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  1. Clinical cores
  2. Near staten island university hospital, furnished housing availabilities
  3. Short Term Sublet in Queens, NY
  4. Furnished Housing near Staten Island University Hospital Min. Walk to Train
  5. Furnished housing near Staten island university hospital
  6. 1 bedroom apt near Queens General Hosp and Long Island Jewish Hosp
  7. MD needs babysitter Far Rockaway NY/Wavecrest Apartments/St. Johns Episcopal Hosp.
  8. 1 Bedroom basement apartment near NUMC
  9. Furnished housing avail. near SIUH
  10. Housing available near all hospitals Bronx NY
  11. Clinical books
  12. Room available in house 5 min from NUMC
  13. Housing in staten island
  14. OB at Bronx-Lebanon
  15. Private House For Rent Near NUMC, Physician Owned, Beach, Dock, Tennis $2000
  16. Housing Needed Near NUMC from 7/1-8/15
  17. Housing wanted NUMC August-December+
  18. **WANTED** Step 2 CS study buddy in NY
  19. Housing near St Agnes Hospital???
  20. 2 bedroom House Available Feb 2014, at NUMC
  21. Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT
  22. Apt Needed Near NUMC from Nov 24 - Jan5 2013
  23. Room/Couch needed for December 2013 at NUMC Long Island
  24. 2 Bedroom Apt availabe: Chicago
  25. One bedroom apt, furnished in Staten Island
  26. Starting Clinical Core Rotation In Miami- Need Advice!
  27. Furnished room in staten island for rent near hospital
  28. 2 bedroom Apt in Chicago for Sublease
  29. Miami Preceptor reccomendations for Pediatrics, IM, Psych
  30. Apartment available in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 1BR/1 Bath
  31. TV, TV stand, Futon, Printer/Scanner, Bed Frame for SALE!
  32. Apartment in Miami?
  33. housing in Baton rouge?
