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  1. Medical in Poland
  2. Is there any reason why AIM charges a massive mark up???
  3. too late?
  4. Hmi
  5. Lodz or Poznan
  6. Current Jagiellonian Students
  7. Prerequisites for Warsaw
  8. Need help..very confused..
  9. Anyone from NYC in Silesia or Lublin?
  10. Is it too late to Apply for Fall 2007?
  11. Warsaw or Poznan? 4yr MD prgm
  12. Questions 'bout MUL for current students and also for class entering Fall'07
  13. Questions for Current MUL Students
  14. hope medical institute
  15. Crystal clear info on Polish Medical school
  16. Finished 2 years in Poland through HMI- Am I screwed?
  17. About the Medical University Of Gdansk ?
  18. Apartments in Poznan-- Any Seniors leaving?
  19. exams in sweden
  20. Apply To Poland
  21. Hope Medical Institute or Any Agent
  22. Any Canadians going to Poland for MD DDS?
  23. who here got accepted to the 6 yr program for fall 2007?
  24. Please inform a lost student :)
  25. Prospective Poznan MD DDS students
  26. how many courses
  27. Urgent Questions
  28. The New Ranking 2007 of Polish Medical Universities
  29. Silesian Medical School
  30. U.K. and LEP
  31. Transfers
  32. British students in poland medical schools
  33. London guy hoping to go to medical school in poland
  34. London guy planing to study medicine poland
  35. breaking up with girlfriend because of dental/med school in poland?
  36. Poland questions
  37. Poland questions
  38. Best Polish Medical School for 6 year program
  39. Wroclaw Medical University, Poland
  40. Questions about Polish med schools
  41. Medical University of Warsaw or other Polish Medical schools
  42. Why Schools In Europe? Why Poland And Why Warsaw???
  43. medical university of Warsaw - things to make ur mind go hummm
  44. applying without HMI...
  45. attending school in Katowice...
  46. Lodz Medical School
  47. Does anyone bring sposes to Poland?
  48. KMU/PUMS Students and Prospective Students 2007/2008
  49. Best 4-year MD Program in Poland?
  50. Students already attending Uni. of LODZ
  51. Anybody at UJ Krakow, Poland
  52. Hope: U of Lublin or U. of Silesia?
  53. Med University of Warsaw vs Med University of Silesia
  54. 6yr MD at LODZ
  55. Katowice or Lublin (Putting aside HMI)
  56. Poland Medical school
  57. Rotations in Poland vs USA
  58. Cell phone in Poland
  59. Hope Medical Institute
  60. Anyone entering med school for Sept/Oct 2006 in Poland?
  61. Soccer coverage on TV in Poland
  62. Silesia or Lublin
  63. LODZ vs POZNAN
  64. University of Silesia + Polish Medschools
  65. Visiting Poland, what to remember?
  66. Grading in Poland (PUMS or others)
  67. Students from Lublin, Katowice. or Szczecin
  68. Anyone heading to KMU/PUM fall'06
  69. HMI Program in Poland
  70. I am going to POLAND to take the exam in Polish....cross your fingers
  71. 6 year program in Poland?!?
  72. UK students planning to study in Poland
  73. problems in Warsaw??
  74. Info on 4-year program in Krakow, Poland by current student
  75. Racism in Poland?
  76. The Medical University of Silesia or Lublin
  77. Medical Schools in Poland help?

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