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  1. Getting licensed to practice in Mexico
  2. Which country accepts UAG medical graduates from the international program
  3. Becoming a Plastic Surgeon in Mexico (with UAG)
  4. real students
  5. Classes
  6. Uag school of medicine, the truth
  7. why UAG and not carib?
  8. Chance of Acceptance
  9. Difficulty to get accepted
  10. UAG Graduates, would you have preferred to study anywhere else?
  11. How safe is Guadarajala?
  12. Updates
  13. What are my chances of getting into UAG?
  14. transfer
  15. Chance of acceptance? Mexican National Program
  16. How to study for USMLE step 1 within 3 or 4 months for IMG.
  17. Medical School Questions....
  18. Posts ..... Seems like No One is posting here any more
  19. News and updates
  20. Just stopping by to see if any of you guys receive a voucher from pilar
  21. New Applicant
  22. state of NV pre internship;;;;;gone
  23. Nbme
  24. FCVS application help
  25. UAG looses NJ residency cube,students stranded
  26. UAG students matching cannot start on time
  27. 3rd year clinical rotations in the US?
  28. Cheap Books
  29. Does anyone have updates on UAG students death while doing their internship in Romita
  30. Spring 2016/01 New Students Thread
  31. New Curriculum
  32. Switching from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
  33. UAG Interview Process
  34. Latino Student here, I have some questions for International Program guys
  35. Where is everyone
  36. Latest date for STEP 1?
  37. Benefits of studying in Mexico
  38. Mexico increases minimum wage for 2014 - a whopping total of USD$5 per day from $4.70
  39. Summer 2015/02 New Students thread
  40. Fifth Pathway Graduates and USMLE
  41. Interview
  42. The Problems UAG Students Face
  43. The truth about Federal Aid
  44. States that now recognize UAG plus California info
  45. Transcripts now available in English
  46. The battle that rages above us.....
  47. WHAT from CALIFORNIA ---- International Degree in Medicine is not recognized
  48. More to go...
  49. Professional Exam July 2014
  50. NBME exam changes
  51. Us rotations
  52. Spring 2015/01 New Students Thread
  53. Jackson Park Hospital Chicago now open for UAG students!!
  54. 2014 MATCH Results
  55. Housing for ones 5th year internship in the US.
  56. UAG with no loans
  57. UAG is a 4 year Program Now !!!!!!!!
  58. UAG has Direct Plus/ Stafford Loans again !!!
  59. Fall 2014 New Students
  60. Info on the UAG 5 year medical program to the 4 year program
  61. Considering UAG?
  62. What changed in Jan 2014 so that new students do not have to do the internado ( 5th )
  63. Is the rumor true, those who were students in April 2013 will receive loans ?
  64. Feel like you have been defrauded by UAG - Class action Suit!!
  65. recent document translated into english from UAG pupper LC
  66. Studentsrooms
  67. 1st and 2nd year Loan Situation What's Going On?
  68. fans for sale
  69. Does anyone know the number of new incoming students for Jan 2014 ?
  70. News on new locations? Vegas, New Jersey, Chicago, etc
  71. Losing our fifth year program - NYMC
  72. Las Vegas
  73. USMLE Step 1 passing score goes up
  74. UAG Good or Bad idea need some advice
  75. Do they expect you to take tests in Spanish?
  76. Should I do this?
  77. Solicitation for Assistant Moderator here on ValueMD
  78. Top 5 reasons to choose UAG
  79. Summer 2014/02 New Students Thread
  80. UAG vs US medical schools
  81. kiss pharm live pharm review course at uag
  82. An open letter to school administrators about the lack of quality education at UAG.
  83. internship changes - must know
  84. WELCOME PICNIC is been held today....until 3pm come join us....
  85. Pre-Med courses before going to UAG?
  86. Update to student manual
  87. We can do 3rd & 4th year rotations in Scottsdale Arizona Now!
  88. Nanny (childcare) available evenings and weekends
  89. New Canadian Travel Advisory to Regions of Mexico
  90. Student Visa: My parents can't send me $727 per month
  91. How are the exams?
  92. Step 2 CK score change
  93. Latin American ranking of UAG - drops to under 200 group
  94. Starting UAG in January
  95. Research Opportunities at UAG
  96. 2013 Match Results
  97. Information from diploma framers?!
  98. Academic Affairs office has moved (ECFMG/NY office)
  99. Deadline to apply?
  100. Preliminary results of match 2013 (General, not UAG-specific)
  101. Doing elective at USC emergency? Let me know
  102. UAG Medicine July/Fall 2013 Facebook group
  103. 50% of IMGs matched this year - up from 44% last year.