  34. Looking for ousing near NUMC!
  35. Housing near Union Memorial (Baltimore)
  36. Fully Furnished Bedroom with Private Bathroom in Rio Bravo Country Club near KMC!!!!
  37. Sublet in Miami available in July
  38. 36 month lease around NUMC
  39. Furniture for sale - New York
  40. Shelf study tips/tools
  41. NUMC apt - fully-FURNISHED, within WALKING distance, available July 2013!
  42. Furnished room for rent in Flushing, NY
  43. $1100 / 1br - Brand New 1 Bedroom-Inc All Utilities East Meadow NY
  44. Room for Rent Brooklyn Feb-Apr 2013
  45. Advice for Clinicals
  46. Need Housing Near Staten Island University Hospital Jan-March 2013
  47. Leaving the UK SALE
  48. Clinical Rotations and financial aid after 9.5 semesters.
  49. Advice about Scheduling Cores in NY
  50. Room for rent in manhattan
  51. NUMC heme/onc hours?
  52. Furnished Studio in Westbury.5 min. to NUMC.Available Dec.1st/2012
  53. Learning Radiology $40
  54. Need NUMC housing stat!
  55. Anybody in NYC have a place I can stay for an interview
  56. NUMC Housing
  57. Baton Rouge Roommate needed/Housing available for Dec. 2012
  58. Bronx Lebannon Housing
  59. Best hospital for an easy UK surgery rotation?
  60. Blackburn, UK 1 Bedroom 2 story flat for rent starting in January
  61. Baltimore Apartment? Need one asap..
  62. Miami Beach Community Health Center
  63. Housing for Cleveland Clinic FL
  64. Housing - KMC Bakersfield Available
  65. Clincal Question
  66. Refrigerator $125
  67. What? King George's???
  68. 5 min walk to NUMC - furnished studio
  70. NYC - CHEAP CLINICAL STEP2 textbooks..
  71. Books for clinical rotations (East Meadow, NY)
  72. Review of surgery in Miami.
  73. UK experience in Romford or Epsom.
  74. Anyone know of a place to schedule a last minute elective?
  75. Upper East Manhattan Apartment Sublease August 25th-Sept. 23rd = 1370$, negotiable
  76. Bronx-lebanon apartment?
  77. Couple of things if you are going to the UK in the near future
  78. Need Furniture/ NUMC
  79. Dog Friendly Housing Needed Near NUMC
  80. Providence Clinicals
  81. Looking for place to stay SIUH
  82. Elective at SIUH
  83. NUMC Apt 7 mins walking distance
  84. Upper East Side Manhattan BR available for July 2012
  85. One Bedroom Available in a 3 Bedroom Home near Nassau University Mediccal Center
  86. Ucsf fresno
  87. Do the Doctors we work with during clinicals get paid?
  88. Step 2 CK timing
  89. Would anyone recommend doing any rotations in the UK?
  90. Where is the best place to do clinicals if you are interested in Psychiatry?
  91. NUMC apt - within WALKING distance, fully-FURNISHED, available now!
  92. NUMC vs MBCHC
  93. Furnished 1 Bedroom Available in New York
  94. Can anyone give me a time line from taking step to starting clinicals?
  95. Immunomnemonics & Drug Name Mnemonics
  96. Housing needed: around Lutheran (150 55th St, Brooklyn, NY) June/July2012
  97. APT for rent in CHICAGO sublease from JUNE-OCTOBER
  98. Providence Hospital Electives
  99. Clinical books for sale
  100. Housing wanted near Nassau starting June
  101. California Rotations
  102. Great apartment 1 mile from NUMC. Pets okay. Fenced Yard. Utilities included. $1300
  103. Providence Housing
  104. bronx lebanon housing suggestions
  105. NUMC apt - within WALKING distance, fully-FURNISHED, avaliable May 2012.
  106. NUMC apt - within WALKING distance, fully-FURNISHED, avaliable May 2012.
  107. Feline-Friendly Housing Wanted for June-December near NUMC
  108. Furnished Room avail. for anyone doing their clinical rotation on Staten Island
  109. Some advice PLEASE about clinical rotations: NYC
  110. Housing wanted for NUMC
  111. 1br in Flushing NY
  112. $900 / 1br - Very Nice 1br in Half-Basement (Staten Island - Old Town)
  113. Furnished Housing For Med Students in Flushing
  114. SAFE, CLEAN, fully-furnished 2br/2ba for Miami rotations!
  115. Furnished 2 Bed/2 Bath Apt. On Brickell Key in Miami
  116. Anyone want a peds rotation in Michigan?
  117. Pm&r @ numc
  118. Any info on peds in Michigan?
  119. 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Brooklyn, NY --DON'T PAY BROKERS FEE
  120. Furnished Studio Apt w/private bathroom available immediatly in Saten Island
  121. Furnished Studio for Rent near Flushing Hospital
  122. Looking for Housing at St. Johns Far Rockaway in March
  123. Is doing a Sub-I rotation worth it?
  124. Nassau housing needed March-May
  125. Kolping residence???
  126. Furnished rooms in staten island near hospital,short rotations accepted
  127. Away from the US (in UK) during application time?
  128. Looking for Apartment to rent-near Providence Hospital
  129. Housing for rotations at Espom General Hospital-UK
  130. NUMC Anesthesia
  131. Elective setup help
  132. Writing Step 2 without a core dilemma
  133. Furnished Baton Rouge Townhouse for Rent
  134. Park Slope Brooklyn Apt
  135. Furnished apartment for rent--1 minute walk from flushing hospital
  136. OB Rotation in NY
  137. Books for Sale during Clinicals
  138. New auc email
  139. Babysitter needed for dog at Providence.
  140. NUMC - Short term housing starting Feb. 3rd
  141. NUMC apt - within WALKING distance, fully-FURNISHED, avaliable January 2012.
  142. Housing available in Baltimore Area startng January 2012
  143. Staten Island Pediatrics Switch
  144. 2BD/1Bath furnished house 6min walk to NUMC Nassau Available 3/1 $1525 util included
  145. Very safe, very clean Miami apartment available in early April.
  146. Is AUC telling you to lie about your case logs?
  147. My Surgery Core Dilemma... to UK or not to UK
  148. Flushing/Queens House for rent.
  149. Anyone looking to split an apartment in Brooklyn?
  150. Miami beach switch
  151. housing in staten island
  152. NY surgery rotation switch!
  153. Wanted: Housing with a decent commute time to Bronx Lebanon for January
  154. Bronx Surgery Core 8/2012-11/2012 Switch?
  155. If you are looking for a great apartment in Baltimore during clinicals....
  156. Miami Beach Clinicals... Housing and Experiences?
  157. Staten Island Hospital Housing Needed from January to April
  158. BLHC - Internal Medicine
  159. Looking for Housing near Blackburn hospital-England
  160. Walking distance to NUMC
  161. Miami Clinicals
  162. Surgery Rotation Switch
  163. Some Advice Needed
  164. Female roommate needed for apartment right next to Lutheran Medical Centre, Brooklyn
  165. Female Roomate Needed Starting January near NUMC Long Island, 5 miles away from NUMC
  166. Short term NUMC Housing NEEDED!
  167. Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island (RUMC) Housing NEEDED!
