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  1. injection of epinephrine increases the blood pressure
  2. ventricular arrhythmia treated with IV lidocaine
  3. medication for hypertension in asthmatic patient
  4. Medication for CHF
  5. Any good pharm books???
  6. nicotinic acid (Niacin) side effects
  7. medication for wall motion abnormality on 2d-echo
  8. antihypertensive medication that causes gynecomastia
  9. lovastatin, which acts by inhibiting which enzyme?
  10. antiarrhythmia: slow conduction through the AV node?
  11. What is the side effect of captopril?
  12. menmonic for atropine
  13. Woman with diarrhea after 5 days of amoxicillin
  14. Iovastatin and niacin have which of the following effect
  15. medication causing acute closed-angle glaucoma
  16. pharmacoloty buzzwords
  17. overdose with symptoms of tachycardia, agitation, mydriasis
  18. determine the steady state of a drug
  19. an antineoplastic therapy that causes severe emesis.
  20. how do you increase the clearance of amphetamines?
  21. drug overdose: attempted to commit suicide taking benzo
  22. first-order kinetics
  23. calculate the volume of distribution
  24. acne vulgaris treatment
  25. COPD and is on theophylline. What is the side effect?
  26. DOC for Wuchereria bancrofti (filariae)
  27. half-life of this tetracycline remains unchange in anuric pt
  28. the approved indication for misoprostol
  29. analgesia and anesthesia
  30. what class is paclitaxel
  31. The mechanism of action of chloroquine in Plasmodium falcipa
  32. NATURALLY occurring substance use to treat Paget's disease
  33. danazol adverse effects
  34. antiepileptic agents, which is associated with psychosis
  35. Digoxin in CHF mechanism of action
  36. what is tamoxifen?
  37. in treating hypretension , Orthostatic hypotension occurs in
  38. Which diuretics would be the appropriate
  39. drug/combination does not increase survival rate in CHF
  40. Which antihyperlipidemic is contraindicated with allopurinol
  41. Benzodiazepine is the DOC for treatment of panic disorder
  42. which antidepressant can be used for smoking cessation?
  43. which calcium channel antagonist cause gingival hyperplasia
  44. Which drug causes tendonitis,tendon rupture and cartilage da
  45. muscle tremors are associated with:
  46. which anti emetic is used in pt undergoin chemotherapy?
  47. poison with oxalate crystal
  48. mechanism of etidronate
  49. Which of the following is an H2-receptor antagonist?
  50. alternative to aspirin
  51. Epinephrine may be mixed with lidocaine
  52. 5-FU is an analog that substitutes for which compound
  53. drug for ring worm
  54. half-life of the drug
  55. The benefits of rofecoxib over naproxen
  56. recent onset of a rash, urticaria, and a fever of 101 degree
  57. mechanisms of caffeine to enhanced performance
  58. first-generation cephalosporin
  59. Lidocaine Benzocaine
  60. on MAOI: muscle rigidity, myoclonus, and hyperthermia
  61. increased activity against anaerobic bacteria
  62. agents might mask the hypoglycemia in treated diabetics?
  63. Which of the following agents will increase pulse pressure?
  64. What is the mechanism of resistance to thioguanine?
  65. allergic to nafcillin what antibiotic you should avoid?
  66. drug of choice for the treatment of T. saginata
  67. elevated serum creatinine associated with a normal serum K+
  68. Pharmacology
  69. anxiety
  70. Hydralazine & visual mnemonics
  71. masked facies and diffuse muscle rigidities
  72. What is the side effect of steroid
  73. Patient with gout
  74. how long would it take to reach 75% of steady state?
  75. spontaneous priapism
  76. weak organic acid with a pKa of 3.0.
  77. Y maximally increases vascular resistance by 75%
  78. blood pH of 7.22, a serum bicarbonate level of 14 mEq/L
  79. volume of distribution of drug is 35L
  80. Pharmacology Mnemonics
  81. patient on haldol and has sustained contractions n twisting
  82. antineoplastic therapy and heeart dysfunction
  83. side effect of large doses of broad spectrum antibiotics
  84. suicide by ingesting 25 tablets of extra strength tylenol
  85. Lyme disease in renal failure and PCN and macrolide allergy
  86. ceftazidime and gentamicin half-life
  87. calcium fluxes in cultured cells receptor types
  88. primidone increased amounts of smooth endoplasmic reticulum
  89. What is the clearance of this agent?
  90. drooling, gasping, and becoming agitated
  91. severe hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia
  92. Which antidepressant
  93. clonidine
  94. Which drug is contraindictated in pregnancy
  95. High Yield Pharmacology

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