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  1. OSAP Loans increase
  2. some questions
  3. Looking for MCCEE Questions and Advice
  4. re: Canadian Clinicals after basic sciences as IMG
  5. Any one participating in 2nd iteration match?
  6. What if spouse gets permanent residency?
  7. How much more expensive is SGU than a typical US med school
  8. Premed/MD programs in Canada?
  9. PLEASE HELP! Candian wanting to go to SGU - here it is very
  10. need study partner
  11. german!
  12. Canadian deciding between St.George (caribbean, Australia, a
  13. getting a residency in Canada as an IMG...suggestions??
  14. 43 years old , please help
  15. Canadian P.R. wanting to join Buffalo
  16. Graduating from can university
  17. Residency
  18. Fund national program for foreign-trained doctors
  19. Can practising for couple of years in the states make up for
  20. FYI- New Ontario FMG Clearinghouse
  21. MCCEE HORROR stories
  22. MCCQE step 1
  23. PROGRAM to open more doors for foreign MDs
  24. Thinking about going into Emergency Medicine? Take a look at
  25. UK residency as a Canadian
  26. Canadian student consdidering applying to an American medica
  27. How difficult is it for Canadian IMG to obtain US visas for
  28. Foreign Physicians--filling the gap or falling short?
  29. HELP PLEASE, 31 year old wants to go to med school
  30. B-1 Visa for students
  31. Negotiating OSAP in Caribbeans
  32. Canadian wondering about pre-med programs in the states
  33. Canadian student with 2 years university looking to get into
  34. Bachelor's Degree
  35. Canadian school with questions about Carib vs Ireland vs Aus
  36. TERI
  37. Any Sri Lankan Tamil doctors visit this forum?
  38. Canada urged to integrate foreign-trained MDs
  39. Top doc laments shortage of MDs (London Ontario)
  40. coming back to t.o. from....
  41. H1b Visa
  42. Plan to address doctor shortage
  43. Excellent IMG and Exam Resources
  44. Looking for Inspiration again: Please post your/or-friends'
  45. Marrying a US Citizen and applying for Residency
  46. Is the sky the limit for doctors' salaries? (Vancouver Sun)
  47. calculators during the MCCEE?
  48. Toronto Notes 2004
  49. abbreviations in MCCQE1
  50. London launches bid to find 10 doctors
  51. Canadian Residency
  52. New Patients FLock to MD's Office (Waterloo Ontario article)
  53. Found Money!!
  54. armed with degrees, they drive our cabs (London,Ontario)
  55. UK and Australian Experience Recognized in Canada?
  56. borrowing
  57. MCCEE Jan 8 2004 Questions Asked
  58. Research on Unlicensed International Medical Graduates in Al
  59. Is there a doctor in the town?
  60. Loan question
  61. MCCQ 1 Exam
  62. Can i get the so called 'statement of need' from canadian g
  63. Loan Question
  64. Can Canadian grads practice in the US?
  65. Ontario IMG program?
  66. Almost nothing in the 2nd iteration for IMG's in 2004
  67. getting matched thru carms following the nrmp
  68. sounds good
  69. how hard is it to get into us med schools comparative to Can
  70. Med school in China
  71. A minor introduction
  72. Does Anitigua have a new medical school?
  73. Care cards and insurance
  74. Canadians flying from TO
  75. [b]what after j-1 2 yrs ?[/b]
  76. Canadian at medical school in US
  77. Ontario article on family medicine
  78. How to change Visa ( H1 to?)
  79. re: health insurance for canadians
  80. Process on getting IMG J1 for US resident spot
  82. Need Money Bad
  83. Canucks at SGU for jan term?
  84. Going thru CaRMS and NRMP match simultaneously
  85. clerkships in Canada??
  86. Specialist Registration in Canada
  87. Canada sells residency positions to foreign govts?
  88. Returning to Canada
  89. IMG get together in Toronto at Christmas?
  90. CaRMS 2004
  91. Form TL11A Tuition Fees Certificate - University Outside Ca
  92. Foreign students in Canada???
  93. alternative to residency in US?
  94. Preparing for the USMLE 1
  95. Same as the US?
  96. Possible?
  97. Financial Assistance or Transfer
  98. MCCQE step 1 CRS
  99. change J1 to H1?
  100. Hahahahahah!!! (SGU open houses)
  101. anybody who wrote canadian evaluation exam recently?
  102. Shortage of GPs in London,Ontario
  103. Visa for clinical rotations
  104. Canadian Medical Schools for International student
  105. re: open houses
  106. Anyone going to Ross, Jan04??
  107. GOOD JOB....
  108. Study Material and Tactics for the MCCEE
  109. Info on SGU... (Would appreciate it)
  110. 7 yr rule for MCC exams?
  111. MCAT cancellations?!?
  112. england vs cairo re licensing
  113. Re: salaries
  114. H-1B visa's are they not given out anymore?
  115. Residence questions
  116. Finances? SGU?
  117. Is this possible?
  118. mcat
  119. Questions
  120. canadians in Oz-prospects after?
  121. fellowships in Canada
  122. GPAs and MCAT scores for Australian schools?
  123. Insurance??
  124. 4.0 system of GPA
  125. timeline...
  126. Any UBC students out there? I have a question for you!
  127. Saba Vs Spartan
  128. Canadians Re-entering the US
  129. got the call!!!
  130. Phone Cards, Phone service??
  131. J-1 Visa is a nightmare for Canadians
  132. Process for canadians to get a residency!
  133. Couple of Questions...
  134. SSN
  135. MCCEE
  136. Rotations in Canada
  137. Question for Canadians
  138. IMG In Canada-Ontario: Shadowing or Obsrvatory
  139. transferring into Canadian schools
  140. H1 visa info
  141. oh my GOD
  142. Question...
  143. Immigration Attorney
  144. Residencies and News
  145. New Canadian IMG Forum ---> http://network54.com/Hide/For
  146. Money for the Caribbean Students
  148. Questions
  149. Look back at the 2003 CaRMS Match
  150. thinking of returing to Ontario after residency in the U.S.?
  151. applying for SSN
  152. H-1B Visa info
  153. outlook for canadians?
  154. Re: clinical research position available at Princess Margare
  155. How many times does one apply in Canada before going to the
  156. Permanent Visa
  157. Canadian graduates of US med schools
  158. Windsor University school of medicine-St Kitts
  159. Is the KAPLIN course worth taking?
  160. practicing in Canada post IM residency in US (attn:CanIMG)
  161. After US residency can do fellowship in ONT???
  162. 2003 Canadian CaRMS Match Results Released!!! ---->
  164. so confused
  165. Polish Medical School please help
  166. Canadian IMG Program - Community Development Officer Program
  167. SGU Canadian grads practicing in US
  168. re: Canadians getting residency in the states?
  169. which US medical schools to apply to?
  170. Dual US Canadian Citizenship.
  171. Ross Vs St. George's Vs Neither
  172. Question...
  173. international medical school loans
  174. J-1 info for Canadians
  175. Important Info for CANADIANS!!
  176. Hopes for Canadian!
  177. Canadian IMG
  178. Join our Forum!

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