  168. Brooklyn housing november
  169. Trying to switch my Nov 7, 2011 surgery rotation at Brooklyn Hospital
  170. Neuro Elective question
  171. Short-term housing near Lutheran
  172. BROOKLYN housing for NOVEMBER '11???
  173. Wanted: Housing near NUMC
  174. Texas License
  175. AUC friendly rotations in Southern California
  176. Emergency Medicine at Staten Island Hosp
  177. Emergency Medicine at Baton Rouge General
  178. AppilicationStation.com for NUMC
  179. ER elective at NUMC
  180. Housing in Baltimore
  181. Staten Island Sublet Wanted - October
  182. Rotation Shelf exams seen by residency directors?
  183. Furnished bedroom in Park Slope Brooklyn (FEMALE ONLY)
  184. Miami Rotations
  185. Private furnished Room available in Flushing Queens near all hospitals for clinicals
  186. ERAS Question: ECFMG Certificate
  187. Housing/roommate wanted near St. Mary's in CT
  188. NUMC Sublet for October...HELP!
  189. Financial Aid
  190. AUC-friendly NYC hospitals for electives
  191. sharing Apartment for Bronx -Lebanon rotation
  192. Waitlisted for a rotation?
  193. Housing in walking distance from St. Agnes
  194. Flushing Housing
  195. Housing NUMC from September to December? Any ideas? Help Please???
  196. Parking situation at Bronx Lebonon hopsital Bronx NY
  197. Does commute time matter?
  198. Each core in a different hospital
  199. How realistic is commuting from the city to Nassau for a psych rotation?
  200. Is Walton Ave., Bronx safe?
  201. Miami apartment and roommate needed
  203. California/Kern Summary
  204. apt near siuh
  205. Looking for an apartment in Queens
  206. Moving to Brooklyn, Looking for Roommate in the Park Slope Area.
  207. Anyone done Electives in UF and how to get sponsered?
  208. Doing Peds in California outside Kern
  209. Bakersfield Sublet Available for Sept & October!!!
  210. Possible to do cores @ NUMC for Jan class?
  211. looking for housing around bronx lebanon
  212. Looking for 2 bedroom near NUMC
  213. Drug Screening
  214. How does AUC clinicals work?
  215. Scheduling electives - where to begin?
  216. $800 SHARE A 3 BEDROOM HOUSE NEAR HOSPITAL /BEACH--30 min to NYC Staten Island
  217. Green Book cores and electives states
  218. Ophthalmology (Medicine) at Nassau University Medical Center
  219. Surgery Core at Flushing Hospital Medical Center
  220. A couple of decent Free USMLE review podcasts for clinical students
  221. HELP!!! Need housing near Nassau Medical Center
  222. Advice for transitioning from UK to US clinicals
  223. Looking for EASY elective rotations in NYC
  224. Any1 from Baltimore?
  225. Need apartment near nassau university med center
  226. Upper East Side Studio for Rent
  227. SIUH apartment available for rent, walking distance to hospital
  228. NUMC Roommate Needed for August-December...ONLY $500/mo (it's all yours in January)
  229. OB/GYN @ Miami?
  230. UK Visa question
  231. Looking for roomate in Park Slope Brooklyn NY from August through September
  232. family medicine at brooklyn hospital?
  233. Providence Housing
  234. Graduation
  235. Looking to rent an apartment for 1 month near TBH
  236. London Rotations
  237. Core rotation : Providence hospital
  238. Anyone going to be in UK over the summer ???
  239. Available apt near Staten Island Hospital, walking distance
  240. NUMC Housing, Fully furnished, Walking distance!
  241. HELP! need housing near lutheran!
  242. Apartment housing available walking distance to SIUH in Staten Island
  243. Looking for a roommate to share 2 bedroom apt with while at NUMC
  244. Looking for Housing Near Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
  245. Clinical Books for sale
  247. Peds in Miami
  248. EM at SIUH and TBH
  249. Will we need our AUC white coats in clinicals?
  250. Housing near Lutheran and St John's Episcopal in NYC