agent?
  180. Which one is better 4 or 6 year MD program?
  181. are Polish 6 year programs better than the czech ones?
  182. Options after finishing school?
  183. What would you do wait an extra year or go to Polish school?
  184. GPA's, MCAT scores
  185. successful residents
  186. sileasia 6 years MD program
  187. Deans Letters and Polish schools
  188. Does north america discrimate weather it;s a 4 or 6 year program???
  189. general question regarding admissions.
  190. accidental double post please ignore
  191. Some questions for students at Warsaw and PAM
  192. which med school is better, poznan, gdansk, lodz or Jag??
  193. Very Very Very Confused Please Help
  194. Transfers from PUMS to UJ
  195. Transfer from Poland to US
  196. To all Canadians studying abroad...
  197. CA Approval Applications for Poznan and Warsaw
  198. Funding or Loans to study.. where to get it?
  199. Entrance exam of 6 year program
  200. question about jag.
  201. U of J financial ties with CANADA
  202. Admissions process...
  203. urgent
  204. Polish medical school ranks
  205. Question about polish med schools
  206. Residency and other stuff
  207. a kind of help....!
  208. Szczecin(Pomeranian medical university) or Wroclaw(Wroclaw medical university)?
  209. Narcan
  210. Mcat For Jag U
  211. wich school should I choose
  212. Interview
  213. Opinions regarding if my marks are ok for applying...
  214. Jagellonian vs. Lodz?
  215. Need Help!!! A Canadian wants to practice in Canada but study in Europe...
  216. Question: MUST have finished high school?
  217. Admission for non-US citizens?
  218. Jagiellonian or Medical University of Warsaw
  219. dental...
  220. admissions
  221. Usa or Poland?
  222. Licensing
  223. Polish (incl. Lodz) MD program satisfaction survey
  224. Application for JAG and Poznan
  225. Jagiellionian
  226. residency in europe
  227. Hope Medical Institue.... should I use them?
  228. Prospective applicant
  229. What school is best for american students who want to return back to america?
  230. Info Needed
  231. Transfer in Poland
  232. Wroclaw Medical University STUDENTS!!
  233. ATTN: To all students going to MUL in Sept 2007
  234. Life in Poland
  235. Information about Wroclaw Medical University
  236. Polish med-alumnis in a US residency program
  237. Interested in medical studies in poland
  238. Jagiellonian/poznan
  239. The new website of PMU students
  240. California approval...
  241. Which med school?
  242. 6 year student taking the USMLE
  243. Polish Residency Match Rates in U.S.
  244. resumption date
  245. jobs in poland
  246. Curiosity
  247. Poland .. Everyday matters, logistics, etc.
  248. Waitlisted or Rejected
  249. Canadian Looking at Polish Schools
  250. California