  104. Spring 2014/01 New Students Thread
  105. $1500 fee
  106. Level of Spanish needed?
  107. Red Flag on Application
  108. Top US MD earner for speaking role - UAG grad
  109. Review of UAG
  110. Minister of Tourism shot on Acueducto
  111. 2013 Residency Placements/Interviews
  112. U.A.G. Students/grads sign Petition for ECFMG docs to BE ABLE TO WORK AS P.A.'s
  113. Outstanding debts
  114. Need Dissection Kits (used, unwanted) Dodated to Red Cross in Chapala [Please]
  115. Pre - Internship news
  116. Summer 2013/02 New Student Thread
  117. Realistic numbers for "Cost of Attendance (COA)" currently at UAG?
  118. Fox news/ UAG president flexes mustle
  119. Spring 2013/01 New Students Thread
  120. No more leather diplomas?
  121. Highways blocked
  122. Is everyone having fun ?
  123. Entrance in July 2013 or January 2013
  124. What are my chances
  125. Internado in Mexico
  126. Guardias, How safe are they outside of Guadalajara/Zapopan metropolitan area ?
  127. Guardias: Are there recommended places to stay/rent outside of guadalajara
  128. 2012 match stats
  129. Worried about acceptance
  130. New US health law
  131. Neighborhoods
  132. Library and Studying
  133. Where have all the users Gone
  134. US LPN requesting correct information.... HELP!!
  135. What are my chances if I only have 1 letter of rec?
  136. Know a nanny or nanny agency?
  137. first aid
  138. Driving with GPS?
  139. Earn extra Money
  140. EM Resources Online
  141. Living suggestions/roommates for first year students
  142. Reflection on UAG
  143. first semester students
  144. Residency Placement 2012
  145. Needed: a good place to find a car
  146. Needed: bicycle shop
  147. Looking for information from UAG students
  148. Save some time - funny vid
  149. UAG and Student Notification when emergency situations take place
  150. UAG Medical School 2012/02 on Facebook
  151. immuno-micro-path
  152. UAG prof Allegedly gets fired for sex Harassment
  153. Some good news
  154. Everyone have power today ? 02-06-2012
  155. 2012 Mexican Holidays
  156. UAG accreditation
  157. Interested in learning spanish??
  158. Fourth Year Clinicals at UAG
  159. UAG Summer Medical Spanish Course, Revived
  160. Immunization outside of UAG?
  161. How did you deposit your check ?
  162. 7th and 8th semester electives in the states
  163. free tickets to tecos game
  164. document notarization
  165. Low Mcat
  166. Continuing Decline of this Institution
  167. Summer 2012/02 New Student Thread!
  168. Advice on Restaurant Close to ICB for Food and Drinks for about 15 people.
  169. FedEx Location to Recieve Packages ??
  170. 2012 Spring Semester Welcome Picnic
  171. International Banking and check cashing and deposits.
  172. Is Servicio Social No longer an Option for the International Students
  173. A Positive Rumor?
  174. how to obtain account for UAG360?
  175. how do you get a US number while in Mexico?
  176. physiology course
  177. Do I have to get the ipad or can I use a different tablet?
  178. ipad vs dell duo
  179. UAG graduation and residency
  180. Driving over the Border with a Tourist Visa and then getting FM3 in Guad. Problems?
  181. School Loan Bubble
  182. New UAG Rules concerning Step1 and Kaplan
  183. Lost keys
  184. A day in the UAG student's life?
  185. New UAG rules concerning Step 2
  186. Going to Guad with a car
  187. Had my interview yesterday!
  188. unemployement benefits
  189. 5th semester psych question
  190. wife, husband, gf, bf
  191. Droid X
  192. Bugs?
  193. Shelf Exam Status?
  194. Tailored USMLE advice for UAG students
  195. Internet Speed - What speeds are you getting in Guad?
  196. Host Family Assessment
  197. AMSA Meeting
  198. Curriculum Vitae Workshop
  199. Temazcal
  201. segundos on transcript?
  202. what is your experience renting apts near ICB?
  203. Amsa luau
  204. How hard was first semester for you?
  205. How long?
  206. student sues UAG in TX court
  207. Graduation payments
  208. If you start in January 2012 click here (Class of 2016)
  209. New Students (Jan 2012) FB group
  210. Uabc universidad autonoma de baja california( need help, advice,)any appreciated
  211. Right now at icb
  212. anyone know NASA phone# for background check please?
  213. Spouses Organization Contact info?
  214. Vonage problems in Guadalajara/Zapopan
  215. medical school haiku collection
  216. New Rules on Repeating USMLE Examinations
  217. Surviving Intern Year
  218. electric water pump problems
  219. do you have to do the fifth pathway?
  220. final chages to fifth semester
  221. Is the January class normally Full and When is too Late to Apply?
  222. Can you do your residency at the University of Puerto Rico from UAG?
  223. Can a student at UAG do thr 4th and 5th year at Puerto Rico?
  224. Is it true that the 5th pathway is over at UAG?
  225. Mexican medical student
  226. An Area for non-UAG Mexican schools
  227. International picnic?
  228. UAGMD Website ... Has Some Good Info ...
  229. 8th semester classes - good news for a change
  230. HAL Calendar
  231. Student Visa vs Tourist Card
  232. Question for IPHONE Users at UAG
  233. Huge financial dilemma. Can someone please help?
  234. MCAT on July 6th
  235. Poll: What is your Electric Bill from CFE for a 3 bedroom place
  236. Living near HAL
  237. PANAM games
  238. $400 Car Deposit to Cross Over Border into Mexico?
  239. UAG vs Carribeans
  240. Applying to residency after/while doing the internship year in Mexico.
  241. Cars more expensive in Guad. than US?
  242. Dating at UAG
  243. What happened after 5th Pathway was dumped ?
  244. Transportation around Guadalajara
  245. How Much Time to Study for Step 1?
  246. Any advantage to starting in Jan over Sept?
  247. Copy of 2011 Match List ... Is this Accurate?
  248. Cooler Weather due to Altitude?
  249. How do you guys fund the school?
  250. Transfering out of UAG to Caribbean?

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